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Month: January 2012


I’ve got to admit it. I’m addicted to the Call of Duty games. Most specifically Modern Warfare 3. There! I’ve said it. I feel much better now. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved all the “new” COD games since they changed things up with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. I like the characters, the… Read More ›


I don’t expect many people to read this post. Smoking has become the new “bad” of this millennium. In this new age of the “Nanny” culture, it has become very popular to sneer at smoking and smokers in general. Smokers have, in effect, become the new social lepers. I won’t lie, I’ve had a love affair with… Read More ›


Money seems to be a problem for everyone these days. The entire world is gripped by economic woes and it doesn’t seem to be easing up for anyone. There is a global tightening of the belt going on that is causing widespread discontent and most of this “belt-tightening” appears to be of the “knee-jerk” variety…. Read More ›


One of the first things I noticed when I gained my new-found freedom was that keeping the house clean had taken on a whole new perspective. When I was married it was a sometimes joint affair that involved quibbling about the cleaning process. This usually involved me helping the “ex” and being told that my… Read More ›


When I lived with my parents, in the long ago days before video and DVD players, it was a family tradition to watch any westerns that came on the television. This usually occurred on the weekend, most specifically on a major TV network (NBC I think) on Saturday Night At The Movies. It was on… Read More ›


When I was a lad I had the best friend in the world. He was short, a little hairy, and had a banana addiction. He was also a snappy dresser, if a little incomplete.  He wore plaid trousers with little red braces with metal buckles, but no shirt or shoes. He went everywhere with me…. Read More ›

Looking Stupid

At work today I had a moment where I made myself look like a real bonehead. Someone had turned on an alarm light and I went to tell them off as it wasn’t to be turned on except in an emergency, which it wasn’t. I then forgot to turn it off as I left. I… Read More ›

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  I sometimes think I was born with wrinkles. I’ve had them around my eyes and on my forehead since I was at least a teenager. I used to work for my father who had his own business building houses. Working for Dad had a bonus attached with it; a lot of outside work in… Read More ›

New year

Well 2012 has started with a blast. I’ve been tweeting, facebooking and Google + ing about stopping the SOPA  bill that Congress is trying to pass. I was a bit shocked and dismayed to learn of this bill’s existence and the sickening ease that it was being passed through Congress. It looks like Orwell got… Read More ›


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