The Walking Dead: Beth in Hospital and Not on a Plate

The Walking Dead: Beth in Hospital and Not on a Plate

A valuable lesson learned, after Bob’s unfortunate demise – but not before infecting the short-lived Terminus survivors with his “tainted” meat – was that reading too much into episodes of The Walking Dead leads to a lot of disdainful discussion and it is going to be hard to not minutely dissect Beth in the hospital and not being served up on a plate somewhere as barbecue. Before even thinking about looking in depth at the episode, two things immediately strike the viewer when watching Slabtown. One, Beth has managed to be introduced to a place just as evil as Terminus and the sub-plot of the show feels sneakily similar to the Brit “zombie” horror film 28 Days Later by Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle.

Dear White People the New Consciousness (Review and Trailer)

Dear White People the New Consciousness (Review and Trailer)

Can an Indiegogo funded film, as Dear White People was, lay claim to being the new satirical consciousness of young people in a country on its second term of Obama politics? Where the characters use insults like “a Lisa Bonet lookalike wannabe,” and “wannabe Black Panthers” and one of the lead character’s does not like his white girlfriend to say “thang.” The black students in an ivy league school struggle to find their identity in a time of U.S. history where the first black president has been in the White House for two terms. The issue, behind Dear White People‘s amusing look at racism being the “obvious” plot, is more about university students learning how to be true to themselves, learning about their identity and what really constitutes racism in this “new world.”

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