The Reason for the Picture on My Blog

Just in case you were wondering why my last post has my giant mug put at the beginning of it, I was not overtaken by a sense of narcissistic joy. I also did not feel the need to make sure everyone knows what I looked like before my heart attack. Just for the record, I don’t look a lot different, I’ve just shaved.

I don’t feel the need to publicise my weather beaten visage any more than I have to. Although I do have a couple of YouTube channels where I punish the viewers on a semi-regular basis (or I did before my heart attack).

The reason for my face preceding my written post is simple. WordPress went a bit odd when I posted my last blog post. When I went to publicise the post instead of a choice of thumbnails from my post as usual, it was offering images of every bloody thing on my blog. It included images of all those folks I follow and it even offered up the Freshly Pressed tag on my page.

I tried repeatedly to sort this out, but, as I am an impatient sort I decided not to approach the support staff. I just hit the “featured image” button and popped my favorite picture of myself with the idea that it would be featured in the publicised post.

This worked fine for Google+. All the other sites had no image at all. Still it was better than having thumbnails that had nothing to do with the post.

Just after I had posted my latest offering to the blogging community my daughter Meg looked at the post and asked, “Why don’t you put that picture on all your posts?” She loves the picture. I have to admit it is one of my favorites. Taken by my good friend Bruce Howard of Bruce Howard Photography, Suffolk I think it kicks ass.

I liked her suggestion, but, I feel like it takes up too much room in it’s original form. I have made it smaller just to see how it looks and to be honest, it still looks a bit vanity driven.

I have opted instead to change my header and include my beady eyes as the first image you see on my blog. I think that will be my new improved look and I’m sticking with it.

Just be advised that if you are suddenly faced with my “mean” face as Bruce calls it, it’s because my thumbnail option has gone south again. Not because I am so enamoured with my good looks that I feel it necessary to show the world.

After all, if you really want to see what I look like you can check out my YouTube channels which are linked on my page.

Happy looking.


Author: Michael Knox-Smith

World traveler, writer, actor, journalist. Cinephile who reviews films, television, books and interviews professionals in the industry. Member Nevada Film Critics Society

14 thoughts on “The Reason for the Picture on My Blog”

  1. Welcome to WonkyVille. I’ve had to delete and redo entire posts, pages, etc. because the spacing disappeared and turned a long post into a giant paragraph. I’ve stopped using the Gallery format because I can’t control how it displays and sometimes it get very strange looking. I’ve give up using the image format because it offsets photos all the way to the left margin and looks really lopsided. I’ve dumped a bunch of widgets because I was getting scramble first pages … and I suggest you may want to reconsider both which widgets you use and whether or not using all the thumbnails is perhaps putting you at odds with the template. If you push these templates too far, they rebel. In a knockdown drag-out battle with software, the software always wins. Also, for reblogging, ScoopIt works MUCH better than the reblog function on WordPress, lets you do some real editing and select the picture you want including one of your own if you don’t like the automated choices. You might want to try it.

  2. Hey, facebook does the same to me, Mike. Sometimes when I post a blog post on there it will feature the poster from the film and sometimes it will not even give me the option.