Tale of Two Sisters

Another “old” video review of Kim Jee-Woon’s brilliant film. Here’s a link to the trailer -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anF5XiN8QY8 Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Tale of Two Sisters”

  1. A Tale of Two Sisters is a modern masterpiece of filmmaking. Brilliant film, I actually didn’t hate the remake. It was ruined in the flood and won’t replace it, but I actually didn’t mind it. But the original was brilliant.


    1. I think our main prejudice against the remake had more to do with the way that the filmmakers went about their project. I may eventually have to break my own “ban” just to see what they actually came out with. I’ve read synopsis’s of the film and seen clips, just not overly bothered at the moment. lol 😀


  2. been procrastinating about this film for ages, as I do, I really need to watch it! I nearly bought it the other day in the hmv sale, for some reason I didn’t, such an idiot. Seen the uninvited though, had no idea it was a remake of this…it’s pretty dire isn’t it! Sounds like it’s about as shameful as the REC remake Quarantine…cringe!


    1. LOL To this day I’ve not watched The Uninvited. I saw the trailer though and was not impressed. What impressed me even less was the fact that the producers of the film did not get the permission of Kim Jee-Woon or confer with him, let alone tell anyone that they were using his film as their “template.” Pretty rubbish all the way around really! Sorry, rant over! This film is brilliant! If you get a chance…watch it!! Oh, I’ve downloaded Sleep Tight on iTunes, will watch it later today! 😀


      1. Yeah maybe avoid it 😉 it’s not great! Ugh Hollywood and it’s lack of imagination -_- I will have to try and watch this sometime soon, been thinking about it for ages…the other half swears blind we watched it but I don’t think my memory’s *that* bad just yet! Awesome, it’s great! Not often do I watch a film so good that I wind up telling anyone and everyone that will listen about it, but Sleep Tight is one of them! XD Gosh I hope you don’t hate it after all this! lol that’d be awkward


      2. My daughter and I have declared a life-long boycott of the Hollywood remake! LOL It looks like the guy who directed Sleep Tight is the same guy who directed The Orphanage. If that’s the case I’ll probably like it! 😀


      3. Haha good plan! Some people are too lazy to read subtitles though, so many good foreign films pass people by 😦
        Oo didn’t know he directed The Orphanage, love that film! He directed REC and REC2…some of my favourite horrors (not responsible for REC 3 though, thank God!)


      4. oh fair enough xD Darkness is on my list of films to watch, that and Fragile and The Nameless…based on REC and Sleep Tight I imagine his other stuff is worth checking out!


      5. haha just dont read the review first, I think I might have inadvertently given stuff away :S woops. To be fair, it’s probably just me being easily amused..happens a lot


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