Healthy Heart Tip: Change Your Eating Habits


As part of my daily exercise regimen, I walk around my neighbourhood. Generally I walk to my local shop and have a browse in the Charity shop next to it. Now I’ve been getting faster and faster at these walks and my back is slowly but surely getting used to them.

Today, however, my walk did not go quite the way I envisioned it.

I’ll explain.

For years now, I have not eaten breakfast when I wake up in the morning. I don’t as a rule eat “brunch” either if I’ve overslept. As I am not a cheerful early riser nor am I what could be called a “morning person” I cannot stand the idea of eating after I’ve just awakened from a deep sleep.

Which means that I usually subsist on two meals a day and the odd snack. This has always suited me right down to the ground.

Until after the heart attack.

Because my body is still “healing” itself, it’s obviously using a lot of energy to do so. This extra calorie burn is great, I’m actually thinner than I’ve been in years.  But because of this “constant” energy usage by my bodies self-generation of cells and so on, my energy level is lower than what I’ve always assumed was normal.

*And yes, I do know the saying about assume, thank you.*

This morning when I got up, after a fascinating dream about meeting Ernest Borgnine in Hot Springs Arkansas, I had my usual two cups of coffee with milk and sugar. I then did pretty much what I do every morning; I read my mail, checked my e-mail and because it’s Friday today, I did my Twitter shout-outs.

English: Ernest Borgnine at the Creative Arts ...

I then decided to have my walk early today. I threw on my “outside” clothes, got my boots and hat and went striding out the door at a fairly moderate pace.

I felt great until I reached my local shop. I had detoured by the Charity Shop (and still felt fine) and then went in to get a few things. By this time I started feeling a bit shaky. My energy level dropped below basement level and it was a struggle to collect, purchase, and bag my few items.

As i walked shakily out of the shop, I realised that I’d not had anything to eat. Obviously, the two coffees I’d gulped down earlier were not sufficient to keep me going. With a sigh of defeat, I took the bus back to my house.

After having a lovely repast of two granary rolls with ham, cucumber and coleslaw (light coleslaw I might add) and a multivitamin, my energy level began to climb back up.

While cleaning up my dishes, I realised that I was going to have to change the eating habit of a lifetime and start having three meals a day. Earlier in the week, I’d been having two crumpets in the morning and then two other small meals later in the day. At no time during the first days of the week did I feel week or shaky.

I’d already changed my diet after leaving the hospital. Cutting way back on my meat consumption, cutting out most saturated fats, eating  foods high in antioxidants, et al. But I did not change the number of times during the day that I stoke up the old energy engine.

As I’ve always managed to cope quite well with the amount of meals I’d eaten most of my adult life, I saw no need to change this particular habit. But obviously I should have.

Sitting here writing this post out, I’m still a bit tired and will probably take a short nap to allow my body to re-charge itself after my quick energy draining walk this morning.

It’s hard to remember to play by the “new” rules after you’ve had a “life changing” event. But I like to think I’m smart enough to learn from my mistakes. At least I hope I am.

I’m sure that most of you out there are smart enough to not be so “unaware” of what you need to do to keep your self healthy and well, but just in case you are, like me, a bit slow on the uptake, remember to change not just what you eat, but when and how much.

It might not make you live any longer, but it may save you the internal embarrassment of having to take the bus back on your healthy heart walk.

energy (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

24 thoughts on “Healthy Heart Tip: Change Your Eating Habits”

  1. Wishing you the best of health. Gaining back our health is the best way to enjoy a quality, longer, productive life. For a month now, I am trying to go back to my ideal weight. It is hard but my wife says. “Looking good,” with before and after pics of me on my phone messages.


  2. Ahh Mike, I went really healthy about 18 months ago and love it. I do 6 days a week, occasionally 5 days and I do love my coffe all day. I need to know I can cheat if I chose to.

    You might want to consider giving up bread products of any type 5 days week. Most are full of salt & saturated fat.
    I went to egg whites with grilled onions/ tomatoes or any left over veggies mixed in most mornings. I can’t stomach real egg smell.
    I gave up butter completely and that still is difficult almost 2 yrs later.
    Great to hear your still walking and enjoying it.


    1. I actually rarely eat bread and only occasionally have eggs.I’ve not had an over-abundance of either for years. I use a product called Pro-active which is a kind of “treated” margarine that lowers cholesterol. My one “guilty pleasure” for years was bacon buttes (sandwiches) crispy and often! I rarely eat the stuff now, except the “lower fat & salt” medallion and not on their own. I’ll probably walk today (a long one) as the sun is actually shining!! 😀


  3. Ah foolish youth. Remember when we could eat junk food, skip meals, stay up all night and go to work the next day? Yes, it makes me laugh too. Nowadays I can barely hobble up and down the hallway. I look at rich fatty food and get slightly queasy. At a certain point in life, we take care of our bodies or they will stop taking care of us. Keep doing the right stuff. Eat healthy, drink coffee, live long and prosper. If anyone tried to take away MY coffee, I would kill them. Don’t get between a Marine and his coffee … or between me and mine.


    1. I’m the same way about rich fatty foods myself now, but those were the days, in fact I used to do all the above right up until last year!! And coffee? Instant death sentence if you get between me and mine! LOL


  4. I have three meals a day, my problem is how much I eat. Because I am fat 😀

    Glad you’re okay but should you be having two cups coffee in the morning? Maybe I am thinking of something else.


      1. For some reason the thought of ‘temperatures rising’ put the song ‘It’s Raining Men’ in my head…now I can’t get it out D:
        Somehow I don’t think we’re getting a hot summer at all this year 😦 I hope I’m wrong, I could do with a tan! Starting to look like a vampire


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