Amanda Bynes the Weed Made Her Do It

Amanda Bynes the Weed Made Her Do It

Never mind what the news sites have printed about Amanda Bynes and her mental illness problems, it wasn’t true; it was the weed that made her do it, i.e. misbehave and try to burn down a stranger’s driveway. Last year, Bynes was so out of control that the police put her on a 5150 psychiatric hold for, not only, the public’s safety but for her own. The former Nickelodeon star started a downward spiral that ended with multiple arrests and her incarceration in mental hospital.

Selena Gomez Dumps Rehab Like Justin Bieber Dumped Her

Selena Gomez Dumps Rehab Like Justin Bieber Dumped Her

Last year Selena Gomez let the world know that she was taking a little “me” time she followed that up by heading into rehab which she left after just 14 days; dumping rehab just like Justin Bieber dumped her. In 2013 when the 21 year-old singer/actress spoke of her having a break from her busy schedule, Selena made it sound as though she was doing it to keep from misusing substances well known to exit in the world of entertainment.

Justin Bieber: Jars of Weed and Rude Texts…Not

Justin Bieber: Jars of Weed and Rude Texts…Not

So according to certain websites, when the house of Justin Bieber was searched, for eggs-vidence, police found jars of weed and rude texts…not. The rumor mills have been running hot on the Canadian pop star and his “erratic” behaviour. Just recently the 19 year-old singer was reported to have urinated his initials in the snow of a snazzy suburban area around Snowmass, Colorado.


Miley Cyrus Twerking and Toking on Amsterdam Stage

Miley Cyrus Twerking and Toking on Amsterdam Stage

Just when it appeared that Miley Cyrus could not be more controversial if she tried, the 20 year-old entertainer has managed to top her MTV VMA performance. By twerking with a “little person” and toking a spliff/joint/marijuana (or insert slang name of choice here) cigarette live onstage in Amsterdam at the MTV EMA event, she has outdone herself, once again.


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