Breaking Bad Action Figure Ban: Florida Mom Work for Mezco?

Breaking Bad Action Figure Ban: Florida Mom Work for Mezco?

Uptight Florida mother Susan Schrivjer, who told the world on The Today Show that she was “shocked and appalled” that Breaking Bad action figures were on sale in Toys R Us outlets called for signatures to ban these heinous creations from being sold to children, 8000 plus signatures later and one cannot find any of these despicable things even on the store’s website; but stop for just one moment and ask this question, does this “Florida mom” work for Mezco? Is this her Heisenberg mechanization to become an action figure Queenpin in the world of cheaply manufactured toys used to cash in on a show’s success?

Breaking Bad the Opera?

Breaking Bad the Opera?

While fans of the AMC five season hit Breaking Bad are still in mourning over the show’s ending, hope has surfaced in the form of an opera. It looks like the Walter White story will be re-told via the auspices of a mini-opera staged by the New York company One World Symphony.

Breaking Bad Finale Adios Heisenberg

Breaking Bad Finale Adios Heisenberg

The finale of Breaking Bad finally aired Sunday night, putting thousands of fans out of their misery. And all trying to second guess the ending of Vince Gilligan’s show. Unsurprisingly, it was adios to both Heisenberg and Walter White by the time the end credits rolled.

Breaking Bad Finale Say Hello to My Little Friend

Breaking Bad Finale Say Hello to My Little Friend

As the countdown to the Breaking Bad finale grows closer, fans are dying to find out how this five year roller coaster ends. Regardless of who the ricin is for and who lives or dies when the gun smoke clears, it is pretty certain that Walter White will be having his own “say hello to my little friend” moment.

Breaking Bad Meth Formula Can You Say Mercury Aluminum

Breaking Bad Meth Formula Can You Say Mercury Aluminum

Breaking Bad with its story of mild mannered chemistry teacher Walter White transforming himself into the legendary Heisenberg is as addicting as the meth that White cooks in the show. But this chemically driven show has a real life chemistry professor, Donna Nelson, who advises on how to make sure the science matches up.

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