Singing the Cigarette Electric

English: Electronic Cigarette
English: Electronic Cigarette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am trying the new E cigarettes…again. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, I’ll give you a crash course in these electronic smokes.

As far back  as four years ago electronic cigarettes have been making the rounds. I remember vividly a Russian (well, he sounded Russian) cabdriver trying to sell me some from the boot of his car. Essentially a cigarette with no tar, no harmful chemicals (if you discount the nicotine, which we all know is bad for you) and no nasty smoke for non-smokers to bitch about.

E-cigs produce a vapour that you can inhale and exhale just like the real thing. You can also get them in different flavours. *Avoid the cinnamon like it was the plague, blecch!* Of course the big selling point is that you can smoke these babies anywhere. Although it is interesting to note that the “anywhere” e-cigs have a blue glowing tip instead of the red one, in case a non-smoker freaks out when you “light up” in you local pub.

Just like real cigarettes, there are loads of E-cigarettes to choose from. And believe me, friends and neighbours, you need to be careful which ones you try. Oh, they are not dangerous, but, they can be labour intensive and a downright pain in the Ass.

Of course the biggest pull for me is the fact that these things are about a third of the price you spend on a pack of smokes. Oh yeah, a big pull. But when you look at the downside, are they really worth it?

The downside is that some (not all, I hasten to add) of these fake cigs have about a five puff limit on each battery. You then have to plug the cigarette into a charger, either a usb charger or other more time consuming chargers. The time it takes to charge varies, but let me tell you, it is always a lot longer than the amount of time that you got smoke out of it.

I first tried these new fangled smokes two years ago. After a couple of months of dicking around with the damn things I went back to the real thing. But they have gotten better, improvements have been made. Although they are still a bit of a pain in the butt. They aren’t as bad as they used to be.

its hard keeping this one on one hand and the ...


I suppose it’s a case of getting use to the things. I do know that they provide the same pleasant satisfying feeling I got when I smoked the real thing. They are more socially acceptable ( I don’t have to hand a sign around my neck with the word “Unclean” written on it) I also suppose that not being able to chain-smoke them is also a bonus.

Essentially I am getting the best of both worlds, I am smoking without really smoking and I am saving money. I do need to point out that the initial outlay can be a little pricey.

I do worry though. With the new electronic cigarettes, you have no need of a lighter or matches. That makes me a little uneasy. I keep thinking about the last few scenes in The Fifth Element. Our heroes have figured out how to operate the device that will save the world. One of the little boxes requires fire.

cigarette lighter
cigarette lighter (Photo credit:

Out of the five people in that room only one person had fire in the guise of one solitary match. So call me paranoid, but, I will still carry a lighter or a box of matches. I mean, just in case I need to save the world or anything.

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