Jimmy Kimmel Live: Eddie Murphy and Gaten Matarazzo (Review)


Jimmy Kimmel Live gave Eddie Murphy a chance to plug his very serious movie and Gaten Matarazzo a chance to celebrate his new deep voice. The musical guest Schoolboy Q & E-40 performed at the end of the show and they were very reminiscent of The Beastie Boys in terms of sound.

Kimmel started the show off by having a chat with Gaten, who was backstage in the greenroom, on his Stranger Things walkie.  (Afterward, Jimmy refers to the communication device as the new iPhone 7.)

A simple bit of comedy based on the amount of times “over” could be used over and over again.  One of the reason’s Kimmel’s show is a personal favorite, as well as the gags and pranks the host pulls on the unsuspecting.

The monologue  was cut short this week, although there was time to make fun of Donald Trump.  “Drunk Donald Trump” pre-empted the Judge James segment.  The verdict on this “Judge Judy” parody is mixed. Amusing but not overly funny, this felt like filler although Kimmel pulled off his joke well.

(The visual site of Jimmy coming on with either no trousers – or he was wearing shorts- under the judge’s robe was missed by the studio audience apparently.)

Murphy and Kimmel discussed their favorite series of all time Good Times.  For those too young to remember, this was the series that made Jimmy Walker a runaway star (pun intended) and frustrated John Amos so much that he left the show to work on Roots.

The two men spoke about the prom, Murphy did not go to his but did attend his girlfriend’s.  The performer also admitted that he does not pack his own bags when traveling.

He and Jimmy talked about kids, vasectomies and his start in comedy. Murphy revealed that he owes his start to the 1976 talent show The Gong Show.

Murphy’s new film Mr. Church and the performer plays against type. The drama opens September 16 and there was a clip from the film.  Here is a trailer for the film:

Murphy and Kimmel finished talking about the possibility of Eddie doing stand-up again. Murphy also did an excellent impression of Tracy Morgan with his  “ballpark franks.” (Very funny.)

Next up was Matarazzo, now 14 years old and what a difference a birthday makes.  Last week Gaten was on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and he was all over the place.  On this episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live,  Gaten was quite controlled.

He talked about what happened on his birthday (a Santa Monica Pier visit) and his lack of excitement over presents. Jimmy congratulated Gaten on reaching puberty and claimed that the young actor would have  mustache in season two.

They talked about raises, which Matarazzo did not ask for, and how he manages his money. Gaten replied that he had no idea. Jimmy then asked him how he got, for instance, a skateboard.

Gaten: “I ask my mom, ‘Can I have a skateboard’ and she says no.”

This calmer version of Gaten Matarazzo was a delight. On other talkshows he has been a bit overexcited. Either his newly developed hormones have calmed him down or, more likely, this celebrity thing is becoming more commonplace for the Stranger Things star.

At the end of the show, Kimmel apologized, again, to Matt Damon for running out of time. Schoolboy Q & E-40 performed and high energy song that was a crowd pleaser.

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs Monday through Friday on ABC.

Eddie Murphy in Richard Pryor Biopic

Lee Daniels and Eddie Murphy Instagram
Lee Daniels is working hard to find that perfect cast for his upcoming Richard Pryor biopic as The Butler director is in talks with Eddie Murphy to be in the film. Thus far, Daniels has pulled in some big names to star in this much needed film about one of the funniest, and original comics in the world.

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Tower Heist…Ocean’s Five?

As I am a huge Ben Stiller fan I was really looking forward to his latest effort, Tower Heist. I will say up front I liked the film. I could have loved it, but the ending let it down a bit. Stiller who is the son of the comedy duo Stiller and Meara has never failed to deliver in the comedy field. Must be something in his genes.
Now unlike  Tropic Thunder and Zoolander, Stiller is not at the helm of this film. I can’t help but feel that if he had written and directed Tower Heist it would have been great instead of just good.One of the things that let this film down was the way the studios marketed it. The teasers and trailers that hyped the film made it seen like an outright comedy. This was not the case.
Cover of "Tropic Thunder (Unrated Directo...
Cover via Amazon
The film was a “genre bender” as my daughter likes to put it. It fell more into the range of a funny Action/Caper film.  It was not an outright comedy.  I know this because when I watch a comedy, I usually have to watch it at least twice.  Because if it is a good comedy I have laughed so much while watching it I have missed huge chunks of dialogue. I did not have that problem with Tower Heist.

English: Ben Stiller at the 2010 Toronto Inter...

The cast list is impressive. Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Alan Alda, Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Tea Leoni, and Judd Hirsh. It seems like ensemble films are all the rage at the moment. All the actors acquitted themselves wonderfully with their respective performances. Ms Leoni in particular showed a flair for comedy that was surprising.

English: Eddie Murphy at Tribeca Film Festival...

The plot revolves around an exclusive apartment building that appears to be a thinly veiled version of Trump Tower. The folks who live in this building are near the top of the Forbes list. Stiller plays Josh Kovacs the manager of the apartment building. Casey Affleck plays Kovacs’s brother-in-law Charlie the bumbling concierge. Matthew Broderick is the hapless Mr Fitzhugh who has lost everything and is being evicted from his apartment.

English: Alan Alda (born January 28, 1936) is ...

Alan Alda portrays shyster Arthur Shaw  with his usual sense of style. Shaw is a financial investment  whiz who has a close relationship with Kovacs. Kovacs asks Shaw to invest the apartment buildings staff retirement fund for them with the hopes of improving their pensions. Enter Tea Leoni as Special Agent Claire Denham who arrests Shaw for fraud. It seems that Shaw is only a whiz at taking people’s money and investing it into his own pocket. Kovacs then decides that the money must be in Shaw’s apartment and that he needs to get it back.

Kovacs then coerces his brother-in-law, Mr Fitzhugh, new employee Enrique Dev’Reaux (played by Michael Peña) and his criminal neighbour and one-time school mate Eddie Murphy into entering Shaw’s apartment and retrieving the stolen pension fund.

The film is clever and it did make me laugh in all the right places. The misguided marketing campaign used by the studios though did not do the film any favours. As I mentioned before this is not an outright comedy film. It was an Action/Caper  film with a lot of laughs in it. It was a definite winner and a film I enjoyed watching.

So if you watch the film think  ’Ocean’s Five’  and you will most likely not be disappointed.

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