We are the Night (2010) German Vampires

A German vampire film that’s on Netflix at the moment. Good gory fun.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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14 thoughts on “We are the Night (2010) German Vampires”

  1. I skipped to your outtakes first, and then watched the rest…then watched the outtakes again!
    Sounds like an interesting film, looks like a bit of a mans film though…if you get what I mean 😉


    1. I don’t know, I can’t think of a film that has that much of an “anti-men” message. I was a little surprised at the ending (but only a little, mind) as I thought the trio of female vampires were too strong…I can’t say anymore or I’ll go into spoiler territory! LOL Glad you like the outtakes!! 😀


      1. Oh god a feminist vampire film?! Bit off putting! haha I was just imagining lots of attractive naked women running around! If there’s no men in it, it’s no fun!!

        Haha your outtakes never fail to make me laugh out loud. I hope I didn’t wake anyone up cackling at them!! Oh well…


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