Z Nation Finally Gets Z Nado

Z Nation Finally Gets Z Nado

Z Nation finally gets down to what was apparently their target all along, Z Nado. It seems a foregone conclusion that the company who brought Sharknado one and two to SyFy would feel compelled to add a little tornado action in this tongue-in-cheek zombie fest. Before the twisters come in and start slinging zombies all over the place, the team take a time out for some R & R along with a little additional bonding.

Z Nation: Bill Moseley and Z Nado (Review)

Z Nation: Bill Moseley and Z Nado (Review)

This week’s episode of Z Nation features Bill Moseley in a pretty impressive cameo as the mad-as-a-hatter General with a hole in his leg and previews of the next episode shows that SyFy really did want to make a zombie version of Sharknado, in other words, Z Nado. Of course the show is not meant to be taken seriously and to give Asylum credit the series is entertaining in a campy and cheesy fashion. The producers of the show do not bother to provide answers to any questions raised by any particular turn of events. They are not there to provide logic.

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