Hello? Is Anyone There?

Empty House

The only thing more disconcerting than have a low blog view count is commenting on a blog post and getting no response. I will freely admit that I don’t really mind not getting comments on anything I post. I just appreciate that someone took the time to stop by and have a look. Browsing is always welcome and I don’t require anything in the way of recompense from those who just look.

I also appreciate anyone who takes the time to hit that ‘Like’ button or who takes time out of their busy day, or night, to leave a comment. I always respond.

Well, actually I don’t always respond if the comment is of the narky sort. I don’t mind someone disagreeing with my opinions. But I don’t like the type of comments that send a message of “I know much more than you and I’m going to prove it.” These messages will not be responded to and unless I’m feeling very magnanimous will be relegated to the spam folder.

I had one blogger leave a very narky comment which I left unanswered. Another reader of my blog did answer and a small war erupted on my blog post comment section. I stayed out of the discussion just to see where it was headed. The reader who went to battle with the narky remark maker is a facebook friend who always leaves great feedback on my blog and my facebook page.

When the dust settled, the narky comment maker had unfollowed my blog (no great loss there pal, I hate to tell you that, but it’s true) and I relegated his negativity to the spam folder. I am always faintly amused by folks who follow only to leave negative comments on your blog. What’s the point exactly?

I do though have a little problem with leaving what I think are good positive comments and not ever getting a reply. Hell, even a ‘smiley-face‘ would be appreciated. But leaving comments and not getting acknowledgement of same makes me feel like I talking to myself in a literary sense.

I have left the odd not-so-positive comment, but I generally try to make it an amusing one if it’s not overly positive in nature. Still, I’d like some sort of response, even if it’s one telling me to go suck eggs.

On days like today, where my view counts are dismal and my comments go unnoticed, I feel like knocking on the figurative internet door and shouting, “Is there anyone there?” And if I get no response, I’ll close the blinds, turn off the lights and go home.

Maybe tomorrow everyone will be back from the beach and want to surf the internet instead of the waves.

Smiley face 2
Smiley face 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

19 thoughts on “Hello? Is Anyone There?”

  1. Mike, I can relate. I’m back on Heroesnpirates ’cause there was very little traffic on Invictus4ever. I always had that, “Is anybody out there?” feeling. I’d put a ton of time and work into Invictus and… nothing. Almost never any comments. WordPress seems much more active than Blogger. I like the idea of a blog being a forum for dialogue and comments particularly between like-minded people who share interests. Ideally I believe it should be an online community.

    I find your posts thoughtful and well-written. Unfortunately, I almost never watch movies. It’s just not how I spend time. But I’ve passed your link to a friend who’s an avid movie buff.


    1. Thanks mate! Yeah, I found that Blogger.com and Tumblr didn’t really give me the scope to reach anyone. Blogger also didn’t really garner me much in the way of followers either. But having said that, I was just starting to blog on that site and I’ve presumably gotten better (lol) still even with the added reach of WordPress, I sometimes feel like I’m performing for a row of mostly empty bleachers. But only sometimes, other times my views and feedback are great. I just never give up. I have written and posted up to 5 posts a day when I’m really on fire and it’s fun so I guess that is really the reward in itself. Finding out that anyone besides myself enjoys my ramblings is a definite bonus. Thanks for passing the link. I hope he enjoys it. Cheers mate!! 🙂


  2. I get what your saying dude. I always try and reply to everyone that comments, and I always try to comment on peoples sites to try and repay the favour so to speak. I find it weird that I can put 2 hours of work into a review and be so passionate about it and it gets 2 comments,and I kind of feel Im talking to myself, then Ill review a crappy film that I struggle to write anything about, and it gets 20 likes and 30 comments. Strange place this blogging world 🙂

    I don’t know what a good or bad traffic day is, I guess everyone is different. I’m just happy my numbers are going up week on week and ultimately every like and comment makes me feel its worth while continuing. I’ll always be here reading your stuff buddy 🙂


    1. I went through a lovely spell where my numbers were steadily growing and then this peak and valley thing started happening. Still, I blog on and hope for the best. I’m pleased to be a part of such a varied and prolific community and that should be enough. I just get disgruntled sometimes and have to grumble. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for your kind words of encouragement. 🙂


  3. Hey Mike, still here, man! lol Been busy with my sister’s bridal shower prep, so things have been hectic. But I just found your new ‘Razorback chapter’, so I’ll be checking it out soon!


  4. Hey Mike, I read your blogs, don’t really reply much and don’t blog myself. Even with auto correct it takes entirely too much time to correct my dyslexic typing. But I do enjoy reading your blog. Thanks, Sherman


  5. I saw that battle erupt and quickly left. I absolutely hate that people think it’s OK to do something like that.
    I try to respond to every comment on my site, even with it’s just a simple word of thanks. I certainly don’t ask people to comment but I love when people come together over a shared experience (movies, in particular). Then again, I certainly wouldn’t mind surfing waves instead of web pages from time to time…


    1. Thanks dude, yeah that battle was a little like watching a slow motion train wreck. And if I could surf waves, oh yeah baby! I’d be out there right now! Thanks for the kind words! 🙂


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