Lucifer: Weaponizer – Family Squabble (Recap/Review)


Lucifer’s brother Uriel is the force behind Chloe’s car accident and his big brother is far from done. While Lucifer gets caught up in this latest family squabble, he and Decker work to solve the murder of action man actor Wesley Cabot. The main suspect is another actor who used to costar in his films, Kimo Vanzandt, aka The Weaponizer.

This was a rather humorous episode. Dan, the douche, and Lucifer find they share the same enthusiasm for the late Cabot’s action films.  The two can quote lines from the films as well as plots and catchphrases of the dead star.

Charlotte, aka Mum, is still struggling with her human life. Later in the episode both Amenadiel and Maze stop by to check on her.  Meanwhile, Lucifer talks his big brother into visiting Uriel and warning him off.

As Lucifer and Chloe work the case, he protects her by changing her patterns of behavior. Uriel uses patterns to affect peoples lives and this how he will kill Decker if Lucifer does not send their mum back to hell.

Chloe and Lucifer  pick up Vanzandt for questioning and find out that he is  working as a leg breaker for the mob. Times have been hard for the “B” movie star.  The duo meet his manager, Goldburg, and learn that the former box office hit is broke.

Amenadiel attempts to bluff Uriel into leaving Chloe and Charlotte alone. It works for about two seconds and then Uriel beats his older brother to a pulp.  He guesses that Amenadiel’s powers have waned and gets his own back for years of abuse at the hands of his big brother.

Vanzandt’s alibi for the time of Cabot’s murder checks out. Dan finds out that both Cabot and Kimo were getting swindled out of merchandise revenue. This points Chloe towards Goldburg. Dan also works out that the two men received the same “fight” award (the murder weapon.).

Amenadiel finally reveals that he no longer has his powers. He tell Lucifer that he is now a fallen angel.  Lucifer has no sympathy for his big brother. He heads off to stop Uriel himself.

Meanwhile, the pattern shifter Uriel, sets up Chloe to die at the hands of Vanzandt. It turns out that Cabot’s widow and Goldburg worked together to bilk both Vanzandt and Wesley. Kimo turns up as Chloe questions the suspects.

He has a shotgun and Lucifer tries to intercede but Decker talks Kimo down.

Lucifer prepares himself to face Uriel and Charlotte tells him she will allow Uriel to take her back to hell. Mazikeen insists it is the right thing to do and Lucifer disagrees.  Charlotte reminds Lucifer that Uriel as the brother no one wanted to play with when they were children. She also points out that he will not give up.

The two brother’s meet in an old dilapidated church and end up fighting. Uriel reveals that he never intended to take Charlotte back to hell but to kill her. He has Azrael’s sword and he will use it to remove their mum from existence. No heaven or hell, Charlotte will  vanish completely.

He starts to set his pattern in motion and the two fight.  Maze steps in and takes a few hits for the team and Lucifer grabs the sword, which fell to the floor, and kills his brother.

As Uriel dies he whispers something  to Lucifer but he cannot understand what it was. Chloe reads Trixie her bedtime story, “Coraline,” and Charlotte learns what happened to Uriel.

This season has been interesting so far.  Amenadiel has lost his aggression and powers. Mazikeen ends up helping people and Charlotte. Lucifer kills his brother (shades of Cain and Abel here) and Chloe is blissfully ignorant of all the chaos going on around her.

There were a number of amusing moments in this episode. The Dan and Lucifer interaction where both men were besotted with Wesley Cabot’s character in the “Body Bag” franchise was funny. Chloe tells them both that the fanboy display makes them oddly adorable.

Lucifer killing Uriel was unexpected and the act has clearly affected him.  This may well be a game changer for Morningstar and he may start seeing Linda again for therapy.

(Sidenote: During the climatic fight between Maze, Uriel and Lucifer, the sword is knocked to the ground. The article which is shown hitting the floor looks nothing like the sword shown moments earlier. Oops.)

The series airs Mondays on FOX. Tune in and see what happens next, will “Father” make his wishes known?


Guest starring Charisma Carpenter as Jamie Lee Adrienne, Phil LaMarr as Ryan Goldburg, Michael Imperioli as Uriel and Mark Dacascos  as Kimo Vanzandt.

Lucifer: Lady Parts – Bar Fight (Review)


Lucifer is in distraction mode in an effort to avoid his issues with “Dad.” Amenadiel is still in meltdown and Maze actually seems to bond with Chloe.  A ladies night out turns into a bar fight and this week’s murder features a small town girl gone bad.

Two blonde Nebraskan newbies are found dead and Chloe, despite being distracted by her looming divorce, is determined to find the girls’ killer. Lucifer keeps himself entertained by playing games on his smart phone and watching kitten videos.

Amenadiel fluctuates between depression and warning his brother about not living up the deal he made with their father.  He warns Lucifer that “dad is not the understanding type.” Amenadiel reminds his brother that the loophole he found dealing with Charlotte/Mum may cost Chloe her life and it affects them all.

Mazikeen visits Charlotte to gloat at her discomfort filling a human’s shoes.  Charlotte does tell Maze that despite the downside to living in a world obsessed with gluten, she would rather be on earth than in Hell.

Lucifer is annoyed by Chloe’s dour demeanor and asks Maze to take her out for a girl’s night. She agrees but wants Lucifer’s convertible if she can make Chloe have fun.

The girl’s night out takes place in a  Tiki bar across the street from a club that both dead girls went to before they died.  Chloe only agrees to go so  she can question potential witnesses.

Ella joins Maze and Chloe. Linda turns up and joins the group. Decker finally unwinds and the women bond. Linda, starts things off by confessing she used to work as a phone “sex worker.”  Ella reveals that she stole cars and Maze tell the small group that she was forged in Hell.

After Chloe reveals her fears about the upcoming divorce and having to move, she spies a triangular stamp like the ones found on the dead girls. This one is on a bearded man in the bar.

She starts to question the man and his overly jealous girlfriend moves in to nastily warn Chloe off. Maze wants to kick the woman’s butt and after Linda calms her down, insults the large blonde woman.

The angry girlfriend punches Chloe in the face. Cue one bar fight.

Maze kicks major butt, and does so with a broken pool cue, and by the end of the evening the “girls” have firmly bonded. So much so that Chloe learns she agreed to be Mazikeen’s roommate.

Decker learns that Lucifer made Maze take her out for a girl’s night and she is furious.

Lucifer and Dan go undercover to the “sex club” and Luci brings Amenadiel in an effort to cheer him up. Dan is upset that everyone believes he looks like a cop.

Amenadiel keeping it low-key.

At the sex club, Dan and Luci get a name, Yuri. The Hollywood sleaze was the last person seen with the two dead women.  They collect a drunk  Amenadiel who spills the remnants of his drink on Dan.  Lucifer gets the line of the episode when he realizes he could have recorded the incident on his “douche-cam.”

Chloe, sporting a few cuts and bruises from her girl’s night out, questions Yuri with Lucifer. They learn the identity of a third woman, one that Yuri knows, who was working as a pimp.

The third woman was Lily, a friend to the dead girls. She poisoned the “newbies” by accident, she meant to slip them both a roofie.  Lily grabs Chloe and holds a cutting tool to her neck. The cop breaks free when Lucifer’s smart phone rings.

Later, Maze reminds her about sharing an apartment. (Lucifer suggests the killer’s place.) As Chloe drives her car and works a deal on the deposit another vehicle slams into hers.

Lucifer  “Lady Parts” was amusing.  Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Maze got the second funniest line of the episode with “Nobody calls my skank a skank.”

DB Woodside’s Amenadiel’s interaction with Dan came in a close third:

Amenadiel: “Only Dullards drink alone.”

Dan: “I do not look like a cop.”

Amenadiel: “Cop!”

Chloe beating the dickens out of Lily with a rolled up yoga mat while yelling about manipulation was worth an honorable mention.

Back to the running storyline: The car crashing into Chloe Decker was a clear sign that fun time was over and Amenadiel was right about “Father” not liking the loophole.  Decker is obviously in danger unless Charlotte/Mum is returned to Hell.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX. Tune in and see who “Dad” sent to set things right.


Guest starring Anne Leighton as Lily and Robert Picardo as Yuri.

Lucifer: Sin Eater – People Wobble and One Falls Down (Review)


Lucifer carries on the mummy dearest theme in “Sin Eater.” The episode had a number of comic moments dealing with Charlotte/Mum.  Elly managed to get in a giggle moment or two and the Se7en type serial killer offsets the laughs this week.

The murderer turns out to be a long time censor on the new “Facebook”, called Wobble, and all the depravity on the site causes him to snap. In other word’s unlike Weeble’s, people wobble and then fall down.

Boom. Boom.

Lucifer has a lot of sly humor in this episode.  The scene where a melancholy Amenadiel is sitting amidst his fallen feathers and drinking wine was brilliant.  It set things up as the forlorn angel drowns his sorrows.

Maze arrives and starts pounding on the door. Amenadiel quickly grabs a “dust devil” portable hoover (vacuum) and begins clearing the feathers.  There cannot be many who did not expect the angel to break the fourth wall and do a “Foghorn Leghorn.”

“Fortunately I keep these numbered for just such an emergency.”

The character did not break the fourth wall but this did not stop the gag from sticking in the minds of viewers who are Looney Tunes fans.

Lucifer featured a killer that dispatched offenders through a means that fit their crime, except for the last victim.  Unlike the killer in Se7en this murderer does not tie the infractions to a biblical theme, i.e. the seven deadly sins.

The episode was interesting although it featured a distracted Chloe who focussed on the crimes and not the question of who Lucifer really is. To be fair she does get the only real standout line in the episode…Twice.

“Do not touch the charred crotch.”

Chloe’s distraction is all about the family camping trip that Trixie is looking forward to.

Charlotte continues to upset Lucifer with her experimentation with the human condition. (More comic moments.) Although there is a very touching scene where Amenadiel meets up with mum.

It has been opined that the angel is afraid of “mother” since he was the one who dragged her to Hell.  However, taking into consideration his character arc, it is more likely that Amenadiel is afraid that mum will guess his fall from grace.  She would know that those molting wings mean a very serious transgression.

The whole mum storyline is proving to be more interesting than the “crime of the week” as Charlotte tells Amenadiel to take her back to Hell. Mom hates this world and cannot understand it.

Charlotte’s helplessness in the human world is an act, at least up to a point. She wants Lucifer to “forgive her and let her stay” as punishment.  If God is a chess player he obviously practiced with Charlotte, aka Mum.

The bit at the end where the mugger attacks her only to be shoved into a wall so hard it apparently kills him, did surprise dear old mum. But how much? She is not shocked at this display of strength, just pleasantly surprised it seems.  (More along the lines of a self realization that “Mum’s still got it.”)

By the end of the episode, Dan and Chloe sort out their roles as soon to be  divorced parents.  Lucifer sentences his mum to stay on earth and live the life of Charlotte. The killer is caught, it was Ray Codfree, and Chloe actually saves Leila from being burnt to a cinder.

Kudos to Robin Givens who made the most of her role as possible suspect turned potential victim.

Woodside, Brandt and Ellis still continue to rock their roles and Helfer has proven to be a wonderful addition as Charlotte/Mum.

Notes to show creator Tom Kapinos:

More Trixie please and as Ella is becoming a firm favorite  more of her as well and can Chloe lighten up a tad?

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.  Tune in and see where this season heads next.


Guest starring Robin Givens as Leila Simms and Vik Sahay as Ray Codfree

Lucifer: Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer – Mummy Issues (Review)


Lucifer starts its second season two days after Morningstar was shot point blank last season. “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer’ sees Amenadiel and Morningstar teaming up to find mummy. Lucifer has issues with dear old mum and is desperate to find her.

Things are changing for all the players in this episode. Everyone has been affected by their various dalliances. Amenadiel and Mazikeen  have both changed. It is not, despite the episode title, all about Lucifer.

The angel has discovered that his power over time; being able to control  it, is waning.  Maze is now very good friends with Linda and Chloe might just be coming close to believing the truth about Morningstar after all.

As the two brothers look for their mother, a stand-on on a popular television show is found dead with two “horns” shoved in her forehead.  Chloe and Lucifer investigate and they both learn that “Detective Douche,” Decker’s ex has been reinstated.

The dead girl was the stand-in for Amy Dodd (played by Brit actress Jessica Sula) the star of a popular “teen” show. (This must be a clear reference to Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana.)  Amy is a drug addict and it was Gillian’s job to keep her sober.

As Lucifer and his brother attempt to find mum before she can cause any harm, Chloe enlists Morningstar’s help to catch Gillian’s killer.  He believes that Dodd, who died from an overdose but was brought back by paramedics, may be his mother in disguise.

This leads to a hilarious scene where Lucifer catches Dodd snorting coke.  She leaps on the devil and starts trying to take his clothes off. She partially disrobes as well and Lucifer is beyond disturbed as he thinks Amy is his mum.

Morningstar does not fare all too well in this episode with the women he comes up against. Later, when he confronts “Bobbie B” the drug dealer gets the better of him with a fireplace poker. The woman does  a lot of damage as Chloe is just outside.

Once again, the action is pretty funny. “Please,” says Morningstar. “Are you going to beg for your life,” asks Bobby. “Please don’t tell anyone I died this way,” finishes Lucifer.

The entire sequence is capped off by what makes this show so brilliant.  After Decker steps in and saves Lucifer by shooting his assailant with a taser, Morningstar gives the woman another jolt as he passes by. Chloe performs a slow resigned facepalm at his action and it is a real laugh out loud moment.

Decker’s reaction to Lucifer is what keeps the show funny and interesting. Her belief that all his claims of being the devil are a form of posturing is combined with her slow acceptance of the truth. However, it is her reaction to his total disregard of the rules that makes this whole thing priceless.

By the end of the episode, the murderous drug dealer is caught. Amenadiel is troubled by his vanishing skill set and Mazikeen’s new friend comes to the club to visit. The two are apparently very close.

Mum finally shows up, covered in blood spatters and clutching what looks to be a bloodied screwdriver. She collapses in her son’s arms and pleads with  him to help her.

There is another  new character in this episode. A forensic specialist named Ella Lopez. The young professional is an odd fit. While she may have been included to help the long running story line the character is too quirky. (A medical examiner using the phrase “stabby-stab” feels off.)

Not to say that Aimee Garcia is not good in the part, but the lines do let the character down. There are enough quirky and amusing characters already, more are not needed in the form of an attractive ME who talks like a geeky mall rat.

Ella Lopez,  Lucifer and Chloe

The introduction of “mum” along with the changing character arcs  of all the main players points to a very interesting second season. The first episode gave Tom Ellis another chance to tickle the ivories and sing.  It included some amusing, and not so amusing  standout moments.

Standout  Moments:

The robber at the start being left in his underpants and having his shoelaces tied together was brilliant, as was the tiara on the chap’s head.

Lucifer’s reaction to Amy Dodd’s sexual attack.

The Bobby B fireplace poker assault. “Is that a supernatural poker?”

Chloe’s facepalm.

Maze and the feather-covered boyfriend of Dodd. “What is wrong with you people?”

Amenadiel getting caught at Chloe’s desk when time did not stand still.

The whole bullet-proof vest and blood bag explanation.

That look between Decker and her ex, Det. “Douche.”

This season of Lucifer is off to a good start with plenty of things changing in terms of characters and plot. There were a lot of amusing moments and some intriguing ones.

The series airs Mondays on FOX.


Lucifer: Pops – The Devil Gets Burned (Review)

In Lucifer: Pops the devil gets burned, Chloe makes a move and Dan learns just how dangerous the re-generated Malcolm really is. Decker’s famous mother stops by for a visit; an event that causes Morningstar to get rather excited, Mazikeen makes friends with Trixie and Lucifer identifies a bit too closely with the son of a murdered chef.


In Lucifer: Pops the devil gets burned, Chloe  makes a move and Dan learns just how dangerous the re-generated Malcolm really is.  Decker’s famous mother stops by for a visit; an event that causes Morningstar to get rather excited, Mazikeen makes friends with Trixie and Lucifer identifies a bit too closely  with the son of a murdered chef.

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) connects with Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) and becomes a new patient.   

As Lucifer and Chloe investigate the poisoning of a local “celebrity” chef, Decker’s mother appears to take Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) to her first audition. Chloe is furious and the women argue.

Trixie runs off, via an Uber, and goes to see Lucifer. She meets Maze instead and makes a new friend.  (A comic moment in LUX where Maze pours the child a glass of straight liquor. The child asks if it is a Shirley Temple; a non-alcoholic drink.  Taking an umbrella and plunking it into the girl’s glass, Maze responds, “It is now.”)

During the investigation of the murdered chef  Lucifer and Decker work their way through the list of suspects and Morningstar  projects his own feelings about his patriarchal figure onto Javier junior.

The murdered chef, despite having a nasty temper, was loved by all his staff who called him “pops” as he was a father figure.  Finally, while Chloe works on the relationship with her mother  and Dan attempts to find something good to say about Lucifer to Malcolm, the crime is solved.

The sous chef did it when she learned that Chef Javier and his son were reconciling. When confronted with the evidence by Lucifer and Chloe the desperate woman sets the restaurant on fire trapping the two partners in the kitchen.

Morningstar rescues Chloe  and gets burned in the process; leading Lucifer to remark about  the irony of “the Devil getting burned.”  Dan tries to arrest Malcolm to save Morningstar but ends up either being murdered or at least rendered unconscious by the “Lazarus” cop.

Mazikeen goes back to see Linda, after initially stalking out when the doctor told the demon she needed to make friends.

Chloe tries to call her ex but Malcolm answers the call with a text; breaking up with Decker by posing as Dan.  Later, Chloe goes to LUX to see Lucifer.  She is inebriated and makes a move on the nightclub owner.

She realizes that she is aping her mother’s behavior and surprisingly, Lucifer rejects her drunken advances.  He is shocked at his own behavior but this action brings Morningstar closer to Chloe.  In mid-discussion with Decker, she falls asleep and Lucifer looks to the heavens:

“Oh God.”

Lucifer: Pops was an amusing look at the further transformation of Morningstar. At long last the famous mother made an appearance in the guise of De Mornay who still looks more like Debbie Reynolds now she is older (Perhaps the two are somehow related?).  Whatever is goin on with Rebecca, she looks nowhere near her age.

The resurrected cop Malcolm (Kevin Rankin) continues to compulsively shove food into his mouth. At the point where Dan tries to arrest him, Malcolm is still eating and only stops to overpower (Kill?) his new “partner.”

Amenadiel does not appear in this episode but to be fair this was more about “Mommy Decker” and Chloe as well as Lucifer’s continuing issues with “daddy.”  While not as quirkily amusing as previous episodes , by the end of Pops, Lucifer realizes that he is changing ever more and is a bit overwhelmed by the transformation.


There is one bit in the episode where Lucifer reverts to type and invites the main murder suspect to cook for the mother/daughter reunion meal.  Javier’s son (played by Manny Montana) is thought to have poisoned his father, at least Chloe thinks so, and she is not overly pleased when Morningstar asks the man to cook for her family dinner party.

On a  sidenote, it is a bit annoying that Chloe Decker still refuses to acknowledge that there is more to Lucifer than some delusions that he is the Devil. His un-natural strength and ability to get suspects/people to reveal their inner-most desires and so-on should be ringing a few bells.

Despite this, the series is devilishly good entertainment.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.