Haven: Chemistry Tears of a Duke (Review)

Haven: Chemistry Tears of a Duke (Review)

In Haven this week Chemistry gives viewers the tears of a Duke, who foolishly fell for the drivel that Mara was spouting. It certainly came as no surprise to anyone else that the evil side of Audrey Parker was lying like a cheap watch in the prior episodes. Crocker fell for her hook, line and sinker in terms of the heart and when the two made a little whoopie, Duke was completely taken in. The guy may be a bit of a hard case when needs must, but inside that tough exterior beats the heart of a romantic kid whose mother deserted then propositioned him.

Haven: Much Ado About Mara or Audrey Is That You?

Haven: Much Ado About Mara or Audrey Is That You?

This week’s episode of Haven is titled Much Ado About Mara although it could have been alternatively titled Audrey is that you since Parker keeps popping up every now and then like a stubborn bubble or bad penny. Nathan figured out last week that if he treated Mara like Audrey, by the rather practical method of tickling the woman into submission, or into Audrey to be more correct, other folks have had varying degrees of success getting in touch with the nicer side of Mara.