Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Coming Back

Stolen from Nataha's blog!
Stolen from Nataha’s blog!

Natasha Harmer is making an independent short film, I think we all know that by now; especially if you’ve been reading my blog. The film is called Once Bitten, Twice Shy and I have the lead role.

This event has excited me beyond all measure. The profession I had turned my back on not once, not twice, but three times is in my world again. This time I have no complaining spouses or jobs that demand I give them all my attention.

The only thing I have now that will affect my decision to take the role so generously offered by Natasha is me. And since I’ve decided that I can and will  do this (in a damn the torpedoes full speed ahead type thing) I’m dredging up old tricks of the trade and trying to remember things that I never quite forgot.

While I have yet to find out if this is akin to riding a bike, I know that I have done this before. In 1989 I found out that I could still memorize my lines quickly for an audition cold read and get the part.  On a nice note, the folks who hired me paid me the ultimate compliment of saying that I was the most professional person they’d worked with in Holland. That little incident generated a bit of interest that had me very busy for a short while.But my “day job” got in the way.

The New Van Der Valk - Dangerous Games - my episode. LOL
The New Van Der Valk – Dangerous Games  1991 – my episode. LOL


My employer (Uncle Sam) demanded the vast majority of my attention and because he was the source of my steady income, I had to turn my back on a lot of what was offered.

But I’ve walked down this nostalgic path with you all before. I think I devoted quite a few anecdotal posts about my somewhat chequered acting past. I won’t bore you with further tales of same.

I will, though, thank Natasha. She read my posts and remembered me when casting for her film. Bless you, for giving me the chance to prove I’ve still got the chops. The people I’ll be acting with have great bona fides and I’m eager to meet them and work with them. I only hope they forgive my lack of recent experience!

The filming date has been set and storyboards are being done as I write this post. It is full steam ahead with the film’s website being finalised and updated. I pick up my script at least ten times a day, sometimes read the whole thing through and get all excited again. This is going to be great, methinks.

I’m excited as well, because I think this might just be another turning point for me. I’m pretty sure it will be as I’ve had so many “turning points” in my life, I’m starting to get good at recognising them.

The storyboards!
The storyboards! Also stolen from Natasha’s blog!



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19 thoughts on “Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Coming Back”

  1. omg how weird, I was just about to publish a post about ‘talent’ and how we never forget how to do the things we’re talented at xD haha what a coinkydink!
    my god ten times a day?! That’s more often than I think about the damn film let alone actually do something 😛
    aww, you don’t need to thank me you’re doing me a favour xD finding actors is the bane of my life…the minute you mention ‘student’ and ‘film’ in the same sentence they usually run a mile! 😛


    1. Which is a shame! I remember back in the day (when I was a professional actually working) I knew quite a few folks who “survived” by doing training films and student films! These both go to building up CV’s and showreels (which incidentally after the film gets shown, I’ll be using it as a showreel, with your kind permission and after it’s gone the festival circuit)

      It is also odd to see my real name on the poster. I had an advert in Spotlight with the moniker of Michael Knox, my then agent checked to see if anyone in the union (of which I am NOT a member) had the name back then! LOL
      Of course, union members aren’t usually encouraged to do student films as they are *cough, cough* non-union! 😀


      1. Had a lot of people that have said they won’t do it because it’s unpaid! lol there are a few that will do though for their showreels and things..worked with a couple of professional comedic actors a few months back on a short, they were fine with doing a student film 🙂
        Everyone involved will get a DVD copy and if I’m clever enough to figure out how I’ll make it rewritable so the film can be taken off and edited into showreels, cos it’ll go in the crew’s portfolio too 😀


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