Expendables 3 Willis Out Ford In Stallone Not Happy

Expendables 3 Willis Out Ford In Stallone Not Happy

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2 thoughts on “Expendables 3 Willis Out Ford In Stallone Not Happy”

  1. Willis doesn’t need the Expendables – Stallone does. Willis is possibly the most successful – and active actor in the business – making an average of 4 to 6 movies a year. Neither are his films all Action movies – he can do other material – and is in the very rare position (for a Movie actor) of being able to chose his projects – or refuse them. The Expendables is Stallone’s baby so I can understand how he might feel when Willis doesn’t wish to continue – as Willis involvement actually gives the Expendables a credibility it surely lacks. I was surprised he got involved in the first place, but he likes to do a variety of work – as possible. The Expendables is OK – for what it is – it knows it’s audience, BUT if i was Willis I’d probably think 3 times was enough as well.


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