Transcendence Why the Spam Reaction

Transcendence Why the Spam Reaction

Having watched, and enjoyed, Transcendence it is somewhat confusing to see so much vitriol being spewed at the film, treating the cautionary tale of internet AI with the sort of reaction usually reserved for virus spreading spam. Granted the film is more of an intellectual mish mash of several different themes, plots and subplots, and does not contain any nudity or an overabundance of gratuitous gory violence. It also requires the usual suspension of disbelief needed for any fictional film, unfortunately those who have been panning the poor movie to the nth degree, seem incapable of doing that.


Transcendence Kitchen Sink Plot (Trailer)

Transcendence Kitchen Sink Plot (Trailer)

Despite having enjoyed Transcendence it should be pointed out that in terms of plot, it seems that first time writer/actor Jack Paglen put in everything he could think of including the kitchen sink. Depending on what sort of filmfan you are, this could be a bad thing. However, it should also be pointed out that the underlying theme of the film was man allowing his hubris to make him feel like God. Of course that was not the only underlying theme. Other themes included love and sacrifice, man’s inherent distrust of anything new, the dangers of messing with real artificial intelligence (AI), and why man should not attempt to change the “real” God’s model designed in His own image.

Transcendence: the Movie Noah Could Have Been? (Trailer)

Transcendence: the Movie Noah Could Have Been? (Trailer)

On April 18 Transcendence opens nationwide and at first glance, this science fiction, drama/mystery is the movie that Noah could have been. While this may sound a bit “off-base” consider, if you will, the broad ranging scope of this Christopher Nolan produced epic.