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Angel (TV series)
Angel (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I changed my morning ritual a bit today. I bypassed the ‘oh, so important first coffee of the day’ and went straight to my laptop. While waiting for it to finish loading all the various crap I have on it, I had a puff or two off one of my electric  cigarettes.

While I sat in this contemplative silence, my brain randomly homed in on an old Angel episode. I will pause here, midst diatribe and explain to the uninitiated who or what Angel is. *On a side note: can there really be anyone in the world who know about the Buffy-verse and it’s spin-off, the Angel-verse?*

The episode my fickle brain latched onto was Why We Fight, episode 13 of season 5 (the final season). It was a good episode, all of season five holds the record for best episodes in  Angel, well in my own humble opinion, anyway. But what caught my attention was the title, Why We Fight. I had one of those, I don’t know, ‘mini-ephinanies’ and thought that could be Why We Write and my brain shot out of the starter gate.

So, after a really long way around the barn to get to the subject, why do we write?

I think most folks do it because they like writing. Other folks do it because they feel they have something important to say. Still more do it because they want to become successful or well known. A few will do it because they are lonely and have no-one to talk to. A certain amount will use writing as a salve, writing down the irritating and infuriating things in order to deal with them calmly. And some do it as a means of holding on to their sanity while they hunt for jobs or are experiencing a change of life.

Of course the ‘why we write’ question has to do with the world of blogging.

I am not talking about writers of books, novels, short-stories, technical  manuals, et al. I’m talking about bloggers.

A lot of people obviously do it to become financially better off. At least that’s the impression you could get by reading some of the advertisements on the net.

How to be a successful blogger.

How to make money off your blogs.

These are just two of the adverts that claim to help you be both successful and financially secure from your writing.

But lets face it. The truth behind the reason to blog is immediate feedback. **Another side-note, I just had another mini-epiphany, I could have just as easily called this Why We Blog. But I’m not going to change the title. It sounds better the way it is**

When we write stories, fictional and non-fictional, we have to wait for feedback.  Is it good, bad, lacklustre, or worse boring? When we write for our blogs, we know our indented audience can see our work immediately. It takes the push of a ‘button’ to publish our article and in a flash our thoughts and ideas are there for the world to see.

And just as it takes the action of one finger to publish my words, one finger from a reader is all it takes for someone to “like” what I’ve written. Admittedly, more detailed feedback requires a lot more finger interaction with a keyboard, but what the heck, a comment is worth a hundred likes.

I don’t bother reading advertisements for success or monetary remuneration in relation to my blogging. I am not out for ‘world dominance’ of the blogging arena nor am I looking to gain a fanatical following. I do,  however love writing just for the sake of it. I have said of myself in the past that I have the writing version of ‘running off at the mouth. It’s still true.

And just as I would continue talking if no-one was listening, I would still write if no-one was reading.

I write because if you are talking and no-one else is in the room, it’s weird. If you write and no-one else is reading, it’s creative.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

3 thoughts on “Why We Write”

  1. I write because I am a ranter about pop culture and was running out of friends and family who would listen!

    On the subject of Angel – wasn’t Wesley the best character of the entire Buffy-verse? I think so…


    1. Wesley certainly had the best character arc of any of the characters in the show. Although Cordelia came a close second. When you think of Wes in Buffy and how he was when Angel ended? My God, what a great growth his character made! So yeah, in shorthand, he was! 🙂


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