RIP Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady has Gone

1925 - 2013 RIP
1925 – 2013 RIP

It was with surprise and a touch of sadness when I learned that Margaret Thatcher died today. She was 87 and a legend.

But even legends die.

This formidable women who changed the face of politics, Britain, and, in no small way, the world. Daughter of a grocery shop owner and as a child grew up in a household that was active in politics and the church.

She started in politics at an early age, running for local office in Dartford where she was the youngest and first female candidate in an all male race. It was during this time that she married Denis Thatcher.

But this is not a biographical recounting of this powerful woman, It is a look at how she embodied the theme of “girl power” long before it became an in vogue subject to talk about. She wasn’t a Spice Girl, but she was the perfect model of a strong female role model.

A role model that the world watched as she held office as Prime Minister longer than anyone before or since.

Whether you agreed with her political stance or even the party she represented, you can still admire her strength and her will, which is still being felt in the country today.

So I’m placing my metaphorical hat over my heart and bowing my head in remembrance.

So long Ms Thatcher (born: 13 October 1925 – died: 8 April 2013) – the Iron Lady is gone, but will never be forgotten.

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26 thoughts on “RIP Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady has Gone”

  1. Ms. Thatcher was a breath of fresh air in the world of international politics!!! It was a delight to follow her and cover American reaction to her estimable career.


  2. I live near Liverpool and its such a weird difference in opinion of her here. Wow people around here do not like her at all! I have no strong view one way or the other but I respect her strength and passion, she got things done right or wrong 😀


      1. My sensibilities are somewhere between a knights chivalry and the nobility of a viking, they don’t mix and my mind is crazy place 😀

        Knight: Don’t attack those who cannot defend themselves.

        Viking: Attack people to their face. With a throwing axe!


      2. Nope never tried it, although I’ve always wanted to…I’m sure that says something deep and meaningful about me, I’m just not sure what! LOL


  3. We’re all entitled to our opinion Mike but I don’t share your sentiment here. Thatcher was no better than a fascist who destroyed the unions in Britains and attacked the poor. She sided with such political dictators as General Pinochet and was responsible for all kinds of injustice. Personally, this is a happy day for the working class people of Britain.


    1. As I said in the article, or implied actually, I didn’t agree with much of what she did, but she was a huge part of English history and no where near as bad as the fools we have running the country now. But having said that, we all feel differently about different people, thanks for sharing you views, mate!


    1. Agreed! I cried on the day she found out that her own party had stabbed her in the back, she deserved better than that. I did not necessarily agree with all the things she did, but my God, what a strong female role model she was! Sorry rant over. I stumbled over the news while looking for something else!


      1. She was! But as with anything because she happened to be both strong and female, a lot of people assumed she was crazy or wrong in the head -.- She is a great role model, and she managed to instigate a damn site more changes than Blair or Cameron ever have! The stick she got was largely due to the fact that she happened to be female, and I’ve actually heard more women complain about how crazy she was than I have men…ridiculous.
        Lol I went onto Yahoo to check my emails and this popped up in the news feed! I honestly thought it was some kind of joke…but it’s not the first of April any more!


      2. Lol I guess I was just hoping it wasn’t true!
        I’m very gullible though, so I have to be careful what I believe unless I’ve checked that it is actually true…my brother came running in telling me David Cameron had died a while back…I believed him…doh!


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