Final Girl (2015): Abigail Breslin Death in a Red Dress (Review)

Abigail Breslin in Final Girl

Directed  by Tyler Shields (his first time in the driver’s seat) and  based on a screenplay by Adam Prince ‘Final Girl’ is an odd sort of horror film. Starring Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley (in what can only be described as an extended cameo) it follows Breslin’s character learning how to kill from an early age. 

The film opens with Bentley’s character  William “interviewing” the young Breslin character, Veronica.   Years pass and Veronica is now a young woman that  William uses as a weapon.

There are group of young men who hunt and kill young women for sport and it is this quartet of killers that William aims Veronica at. The story was obviously heavily influenced by real life “woman hunter” Alaskan businessman Robert Hansen.  In the film there are four young men who dress in tuxedos and chase down female victims in the woods.

It is never really explained why William trains Veronica to become a living weapon.   The two have an odd relationship. The man has “raised” and trained her from childhood, yet at one point she asks him to “teach her” about sex, first hand. William refuses.

The four men take Veronica out in the woods and she turns the tables on the would-be murderers.

‘Final Girl” has moments that work extremely well. However, there are just as many that miss the mark. At the start of the film Veronica fights with William and the choreography is off.  Three clear misses from Breslin’s character still results in her sparring partner going down.

Reviewers have complained that the actress was miscast in the film but the very fact that Breslin does not look like a trained killer makes the storyline work.  She looks more victim than saviour and this lends itself to the plot.

Alexander Ludwig  plays the leader of the group and Logan HuffmanCameron Bright and Reece Thompson make up the members of the serial killer club. Francesca Eastwood plays the girlfriend of one of the group.

The film ends just as oddly as it starts.  Shields does a good job putting his cast through their paces. Cinematographer Gregory Middleton does a splendid job shooting the forest scenes and the each frame is lit well enough that everything that needs to be seen is.

While not overly impressive the film features solid performances by all the cast making the movie an entertaining experience.

‘Final Girl’ is a 3.5 stars out of 5 and well worth watching. Head on over to US Netflix and check it out.

Poster for Final Girl


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