Freshly Pressed, Hold the Wrinkles

Do you want a crease in that?

I will come right out and say it, “I love the Freshly Pressed section on WordPress.” But as much as I love their ‘picks’ of the day and the introduction to new or not so new bloggers, it also frustrates me just a little.

Some of the blogs picked are erudite, clever, and so perfectly put together it makes me shed a tear of envy. Others make me wonder whose biorhythms are shot when making that particular choice.

Seriously though I can usually see why they choose the ones they do. If not for content alone, the subject matter seems to be a major driver. Pictures also are a factor, although not a necessity, and if said pictures are taken by the owner of the post it’s even better.

I can well imagine that most, if not all, of the folks who contribute to the WordPress blogging community dream of getting their blog post exhibited on this prestigious wall.

I know I do.

It’s a bit of a silly thing to wish for. I only say that because I do not blog for praise or recognition or recompense (well, not yet anyway). I do love the immediacy of blogging. If someone ‘likes’ my post and hits the corresponding button I am happy. I have said this before in other blogs.

If I have more than ten people read a blog post (that is assuming that a ‘hit’ equates to a ‘read’) I am also very pleased. I have a very low expectation threshold.

I do, however, get annoyed when I try to leave a comment on a WordPress post that is ‘helping’ the community to adhere to certain practises or formats to help them to get Freshly Pressed and said comment never appears. These articles are very helpful actually. I had never put pictures in my earlier blogs on another site.

I can only think that my remarks, comments, or pithy observations are getting relegated to the spam bin. I’ve had problems with this before. One of my friends on another blog site, Tyson Carter from Head In A Vice told me that for some reason my remarks were getting posted to his spam folder. A problem I’ve encountered with other WP sites leaving comments on my channel.

So I must admit to a little frustration at the current situation. Not only am I waiting, not so patiently, for inclusion to this illustrious page, my comments aren’t even showing up. Comments, I might add, that are always congratulatory in nature.

So I will end this little diatribe with a thought that I wrote on the comment section of a WordPress post not too long ago.

Guys, I love your Freshly Pressed feature. I am however beginning to think that the only way I’m going to get one of my posts freshly pressed, is to take a steam iron to my laptop.

I think there might be a wrinkle here…

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

23 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed, Hold the Wrinkles”

  1. Your posts always go to my spam folder and I can’t figure out why. It doesn’t do that to anyone else and after all the times I’ve approved you, your comments still go to the spam folder. I unspam and approve them. You are the only WordPress blogger to whom this consistently happens, so it is probably personal.They are out to get you (whoever they are). It isn’t paranoia. They are coming for you. You’d better hide.


  2. I used to love FP posts and there are still a few good ones. However, I’ve noticed recently that they seem to be getting a little bit worthy? I know WP has recently introduced a kind of feedback system for FP and I think this is actually a bad thing. FP by committee won’t work. I enjoyed your post.


    1. Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. I’m still a bit puzzled as to how the whole works to be honest! I do think it’s very ironic that literally minutes after I posted this, I got FP’d! I actually thought it was a prank. Still if I can get Freshly Pressed, I think that a lot of more worthy writers will get their chance as well. Thanks for sharing mate! 🙂


      1. LOL, I like the mantra, ‘I am not jealous! Well maybe a bit.’ Been there and definitely have the wrinkle t-shirt! Thanks again for you kind words! 🙂


  3. I have seen about 3 people now mentioning Freshly Pressed and how to get in it, and within a day or so they get an email saying they are being considered! I’m making a post especially next just to try and get it! (I wrote my review for ‘LOVE’ – hope you don’t mind me linking it Mike!) if WordPress are reading it I will never write a review as good 🙂

    It definitely seems random, I’ve seen some great posts and movie review sites get featured, but I’ve also seen some which I didn’t think were that great….in my opinion…..but like you I would love to get featured.

    The same as Andy, your comments as you know go into my spam folder but I check it daily. Sometimes they don’t, its weird. If Andy is correct and it is down to your email, I may have cause for concern too as mine is a hotmail address. If you read this Andy, do mine go into your spam as if so then we can say it probably is hotmail.

    Good luck with getting featured Mike, if you do then we know what kind of post gets their attention! 🙂


  4. I think the problem with your comments becoming spam (about 1/2 of your comments have to be dug out of my spam folder) is your hotmail email address. You may want to consider changing it to gmail or *anything* else just to see if that really is the problem.

    As for Freshly Pressed blogs, I think we all strive for that, even if it isn’t an immediate goal. We want the exposure and the prestige of it, we want people to read our opinions and form a little community around our sites. Personally, I think they should focus on finding new blogs to put in it, I’ve seen many blogs that are perhaps a bit more niche, but that have terrific posts.


  5. You do leave very nice comments which I pulled out of my spam bin and then approved. WP has been very helpful at resolving questions/issues on my blog. Perhaps you could check with them. Good luck! 🙂


    1. Thanks! I know I’ve had to change some of my settings so that other folks who want to comment on my posts don’t wind up in the spam bin. I regularly check to make sure I haven’t missed anyone out! Thanks for the feedback! Cheeers.1


  6. You know, I read the WP article too and I replied to it, but I didn’t check if it had been accepted… I wonder why your comments are falling through fissures?
    In other related news, it was semi-weird to see a real WP employee respond to some comments, and to see *which* ones she responded to.
    And finally, until now I was under the impression I’d found your blog through Freshly Pressed! Obvs I didn’t but your stuff is of the calibre to be features there IMHO.


      1. :p **thumbs up** No worries!! Now I really *am* wondering how I found your blog… must have been one of those click-happy afternoons.
        I was going to say something further about WP staff but now I’m wondering if they’ve got little beacons planted, ready to go off at the slightest suggestion of dissent


      2. I don’t know about that, but I may have jinxed myself. I put that post up and literally minutes after it went up I got an email from the editor saying that my post on Urban Exploration is going to be Freshly Pressed. That was yesterday and I keep nervously bringing up the Freshly Pressed page to see if its made it.
        I have a funny feeling they’re going to take the tongue-in-cheek post I did as a disgruntled moan (which it was if I’m honest) So in the meantime, I’m still checking that page! LOL


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