Xbox One Futuristic Console Puts Big Brother in Your Home

Xbox One Futuristic Console Puts Big Brother in Your Home

Xbox One hype is reaching fever pitch as the day approaches when the console is launched on November 22. The “futuristic” console is being touted as the new all-in-one entertainment system. It seems that consumers have forgotten, or do not care, that the Xbox One puts Big Brother in your home.

Xbox One Female Friendly Controllers

Xbox One Female Friendly Controllers

One drawback of the classic Xbox and it’s successor, the Xbox 360, was the size of the controller. Xbox One has now left that problem behind by designing more female friendly controllers. While the average gamer back when the classic and it’s large controller was designed usually consisted of teen boys who had slightly larger hands than their female counterparts, it was not a huge problem.

GTA V Online: Rockstar Releases More Information on Character Loss

GTA V Online: Rockstar Releases More Information on Character Loss

With GTA V player’s frustrations mounting, Rockstar are working feverishly to solve the problem of character, item, rank, property and cash loss. As the company learns more about the issue, they have been passing the information on to gamers who have experienced these losses.

GTA V Online Multiplayer Server Issues

GTA V Online Multiplayer Server Issues

Rockstar Games have thanked everyone for being patient with the problems encountered so far by gamers who have had issues with the GTA V Online Multiplayer mode. It now seems that as well as the common issues that the company attempted to fix with a downloadable PS3 patch, that there are server issues which are frustrating fans of the game.

GTA V Online Patch Multiplayer Fix for PS3

GTA V Online Patch Multiplayer Fix for PS3

Rockstar Games announced that the GTA V online patch to fix multiplayer issues on the PS3 is now ready for downloading and that they expect the Xbox 360 patch to be ready this weekend. The title update will fix a number of problems with the online multiplayer, all of which are listed on the Rockstar Games website.

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