The First 500 are the Hardest

The First 500 are the Hardest

I had a litte moan about 200 followers ago about the fact that after the big 2-oh-0h that WordPress didn’t give you any sort of fanfare for the 300 or the 400 follower mark. Little did I know that they wait until the 500 mark to say a big, “Well done!”

I cannot say that it got here all too quickly, because that would be a lie. It seemed to take no time at all to get to the 200 point and then?

It felt like time stood still for  awhile. But it didn’t, not really.

It was just that things had changed, the way I wrote changed, the amount I wrote changed…my  life changed.

I won’t go through everything that has changed in my life, I did that in my previous post. But I will say this, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am about everything.

But first I have to thank two very, very special people (Actually it’s three, but who’s counting?)

I have to do a huge shout out to Marilyn over at Serendipity she and her other half, Garry, have been enormously supportive ever since I first made their acquaintance on WordPress. She has a wonderful blog and if you haven’t strolled over there yet, just take a second to click on the above link and have a look. You’ll be impressed, I promise you. Then, if you’ve a mind to, hit that follow button. You won’t regret it.

The second person I have to give a singular shout out to is Natasha over at Films and Things. Natasha is a media student, writer, director and producer all rolled into one person. She has given me, perhaps the greatest gift ever, she has cast me in the lead role in her first professional short film, Once Bitten, Twice Shy. As those of you who have been following me for awhile, I’ve written about my love of acting and my frustration at having to turn my back on it, several times. Now I have a chance to get back in front of the camera after a long absence. Thanks Tasha!

I also, have to thank Natasha for putting me up for an award, a loooong time ago, and I still haven’t responded to it! Sorry Tasha, it means loads that you thought of me when it came time for dishing that one out, I will make it up to you, I promise…

But I also need to thank all the other folks who have stuck with me since I started on WordPress. If I thanked all of you separately, I wouldn’t get anything done as the Deputy Managing Editor for The Guardian Express. If you haven’t had a look at our great site, have a look now by clicking on the link. I’ve already been linking articles that I write that have a special place in my heart, either because of content or just because I think I’ve written something particularly well. But I don’t link them all, as we have a lot of writers who all bring something special to the table.

I’m not going to get back on the “apology train” again, but I will get back to something that resembles “normality” on here pretty soon. I’m running around like a headless chicken at the moment, trying to develop a schedule that allows me to donate a little time to everything. I’m getting closer to that goal and you will soon see more “daily” postings of articles.

Until then, I want to say thank you to all my new followers! I haven’t had time to thank you all personally yet, but I will! I’m not so far up my own nether-regions that I don’t think I need to. I’ve just not had the time.

It takes a lot of hard work to do a daily blog. You all know that, I don’t want you to think I am “teaching you how to suck eggs,” but I did want to mention it.   I was doing up to three, if not four, posts a day, now I don’t have the time. But I will get back to at least one per day.

So, in essence, I started writing this about how it really feels like getting the first 500 followers is the hardest part about blogging and, like my life at the moment, it has evolved into something different than what  I had planned.

Thanks to my very special two bloggers (friends) and thanks to the folks that are too numerous to personally shout out. But you guys know who you are, until recently, I always tried to talk to you folks daily if possible. I’ll get back to that soon as well, I promise.

So until I can get on here again, may all you very special folks have the best of today and an even better tomorrow.  I mean that, because you’ve all got a very special place in my heart.



Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

38 thoughts on “The First 500 are the Hardest”

  1. Hey Mike! Just to give you a heads up, I’m featuring your blog this Sunday in a special Film Blog Feature. It’s up to you if you want to provide a reciprocal link and it would be appreciated. You are already listed under my best film blog picks! Best to you, your blog is awesome and I love reading it. !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks matey! I feel a bit of a charlatan as I only provide links to my Guardian Liberty Voice film reviews to save time! LOL Thanks though, I’ll may sure I do a reblog or something to back link to your site! Cheers!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Blimey! That’s a lot of awards!! Four?? LOL Thanks mate, it may take me a bit of time to get to these as, you know, everything is in muddle at mine. But…thank you so much for thinking of me! Cheers!! 😀


  2. Congratulations Mike, 500 followers is a huge achievement. You deserve each every one. Your blog is incredibly informative and entertaining. I am on about 211 so I have a long way to go. I recently celebrated my 3 year blogging Anniversary and it feels so good when we achieve something. Keep the fantastic posts coming.


    1. Wow, this is an old post! LOL I’m now at 783 on WordPress and 124 on Tumblr. Oddly enough, I’ve written less on my blog and done more links to my professional articles; since then I’m getting tons more followers! Can’t quite figure that one out! LOL Thanks though Sandra, it was the first 500 that were the hardest. Coming up on my third year as well, I started in earnest on another blogging site on November 2011! LOL 🙂


      1. Thanks matey!! 😀 I’ve not been doing much in the area of writing specifically for my little blog, but will eventually do more than just share links to my professional articles! 😀


  3. Yes Mike congratulations, very well done. It’s great to know your life has taken a Great Leap Forward. You deserve it. You make a stranger or newcomer feel welcome and appreciated at your site.
    I do miss your daily postings but I completely understand.
    Take care of yourself, still walking?


  4. Congratulations on reaching 500! I have just upon your blog for the first time today and I am really impressed with the layout and style as well as the variety of articles and reviews. I will be visiting again and hope you keep up the great work!


  5. Rock on Mike, your blog is one of the best ones I’ve decided to follow. Your blog is always a good read and you deserve all your followers. You’re also one of the few people who shares the same love for film like I do, also our interests in films seem to be very similar and you’ve given some good recommendations too. I hope to see more success flow your way my friend and hopefully we’ll form some form of alliance eventually lol.


  6. I’m still trying to hit 200 followers. I just think people like your style of writing and how you say things better than they do my stuff. I’m not jealous; in fact I congratulate you, Mike. I’m just f**king frustrated because I do my best with every post and I feel like I’m treading water.


  7. You’re a really fine writer and one of the first bloggers I ever followed, right after I started blogging myself. You’ve worked really hard and you’ve had a rough time, so you deserve some good luck and some better times!! Thanks for the plug. I have a bunch of awards I can’t deal with yet. I’ve given awards to the same people over and over and I need to give it a bit of a rest! I’ve never gotten an attaboy for any milestone. Not at 200 and not for hitting 75,000. Not for anything at all. Is it me? Oh well. 500 is a VERY impressive number of followers!!


    1. Thank you so much, you have been a ray of sunshine that helped me to see that I wan’t on the way to the scrapheap just yet! Cheers mate! For everything! 😀


      1. Mike, Congratulations on the 500 mark!! Alone, that’s an awesome number and an estimable feat. But, more important, is the friendship and the connection. The thoughts, ideas, laughter, cheers, agreements and disagreements. And, Thank you for the kind words!!


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