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English: Writing «Shit_happens»
English: Writing «Shit_happens» (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided about a year ago, that I was going to return to my first love. Most folks will tell you that you never forget your first one and I didn’t. Lurking in the shadows of my mind was my first ever passion. Oh I knew it was there, but over the years it got pushed back further and further into that place in your memory that holds discarded thoughts, dreams, and passions.

Writing was and still is my first mistress. But I’ve been so busy playing the field that I neglected her horribly. Not that I was being consciously unfaithful it was just that I lost focus. I was so busy living and loving and trying out different vocations that I just forgot. For about forty some odd years.

But when my life took a sudden swerve into left field and I had to start over again…again, I rediscovered her. I just re-read that last sentence and realised that it seems to imply that I’ve only had to start over twice. That would be a massive understatement of the truth. I have had to start over so many times in my life that I’ve lost count. In fact the dislike of starting over was one of the big reasons I stayed in my previous unhappy status for so long.

The first love that I’ve been waffling on about is, of course, writing. When I had the sudden epiphany that I really could do whatever I wanted in my ‘new’ life, writing was the first thing that jumped up from the hidden recesses of my mind. I was at first startled by this jack-in-the-box behaviour and then I got excited.

I sat down and started my first blog. Random Thoughts for a Random World was born on the 29th of November 2010. Just over a month after my flight from my previous life.  This first post was a four sentence statement of my intent to try this new blogging thing.

It then sat dormant for another year and one day.

It was only after the dust settled in my transition from nuclear family member to single dad that I was able to set down and start again. I then sporadically published updates to this blog and garnered quite a few ‘hits’ on each update. All this was done in order to practice my shaky command on the English language that was all the more shaky because I lived in a foreign country that spoke and wrote a bit differently from the denizens of my birth.

I finally decided after about a year of so-so response to my first blog and the birth of a Tumblr blog that I quite liked, but never told me if I had any visitors to my site, that I started this one. I decided to make it primarily a ‘film’ site where I could talk about my other great love and anything else that caught my wandering attention.

So here I am fully immersed in writing at the very least my daily blog-posts and a bit more sporadically my first published work. The first published bit is still open to debate as I cannot decide if it should be a collection of short stories or a fully fledged novel.

I have to be careful though, because when you do a blog you can get carried away by just writing for writing’s sake alone. You end up like the Michael Caine charachter in Educating Rita, whose wife asks him when did he stop writing and start just talking about it. Or in my case not writing, per se, but writing about writing.

It is an easy trap to fall into. Blogging allows you almost immediate feedback. Feedback that at the very least tells you how many folks have dropped by for a visit. And that friends and neighbours is very gratifying.

So I have to make time to do the ‘real’ writing. The type that you don’t get immediate feedback on. The type you have to do that allows you to create an entire world and fill it with people and help them tell their story. The kind of writing that might just result in your creations residing in a cupboard or desk drawer alone, dusty and forgotten.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m making the time to write and can’t gas with you, my dear friends and neighbours, for a little while. If I’m lucky we’ll see each other tomorrow, if life has other plans, well the party’s been fun and the next time I’ll bring a bottle.

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Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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