Global Warming My Ass

Okay, I will admit that the climate is changing. I saw The Day After Tomorrow too. It was a good film with some knock out scenes and performances. It also had the added benefit in that it made people wake up to the fact that our weather is changing.

But getting warmer?? Un-uh, don’t think so.

I am setting in the front room of my house and seriously debating on whether or not I should put the central heating on. So what, I hear you ask. Here’s what. It is the middle of frigging June! Even in the ‘cool’ country of The United Kingdom, the idea of putting the heating on in the middle of June, beggars belief.

Yes, the climate is changing, I think I said that already, but getting warmer, does not appear to be the direction it is heading. I know that we have multiple tornadoes now where before we only had one-at-a-time. We have torrential rain-fall that comes down so fast that our existing drainage systems, after chuckling weakly, gives up and floods.

We have holes in the ozone layer that allows the sun to burn the crap out of us, even in the winter. We have hurricanes aplenty and earthquakes are becoming a very frequent occurrence.

All of these things are indeed global. But if we were getting globally warmer, that would surely mean that we here in the UK would be getting warmer weather as well. Doesn’t it??

Oh well, I guess I will carry on this internal debate over the issue of turning on the central heat in the middle of what is essentially summer and look on the world map and check  temperatures in other parts of the world. I do know that last year when my daughter and I went to the States, roughly about the same time of year, we boiled. The three states of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas were all part of a big furnace. The average daily temperature was over 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

So I’ll agree with the idea of global warming, but I think I’ll also believe that right now, the worlds thermostat is on the fritz. I wonder how much it’ll cost to have someone repair it?

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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