Taylor Swift Disses Miley Cyrus Says No Need to Go Nude

Taylor Swift Disses Miley Cyrus Says No Need to Go Nude

Taylor Swift has come right out and called a “spade a spade;” the singer has dissed Miley Cyrus and says that she, Swift, has no need to go nude. Literally one day after Cyrus “bared all” in the American fashion magazine W Swift’s comments to Glamourmagazine, for their March issue, have been making headlines.


Miley Cyrus Sex and the Single S**t

Miley Cyrus Sex and the Single S**t

What better place to publish an interview, with many racy photographs, than the American Fashion Magazine W which features Cyrus on the cover naked, as well as inside, where the former Hannah Montana talks about sex, drugs, fashion, getting naked and the joys of being single and s**t. Although to be completely honest, Cyrus says the S-word quite a lot in the interview, and that word is not stoned either, although she does manage to talk about that subject a few times.

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