Halloween Trick or Treat Punk’d?

Halloween Trick or Treat Punk’d?

The internet has been full of news about a North Dakota woman who will not be giving out just candy to “fat” aka obese kids this year. Instead a sort of Halloween trick or treat Punk’d will take place and the children who tip her mental weight scale will get a sweet treat, but, they will also get a note. The note will say, in essence, that the kid is overweight.

Miley Cyrus Trick or Tweet And Jenny McCarthy Tongue Action

Miley Cyrus Trick or Tweet And Jenny McCarthy Tongue Action

Miley Cyrus may have outgrown Hannah Montana, but, she hasn’t grown out of Halloween and she proves it with a lot of trick or tweet twitter snaps via Instagram. Miley isn’t the only one who loves the creepy holiday though. Jenny McCarthy has shown that she likes to dress up on the day, she provided a little tongue action, but, not just any tongue, she dressed up as Miley’s extended organ.

Breaking Bad Halloween: Trick or Treat B*tch

Breaking Bad Halloween: Trick or Treat B*tch

According to contactmusic.com Breaking Bad costumes are a very hot search in Google at the moment. They say that the this number is three times larger this year. So it looks like in terms of popularity, a Breaking Bad Halloween is in order this year, so “trick or treat…b*tch.”

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