YouTube Music Awards Eclectic and Esoteric Not Entertaining

YouTube Music Awards Eclectic and Esoteric Not Entertaining

Sunday night the first annual YouTube Music Awards ceremony was held with much fanfare; it proved to be eclectic and esoteric; but not entertaining. Creative Director Spike Jonze promised the live stream audience that the night would be “messy fun” and contain “big surprises.” Jason Schwartzman, who co-hosted with Reggie Watts, warned that there was no script. He needn’t have bothered, the lack of script was apparent from the very beginning.

YouTube Music Awards Messy and Not Surprising

YouTube Music Awards Messy and Not Surprising

With the premise of being a messy surprise, at least according to creative director Spike Jonze, the YouTube Music Awards is, thus far, very messy and not surprising at all. At least Jonze did not exaggerate. The show is incredibly messy and not just dipping one’s hands in a cake to pick out winners messy. The entire experience was disappointing.

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