Beyonce, Is She Pregnant?

Beyonce, Is She Pregnant?

Hey guys, this is an example of the articles I’m writing for The Guardian Express. If you like these, I’ll start to feature them on a more regular basis. thanks.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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14 thoughts on “Beyonce, Is She Pregnant?”

  1. The nicest thing I can think of to say is “Great article, Mike.” The meanest thing I can think of to say is that I really don’t give a rat’s ass whether she’s pregnant or not. She’s a diva who doesn’t deserve the title in it’s truest form and who took a classic song (“At Last”) and tore all the emotion out of it in place of sycophantic Inaugural posing.


  2. You are a fine writer. Honest to God, you’re great. But I cannot begin to tell you how little I care about whether or not Beyonce is pregnant. I’m glad they are paying you for this. You deserve compensation.


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