Jackie Chan & Jayden Smith The New Karate Kid

I uploaded this video in 2010 and it was a spur of the moment thing after buying the video (on sale) in the store. Enjoy!

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16 thoughts on “Jackie Chan & Jayden Smith The New Karate Kid”

  1. Great review! I reviewed this a few months ago & it was a pretty positive review even though I, too, was kind of dreading it as I love the original. But I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked the change in age & setting – felt like a very different movie instead of just a copy. Obviously it was never gonna live up to the original, though. And I like the interesting accent. I’ve been in the UK over ten years but I still sound, like, totally American. Dude. 🙂


    1. It completely depends on what I’ve been doing or who I’ve been talking to or what I’ve been watching. As an (old) actor I’m a natural born mimic. You should hear me after I’ve watched a John Wayne film…Pilgrim… LOL


      1. Haha – I’ve never sounded like John Wayne(ette). I sound more like someone out of a John Hughes teen movie. Which is okay since John Hughes teen movies are awesome. 😉


  2. I loved the original, this remake was alright but I couldn’t care less really. Funny side note he actually learned Kung Fu in the remake because that’s Jackie Chan’s fighting style, why they didn’t call it Kung Fu kid is beyond me.

    Jayden Smith is starting to get on my nerves, After Earth will be utter crap. Not because of him per-say but he who shall not be named.


    1. They didn’t call it Kung Fu Kid because they were banking on fans of the original dying to see the remake with Jackie and Jayden! LOL Stupid, I know, hell they even got rid of the crane kick! Seriously though, it sounds like you might not like Jayden’s poppa very much! :-/


      1. No I love Will Smith! He who shall not be name is M Night! I fear Jayden being used too much way to early, it ruins many stars before they can be adults and its a real shame 😦


      2. Hopefully but both parents being celebs could be far worse! Living through your child as you begin to slow down the acting gig is something I can see happening 😀


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