Black Swan (2010)

My take on Black Swan and I highly recommend you folks see the film! This was made back in February 2011. Enjoy!

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

28 thoughts on “Black Swan (2010)”

  1. Lovin’ these little videos Mike and great to hear you enjoyed this film. I thought it was superb and Portman doesn’t half put in a fanatastic show. A great companion piece to Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, which incidentally, he intended them both to be the same film about a relationship between a ballerina and a wrestler before deciding on them being seperate movies.


  2. We watched it. Garry would have called it quits long before it was over, but I kept hoping I would start liking it. Is it beautiful visually? Yes. Is it morbid? Absolutely. Life has enough horrors without seeking them out in the movies. I love the ballet and generally love any movie about dance and dancers, but this one? I could admire it, but I didn’t like it. It is on my “never watch it again even by accident” list. Sorry.


  3. I keep meaning to re-watch Black Swan, I loved it! Saw it in the cinema with some friends…I remember walking back to the train station talking about it but now I can’t remember what we said about it…that was a shit story! I know what we were saying was positive though. The fingernail bit icked me out a lot!


      1. haha! Aww you big Jess! I dont even remember a bath tub scene :S definitely need to watch it again! It was one of those films that I loved, then forgot about…oops


      2. LOL!!! I could tell you the story of the creepy crawlies that used to crawl up through the plug hole via the drain pipe that stuck out the back of the farmhouse I used to live in! On second thought that would be too cruel…best to do a blog post about it. Then I can share it with everyone!! 😉


    1. OMG How could anyone fall asleep while watching this?? The mind boggles!! Of course I’d never fall asleep whilst watching A Beautiful Mind because I refuse to watch anything that Russell Crowe is in! LOL


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