Motivation or lack thereof…

Sitting here in front of my laptop waiting to be motivated. I have been up for about two hours after having slept for well over ten hours. Pain pills have been ingested, two coffees with milk and sugar imbibed, three cigarettes inhaled, exhaled and extinguished. All that activity and I am still not in the mood to do anything of consequence.

I know I need a shower. My stubbly face needs shaving and my teeth need brushing. I also know that the house needs a bit of a clean and that there is laundry that needs to be done. I probably need to check on my daughter who is not feeling well. I also need to ring work to let them know I have received a date for my MRI.

I need to rearrange my DVD collection, my front room and possibly my bedroom. At the very least I need to make my bed. There is a bit of gardening to be done and shoes to be polished. I need to get in the attic to hunt for a few items that are presumed to be lost. I need to fix the back garden light that hasn’t worked since we moved in here.

I need to fix the kitchen mixer tap that leaks. I also need to fix the shower hose in my w.c. that also leaks. I need to sort out the light in my daughters w.c. that flickers so much it could induce an epileptic seizure. I need to get a dining table and a real bed, the inflatable mattress I use now is a bit too low to the ground.

I need to contact one of my union reps to make sure I have one present when I meet my “big boss” next week. I could literally spend the rest of the day typing out all the things I need to do. But that in itself would be too productive by far.

I think that instead I will have another coffee… or two, have another smoke…or two, and check all my social networks for the umpteenth time. Then maybe, just maybe…I will think about having a shower.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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