Dominion: The Longest Mile Home (recap and review)

Dominion - Season 2
After last week’s more “light-hearted” (speaking of The Home Depot scenario here) approach, amidst the Gabriel self-sacrifice play so Michael could escape and help Alex, this week in Dominion; The Longest Mile Home is, in a word, shocking. From the moment we first see that (despite David shooting him in an  earlier episode) William has survived his journey through the wilderness of Arizona and returned to Vega.

This episode has a high body count and the dead includes Zoe, who surprisingly did not die at the Armory although most of her troops did, except for David. It is not just the deaths that surprise however there is  the outcome of certain death faced by General Riesen. There was a brilliant reveal with Riesen where we learn he was not a soldier but a civilian on a military base. When the place is overrun by lower angels turning soldiers into eight-balls he takes the uniform, and identity of Riesen. We also learn that it was on this day  Clementine became an eight-ball.

Michael drops by to save Alex and Noma. Although they may not have needed too much aid as Alex had just chopped off the chainsaw carrying eight-ball’s head with his own saw when the archangel arrived. Later, it looks like  “Father” from Mallory reached out and saved Alex and Nomes as well. Michael finds a number of eight-balls outside the farmhouse where the chosen one and Noma had spent the night. Michael recognizes this type of death from the small town.

Arika is found out, by Gates (he is not a computer/electrical wiz for nothing), and her time is running out. Claire and Gates set up both Zoe and Arika with “mis-information” that the Queen of Helena shared with David. Clementine works on Edward to accept Julian’s offer of becoming a Dyad and immortal. Meanwhile Julian “targets” Gabriel with drugs to control his mind.

Claire and Gates send troops not to take the armory on Zoe’s side of the trench, though they lead Arika to believe that this is the objective.  Instead the agri-tower is the objective and they blow up the rebel’s weapon store killing all but Zoe and David.

William Whele stumbles into a bar and hungrily attacks a peanut snack bowl. As he tells the bartender and the bar’s only other customer who he is, the patron accuses him of lying. Whele leaves and later meets the man in the alley behind the bar, he brutally kills the man and takes his money.

The drugs work on Gabriel who believes that he escapes and then has a sexual trust with Claire Riesen, Noma and Arika. He wakes up still in chains and his chair surrounded by three women and Julian explains his plan. Destroy the archangel’s mind, take it over and then control his body.

After the armory explosion, Zoe is taken captive as is Arika and her retinue (which includes the doctor). Julian tells Edward Riesen that Vega has fallen into civil war and that Claire has lost the baby. He continues to push the Dyad solution to the dying man. “Dyad-ism” says Julian, “you will remain Edward Riesen in every way.”

Off screen, Riesen takes the Dyad deal. Back at Vega, David shows up with his men to fight with Zoe. They wait for troops who never show and when the armory is blown up, Whele leaves Zoe to her fate. Later, Claire goes to see the young rebel leader in her cell. After explaining her disappointment in Zoe for not accepting her moves of peace and her anger that Zoe has forced into a war “without mercy,” Lady Riesen shoots young rebel leader right between the eyes.

William Whele tells a bar full of patrons about his time in the desert and meeting the hand of God. He talks of God saving him from thieves. As he tells his story, Gates has a drink and Arika’s doctor has poisoned Claire’s “right-hand man.” Back at the bar, Whele takes off his shirt revealing a torso full of scars claiming that he is the chosen one who will root out evil from Vega.

Back at New Delphi, Gabriel learns that he cannot control Julian’s eight-balls and he also finds out that his captor has gotten the amphora from General Riesen. Edward has taken the Dyad offer after all.

This episode had some stand out moments some of which were shocking, disturbing and upsetting.

Moments of Note:

The General Riesen backstory: Edward’s humble beginnings are shown. He was a civilian clerk at an Army base who read a lot. His reference to the Sun Tzu Art of War book, “All warfare is based on deception,” is placed right before the actual attack on Zoe’s and David’s troops on their side of the trench. This move is, as mentioned by Riesen in the flashback, total deception. Brilliant.

Dead eight-balls: The burnt eight-balls seen by Michael, Alex and Nomes. The discovery of the bodies happens before the recounting of William Whele’s tale of the six horsemen. Clearly the same Father is responsible, both the Mallory eight-balls and Whele’s thieves are touched by the same hand.

Pistol packing  Lady Riesen: Claire shooting Zoe in the jail cell. A true jaw dropping moment, Zoe had not even stopped talking when Lady Riesen pulls that trigger. (One assumes that Arika will suffer a similar fate very shortly, especially when it is discovered that Gates has been poisoned.)

Dyad-ism: General Riesen choses to become a Dyad. Those eyes…

*Sidenote* William Whele, who was not the most sane of men before his exile, has come back mad as a hatter. Clearly his time with the eight-balls has driven him even further into la-la land.

The end of the episode has Gabriel looking in horror at the amphora in Julian’s hand and one is left wondering if Vega is doomed. The gunfighter angel (in last week’s episode) tells Noma to take Alex to the east, does this mean that Vega will not be saved? Is Gates doomed as well? That looked suspiciously like blood on that napkin (a sort of Takashi Miike touch a’la Fudoh: The New Generation without the gallons of claret gushing but enough to make the connection.).

Anthony Head is brilliant as the scheming Whele senior and the return of Luke Allen-Gale as his estranged son William was an excellent move to have the double act back, as the father/son duo with the love/hate relationship. Alan Dale stood out as the dying Riesen and Roxanne McKee rocked as Claire Riesen in this episode. Sadly, it looks like Nic Bishop may be leaving the show, time will tell whether his character caught the poison quickly enough. Kudos to Carl Beukes as Gabriel, his archangel’s lines were pithy and very spot on this week.

Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy, do not miss this epic battle between good and evil and all things in-between.

Dominion: Reap the Whirlwind (Review)

Alex starting to evict Lyrae
Quite possibly the biggest reason that Dominion is so much fun to watch is that no one in this verse is wrapped too tight. It makes a certain amount of sense. This world where not only mankind believe that “God is dead” (that old 1970s mantra that so infuriated the church) but “His” angels as well. When even the “special” kids think the “big guy” has checked out of the hotel it leaves a sort of no holds barred lifestyle and mentality behind.

This week’s episode; Reap the Whirlwind is a difficult watch however. Not just because of these warped power players but also for the culmination of several different plot threads. The possible death of Michael, General Riesen and the almost guaranteed demise of “Nomes” all put a bleak and gloomy pall over the proceedings. Noma, apart from being devoted to Alex, is a “kick-a**” character, if the loss of her wings does kill her Alex will lose his most stalwart supporter and the fans a favorite character.

There are some things that jarred in this episode.


Arika and her plotting against Claire Riesen, who has not a clue about who could be sabotaging her plan to shut down Zoe’s broadcast even though the only person who left the room during her conversation with Gates was Arika. This viper in the nest is coming across as too obvious to not be caught. Not that she is trying too hard to keep her real motives undercover with her “let’s argue with everything that both Claire and Gates want to do” attitude.

David and Zoe: The dynamic between these two just does not work. (Just as her decision to crumple up David’s speech and “speaking from her heart” to win the V1s does not convince.) Like David says, previous to his creating two Vega’s, Holloway was an angry kid with a gun. The new revolutionary leader is too wishy washy and angry to be a leader. I would not follow the kid to the laundromat, let alone to a civil war. (Just saying…) Zoe shooting David in the hand, after he helps her out was annoying. Especially after her little “cutting off hands” spiel beforehand, while not quite mixing metaphors, it was close. Just chop the thing off kid, okay?

Alex: Alex vacillating between supporting Michael and trapping him for Julian combined with his overconfidence in his “evicting” ability makes him the most annoying character in this season. This same fluctuating indecisiveness is what has killed Nomes, maybe, and Michael, possibly. Meanwhile the one higher angel that he wanted dead still lives, albeit as a shackled prisoner of Julian/Lyrae. Alex also got Riesen killed with his “keep the Dyad distracted” plan while he evicted the higher angel. Death, thy name is Alex, aka the Chosen One.

Zoe: Zoe as savior of the V1s. Sorry, but this angry kid with a gun still seems like an angry kid with a gun. Jasper’s story of Zoe “saving” him when he got lost in the tunnels as a child does nothing to make her seem like a “natural born leader” as David states. It sounds more like little Jasper was a bit of a wuss. Sorry mate.

Claire Riesen: Not picking up on Arika’s treachery full stop.

Still, for all the things that do not quite fit or annoy, like the script writers cribbing the Django Unchained line (spoken by Christoph Waltz’s character Dr. Schulz) “Allow me to unring this bell.” Gates paraphrases the line to talk about killing and how once you have done it, “You cannot unring that bell,” and loses the humor of the remark, and the American accents that go all over the place, Dominion is incredibly addictive.

There is something about the whole “God is dead” drill, or as they say in the verse, “Father is dead, or gone.” (Depending upon who is doing the surmising.) The fact that even the angels think the big fellow has taken a powder makes the show compelling. The madness and almost Shakespearean subterfuge and double-crossing between the main protagonists is more than entertaining.

Watching these denizens of Vega and New Delphi rushing to meet their destinies is fascinating. David Whele who wants to be back in power and is so desperate to get there that he puts himself as campaign manager for an “angry kid with a gun.” Claire coming alive now that she has met Gates. Alex getting too big for his evicting boots by trying to kick the angel out of a Dyad.

*Sidenote* Julian/Lyrae does tell Alex that the reason the eviction does not work is that humans are anxious to be rid of their lower angel inhabitants and that his human is perfectly happy for him to be there.

Anthony Head continues to entertain as the devious and self-centered David Whele and it looks like the series may be saying adieu Alan Dale…again. Regardless of those dodgy American accents, Dominion keeps the story moving and while it looks like Nomes may be checking out, the romance between Gates and Claire looks to be a winner.

Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy.

Dominion: Son of the Fallen (recap and review)

Gabriel and Alex - Dominion
Last week in Dominion Claire and Gates defeated the angel sent to kill her, Gabriel and Michael joined forces and David Whele worked to gain Zoe Holloway’s trust. In Son of the Fallen everything heats up in both Vega and New Delphi and Claire Riesen has more to worry about than just Gabriel.

This week, Michael and Gabriel learn that Julian is Lyrae, Alex remembers the first time he met Michael, David Whele finally gets the upper hand with Zoe and Claire Riesen. Holloway gets a price put on her head, Julian proves that he really cannot be trusted and Michael learns Gabriel cannot be trusted either. Whele takes charge of Zoe’s revolution and plunges Vega into civil war.

Both Archangels are now in New Delphi. Michael searches for Alex while Gabriel litters the area with freshly dead corpses dropped from above. The residents are in a panic running and screaming. Michael tries to convince Alex that Gabriel is not the threat that Julian is.

New Delphi sees Alex, “Nomes,” and General Riesen forcing Julian to play along with their plan to kill Gabriel and he plays for time. Julian wants the amphora back and when he presses his luck Noma threatens to take the lid off killing everyone. Alex points out to the Dyad that they are all willing to die in their quest to kill Gabriel. Julian finally decides to cooperate, he wants Gabriel dead as well, without the amphora’s return.

Alex and Noma go out to see if the area of New Delphi that Julian has earmarked as a trap exists and leave Riesen to look after him. The general does not look or sound well at all and Julian points out that the man may be dying. He offers Riesen the chance to become a Dyad and Edward turns him down telling Julian that he is a monster.

Claire, Arika (Shivani Ghai) and Gates are having a meal and the decision is made to put a dead or alive bounty on Zoe’s head and moments after Lady Riesen puts out the wanted notice, two of her own people attempt to shoot her down. David actually saves her life by shooting one of the assailants in the back as he takes aim at Holloway.

Jasper is badly injured in the attack and Zoe agrees to send David to negotiate some medical attention for him. Julian gets away from Edward, (*Sidenote* Line of the episode goes to Alan Dale’s character for the “I don’t know whether it was the angel or the human part but I think one of them just kicked my a**.) and Noma has guaranteed that the amphora is safe, unfortunately, as she points out to Riesen, Alex is not.

Arika agrees to meet with Whele, to keep Claire safe, and Lady Riesen lets Arika sit in for her. Julian stops Alex and talks him into trapping Michael, which will allow him to then kill Gabriel. David and Arika meet and after they get rid of Zoe’s soldier, he tells Arika what is in that crate; C4.

By the end of their very short negotiation, David reveals Zoe’s plans and Arika tells him that the C4 needs to be returned to them. His reward is to be reinstated to V3 or above and to be exonerated of all charges. Michael injures Gabriel, after the latter set the New Delphi alarm system to lock everyone in, so that he cannot harm Alex.

Alex traps Michael in order to lure Gabriel into the trap. There is a brief altercation, where Gabriel proves that even injured he is too powerful for Alex and Noma. Just as Gabriel moves to kill Alex, Julian shows up with his men who overpower Gabriel.

David kills his guard, while Jasper sleeps, and Claire is seen by doctor Daria after a scare in the tower control room. Gates now knows that Lady Riesen is pregnant and he apologizes for kissing her. He also reveals that he knows it cannot be William Whele’s offspring.

Claire talks to David who has the C4. As Whele sits in the truck full of explosive, Riesen tries to get him to bring the stuff back to her. David tells her that being a V1 taught him something. Claire believes he intends to blow her up and Jasper catches up to David who tells him that he does not have long left, why not “go out with a bang.” Zoe’s number two gets in the truck with David and the C4.

Julian tells Michael that he is Lyrae. Gabriel breaks free and is brought down by an Empyrean steel net. As he struggles against his bonds and falls to the ground, Michael escapes his net and gets away.

Arika reveals that she may be on the team, but she is not a fan of Lady Riesen, she is there to make room for the women of Helena. Alex finds the knife that Michael gave him as a child, the archangel used it to get out of the net, and he turns to Noma, “What have I done,” he asks.

David, with Jasper’s help, (Just how persuasive is Whele? Jasper has been dying to put a bullet into David ever since Zoe grabbed him.) plants the C4 not under Claire but in the tunnels. The resulting explosion tears the city in half, creating two Vega’s and separating the elite from their food supply. Lady Riesen has the last word when she states that Whele just started a civil war.

David Whele has always been the most conniving of baddies in the show, his plan now allows him to move back up the food chain. Claire Riesen may have thought her banishing David to the V1’s was her best move, but that appears to be incorrect. The best thing to happen to David was the banishment, it has allowed him to “gird his loins” and begin to take the power he so dearly wants back.

Alex has realized that Julian tricked him and that he has put Michael in danger. Despite his trapping of Michael, Alex will be forgiven. As Gabriel himself said, nothing that the Chosen One could do will ever turn Michael against him. Julian now has Gabriel but not Michael, who he really wanted to punish, and now all that remains is for him to use brother against brother. Or to at least lure Michael back using Gabriel as bait.

While that will most likely not happen, as Gabriel also pointed out, Michael always choses Alex over family…always, it does seem the most logical course of action for the Dyad. Claire’s pregnancy is now in the open, with Gates. The way he apparently feels about the leader of Vega might result in his apologizing for much more than a kiss later on.

General Riesen looks to be in trouble health-wise and Arika is well placed to create that room needed for refugees from Helena. David Whele looks set to take over Zoe Holloway’s revolution and begin laying the groundwork needed to wrest all of Vega away from Claire. Michael is licking his wounds and Alex might just realize that he needs to forgive Michael and move on.

Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy and feels almost like a Shakespearean type tale of upper and lower angels, a sort of Upstairs, Downstairs with a touch of King Lear and possibly Hamlet, or (fill in Shakespearian tragedy here). Plenty of twists, turns, and a plot that asks if “father” is ever going to come back home. Great television.

Dominion: A Bitter Truth (recap and review)

Michael and Gabriel disagree
Last week’s episode of Dominion introduced a new character; Gates (Nic Bishop), Alex found General Riesen (Alan Dale), Michael sacrificed himself for Mallory and rose up afterward, and the big reveal was that Julien is the banished Archangel Lyrae. Last week also saw Gabriel send an angel to bring him the head of Claire Riesen. Dominion in A Bitter Truth follows the events of last week.

This week Alex gets a tour of New Delphi from Julien, which ends badly for the leader, and Noma is “outed” as an angel, Michael joins forces with Gabriel, Gates and Claire Riesen make a good team and David Whele gets motivation from son William as he struggles to save his own life.

Alex is pushing for Julien to honor their agreement and the New Delphi leader tells the Chosen One that it will take a week for the truck to return from Vega. He does not believe that Julien has sent any trucks and points out that the “fleet” of five vehicles have not moved since his arrival. He believes that Julien is hiding something.

David Whele is down on the streets, after being banished by Claire Riesen, and he is having a hard time dealing till William stops by to visit. As he stands arguing with his “late” son, someone shoves a bag over his head.

Gates receives a visit from Claire, he is practicing his pitch while she presses the buzzer for entry. When he finally allows her in (after making her wait for “five minutes,” she complains) he says, “Claire, I wasn’t expecting company today…or ever…really.” A great comic line that pretty much sums up the character of Gates in a sentence.

The MIT genius tells Claire about a baseball memory, he is watching the taped 2004 Red Sox vs Yankees game that his mother took him to as a child as he throws the baseball. He has a memento, a signed baseball card that his mother got for him. Gates tells Claire that he watches the game when he is trying to solve a problem, in this case, it is the unidentified crate that Zoe Holloway was seen carting away from the warehouse.

His story, about his “ma” getting the card signed, “There was no stopping that woman,” seems to show just why he is attracted to Claire. After this short tale, he sees that someone has followed her to his place. Gates initiates total lockdown.

Gabriel is in a snit with Janeck, who never sent the army he asked for. Janeck gets “lippy” and after being taught that “bourbon is whiskey” has his face planted in the hood of his car, several times. He goes to summon the army as Gabriel told him, chastised and a bit wiser after Gabriel’s “no hands” trick.

David has been kidnapped by Zoe and her henchman Jasper. They plan to film his execution. William continues to taunt his father as they prepare to kill him. Pete tries to convince Alex that Julien has more than five trucks in his fleet. General Riesen agrees with Alex and Noma, Julien is hiding something. Pete and Riesen stay behind while the other two search for the New Delphi secret.

Claire and Gates see the angel that Gabriel sent and Michael meets up with his brother to discuss Uriel, Alex, Noma and the fact that Claire Riesen bombed his, Gabriel’s aerie. He tells Michael that Alex is dead and Michael disagrees. Meanwhile the angel tasked with getting Lady Riesen’s head cuts the power to Gates’ lair.

David is read his list of crimes by Zoe while Jasper beats him. William continues to gloat and Whele manages to save himself for a half hour. Gates starts a backup generator for emergency power and the angel goes to the basement. He tries to break through the floor and knocks a shelving unit over onto Gates injuring him.

Julien and General Riesen talk strategy as Alex and Noma find Julien’s secret room. It is filled with an eight-ball army. There are thousands, or more, of the lower angel possessed humans who are frozen and armed. Alex is stunned and says, “This is not a city of merchants, it is a city of monsters.”

Gabriel admits that Alex is alive and he explains that Uriel died because she had no warning. The angel at Gates’ steel door is using his wings to cut through it. Pete has been taken by Julien back at New Delphi, David Whele has survived a little bit longer and William continues to provoke his father.

Gates and Claire electrocute the angel who is using his wings to cut through the metal door, with the generator. The angel is knocked off his feet, but only stays down for a moment. As it gets up, Claire tells Gates that they have “pissed him off.” David continues to plead his case, this time offering up endless food for the revolution. William finally irritates his father enough that he snaps at the specter of his son and tells him to, “Shut up!”

Julien relates a history lesson to Pete, who is tied to a chair, Alex and Noma. He reveals that the eight-ball army is in stasis and that he adds to it. The key that Alex retrieved was crucial to the process and Pete is soon inhabited by another lower angel.

Claire tells Gates to start using that “incredible brain” of his and he responds by kissing her. Then he explains how her father found him back at MIT. Back at New Delphi, Julien has Noma put in the chair and she fights off the lower angel, knocking out Julien, who is shocked to see that she is an angel. She and Alex escape with the amphora.

Michael and Gabriel continue to argue about “Father’s children” and back at Whele’s old studio as Zoe learns that David’s promise of food was genuine, David grabs Jasper’s gun. He also relates his own little history lesson to Zoe and Jasper about how he rose to power. He tells them that he probably killed William and as his son’s image argues with him, David shoots William and he vanishes.

Alex learns, from Noma, what the amphora is capable of. First, however, she reveals that she wants to use it to destroy Julien, the eight-ball army and New Delphi. Meanwhile, David talks Zoe into letting him help to defeat Claire Riesen.

Gates and Claire escape after she has booby trapped his warehouse, capturing the angel in the building, they kill it with the resultant explosion. Outside, Claire takes charge and Gates asks for a moment to take in the fact that all his life’s possessions have been destroyed. “Not all,” says Claire as she hands him the signed baseball card.

Michael and Gabriel agree to join forces and Nomes learns that Julien is a Dyad, half-human/half-higher angel. Julien explains that the amphora can be used to kill not just Gabriel, but Michael and the entire family of archangels. Alex tells him that if he does not use it to defeat Gabriel, Noma will use it to destroy New Delphi and Julien.

The return of Anthony Head, as David Whele, was a welcome addition to events. David’s killing William twice, so to speak, was telling and disturbing, there really is nothing that Whele will not do to take down Claire Riesen. Julien has still not revealed who he really is and the surprising turn of events is that Michael and Gabriel are to team up.

The chemistry between Nic Bishop and Roxanne McKee is still pretty potent and the two are a good match. In the show Gates brings out the best in Claire and she has lost some of that season two harshness. Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy this is “outside the box” entertainment that may be dark but worth watching.

Dominion: The Narrow Gate (review)

Dominion Alex and Noma at New Dephi
Coming back to the darkness that is Dominion and catching back up with Michael, Gabriel, David Whele, Alex (the Chosen One) and Lady Riesen in The Narrow Gate begins with Alex proving to Julian that he is “worthy.” The task is to find the round key around the neck of an eight ball in the New Delphi asylum. Zoe Holloway is on Lady Riesen’s most wanted list and Michael is still at Mallory and trying to understand Laurel’s motivation as well as learning that the “celebration” is really a sacrifice.

Alex goes after the key with a flashlight and a shotgun, the first things he comes across are eyeless corpses, and against the constant cacophony of eight ball possessed prisoners screaming out inanities “Monkey wants sex,” shouts one Schmiegal like voice, he eventually finds General Riesen (Alan Dale) who left Vega last season. He has been with Julian in New Delphi, as a prisoner, ever since.

Michael argues with Laurel about whether Father really talks to her. Michael angrily says that he should be able to hear him as well. Lady Riesen hunts up an old colleague of her father’s, Gates the man who, according to Riesen, helped to save and build the city. She asks for his help in hunting down Zoe. The engineer tries to beg off but the lady’s not for turning and she changes her request from a favor to an order.

*On a side note* Gates is played by Brit actor Nic Bishop. Bishop was a regular on the Aussie soap Home and Away and he feels a little like Sean Bean, rough around the edges and able to “mix it up” with the best of them. He also has that same natural approach to acting. A welcome addition to the cast and thus far, he has managed to bring a bit of chemistry to the screen in terms of Lady Riesen (Roxanne McKee).

With action switching between New Delphi; Alex and the hunt for the key and Vega; the hunt for Zoe, the small town of Mallory with its giant burning bush (so to speak) features less in the way of action and more in the arena of exposition with an emphasis on backstory. This walk down memory lane will eventually reveal a twist in the New Delphi events but that his not the most interesting part of this episode.

The flashbacks of Michael are short and reveal much of why he is so tortured and why he opted, in season one, to back up the humans in Vega. Set against the distraction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Michael, Lyrae and Gabriel have been chosen to punish the two cities and all those within it, barring, obviously, Lot and his family who don’t get a mention here, and the trio are arguing how to go about the whole thing.

Gabriel pleads for a divine punishment, using one of the Father’s jars/urns of “magical” curses with a blood drowning to finish off any survivors. Michael, however, listens to Lyrae who insists that the punishment be delivered by the blade of a sword. He jeers at Gabriel who has never killed anyone by the sword and the two higher angels go to dispense their bloody justice. Gabriel stays behind.

A survivor who escaped from the two angels stumbles into the tent where Gabriel prays. The realizes that the Gabriel is an angel and tries to kill him. The higher angel tells the man repeatedly to leave and inadvertently kills him, the first human he has ever slain with his own hands.

In the present, Michael and Laurel share a moment and Zoe’s rebels are found behind the Flamingo by Gates via the expedient method of monitoring wattage. Back at Mallory, the sacrifice ceremony begins and Michael remembers coming back to find Gabriel had slain his first human. He also remembers Lyrae getting carried away with the punishment, so much so that Michael strips the higher angel of his rank and plunges a knife into his neck, relegating Lyrae to the lower angels.

Back at Mallory Michael steps in to replace Laurel as the sacrifice. He reveals his bloody past, after taking on the town’s sins, and he insists that Laurel let him take her place as a form of redemption. She gives into his request after “Father” tells her it is acceptable.

Alex, after finding the general, who he enlists to help in his search for the key, finds the eight ball with the item around its neck. Before he can overpower the creature it swallows the round key. He kills it and Alex has to dig it out of the creature’s corpse. Several possessed prisoners attack and one has the general pinned to the ground. Alex then grabs the eight ball possessed human and releases the lower angel from the man. Riesen is stunned.

Gates and Lady Riesen attack the warehouse where Zoe’s rebels are ensconced and in the short battle, she escapes after a soldier shoots and misses her. Back at Mallory, Michael takes the town’s sins and he prepares to plunge the knife into his chest. The bush stops burning, allowing the eight balls surrounding the town to advance. He completes the sacrifice and the lower angels in the town catch fire and the bush rekindles and burns again which in turn burns the eight balls.

Another flashback to Michael and Gabriel reveals that he asked Gabriel to punish him as he did Lyrae. Lady Riesen questions the soldier who allowed Zoe to escape. The man, Sgt. Mills, claims it was due to darkness and when she continues to question him asks what she knows about guns. Borrowing a Beretta from another soldier she checks the clip and then cocks the weapon.

She asks Mills how many traitors are in her military and Mills tells her to “Go to Hell.” She shoots him in the leg and tells the others to take him away. A bemused Gates watches as she returns the pistol to its owner and leaves the room.

Alex gets out of the prison with General Riesen and Noma is pleased to see he made it out and surprised to see Riesen. Gates speaks with the general’s daughter and after a little bonding time, he reveals what Zoe and her rebels took from the warehouse when they escaped, a box used to carry food. They left behind everything else, including their weapons.

Back at Mallory, Michael, who was buried after sacrificing himself, climbs out of the grave. He stops to visit Wes and warns him that if he tells anyone or harms anyone else he will kill him. A terrified Wes agrees to the terms set by Michael.

In New Delphi, Alex brings Julian the key and he demands the alliance he came for. Julian wants Riesen to be put back in prison, “he’s a murderer,” shouts Julian, “he killed an angel in my city.” Alex tells him to pardon the general and he does. After getting his new allies rooms for the night, Julian takes the key and it is revealed to be the top to one of the “Father’s” urns.

Julian is Lyrae.

This final twist ends the show, with Julian spinning the short weapon that he had in Michael’s flashback to Sodom and Gomorrah. It is nice to see Alan Dale back as General Risen, but Anthony Head was missed this week. The appearance of what promises to be an interesting character, Gates, did make up for David Whele’s absence. Gates is to become a regular fixture, apparently, in Dominion and thus far he looks to be a good fit in the show.

Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy and fans of intricate supernatural television should mark their calendar.

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