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Month: April 2012

The Apple Cider Trip

Reading my last blog, I realised that I had not written about my friend Vinnie’s funniest moment at the lake called Wedington. This moment will always be burned into my memory as the apple cider trip.The town we lived in was called Lincoln. Obviously named after Abe. In fact my grandfather on my mother’s side played Abe… Read More ›

Lake Wedington or The Tale of the Dead Fish

When I was old enough to drive on my own, summers were spent with various friends at Lake Wedington. I cannot remember ever laughing so hard at any other spot. So many memories and so much laughter. Once, a friend and I rented a canoe. I’ll call this friend Vinnie, as I do not know… Read More ›

Of Just Being…

I remember watching the last film that Peter Sellers starred in. It was called Being There, I don’t really rate the last film he did which was The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu. No, in my mind at least, the last really good thing he did was to portray Chance the gardener in Being There…. Read More ›

The Ice Factory

I had a sort of word association moment when I saw this image. I had a flash of memory that had to do with a red wagon, my Mom, a magic slate, and getting a block of ice from the ice factory. When I was about four years old, we lived in Springdale, Arkansas.  I… Read More ›

Portents and Signs…

There is a lot of strange things going on at the moment. I had “googled” a few things for my last blog, mostly to do with UFO’s and the loud “humming” noises reported around the world. While doing that I then remembered the phenomenon of birds falling out of the sky…dead. This led me to… Read More ›

The Big Bang Theory…or is it The Big Noise

As long ago as last August there have been reports of strange loud noises. These reports have come from all over the world. The USA, Norway, China, Puerto Rico, well the list is pretty widespread and for lack of another word worldly. If you don’t think this is a world-wide phenomenon just go on YouTube and type noises in… Read More ›

YouTube…The new TV?

  I am a huge fan of YouTube. My daughter got me hooked on it, years ago. Channels like Failblog.org and others have become necessary viewing for me. So much so that I don’treally watch television any more. But I am of the belief that YouTube is the new television.Let me explain. There may be some folks out there… Read More ›

Name dropping pt 6 Stanley Kubrick

My biggest break came after we moved back to the UK. I had been fronting videos and was trying to find work as a VO artist. I also was doing the odd supporting artist gig. From BBC’s Lovejoy to  ITV’S The Chief I did a few. Then I changed my agent, or rather agents. While I… Read More ›

Tower Heist…Ocean’s Five?

As I am a huge Ben Stiller fan I was really looking forward to his latest effort, Tower Heist. I will say up front I liked the film. I could have loved it, but the ending let it down a bit. Stiller who is the son of the comedy duo Stiller and Meara has never… Read More ›

Name dropping Pt 5 or Van der Valk pt 2

After my huge disappointment at not having  Peter Snow write a part for me in that episode of the New Van der Valk, life went on as normal. I kept doing adverts for the AFN guys and presented (for a very short time) a program called Why and How. But I was no longer having to… Read More ›


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