Pretty Little Liars: O Brother, Where Art Thou (recap and review)

Aria and Mike in Pretty Little Liars
Last week found the Pretty Little Liars group learning about tracking chips, that Lesli is not Charles and that he is not dead. In O’ Brother, Where Art Thou, after getting a very threatening birthday card from his dead son, Mr. DiLaurentis is in full blown freak out and Jason is acting pretty flaky as well.

The previous week saw Em and Sara share a kiss and a bit of alone time together and Daddy “D” dug up Charles’ grave setting up events this week. Alison’s dad grabs her and forces her to leave the area, Jason is meant to go as well but he refuses. Spencer and Aria watch a video about micro chip removal from a dog, Mona calls to say that Lesli will meet with the girls and Ali cannot be reached on the phone.

Hanna’s mother gives her a surprise, a tuition check from the Carissimi Group, a charity that Jason recommended. Claire shows up at the coffee shop looking for Emily and Sara. Em tells her that she will get Sara to call her. Toby comes back from his police training and comes to see Spencer just as she is leaving to meet with Lesli. They talk a little about not keeping secrets and agree to meet later.

Hanna and Aria are with Mona when Spencer arrives for the meeting. Mona texts Lesli who replies saying that the stress will be too much for her. Mona confirms that Lesli is telling the truth, while Aria begins turning a dolls head around, and Hanna demands that Stone show up. When questioned about her time in Radley, Mona says that she was so high on drugs that half the time she thought she was auditioning for American Idol.

Em tells Sara about Claire and offers to come along to keep things from “getting weird.” The two girls share a moment where they discuss the kiss and Emily shows that she is a little uncomfortable. Sara, however, is not. Lorenzo stops by the DiLaurentis home to see Ali and Jason tells him she is gone. He is very evasive about the whole thing and he tells the cop that he can tell his friends, the cops staked outside the house, to leave. After Lorenzo leaves, Jason goes to a red balloon and finds a party invitation for him alone.

Aria gathers up her dolls to throw them away and Mike comes to visit. When he asks about the dolls, she explains that they are beginning to creep her out. At the Claire visit, Sara and her old friend get very involved in catching up and Em clearly feels like a third wheel. At the coffee shop, Hanna and Spencer talk about Toby and the tracking chips. Hanna complains about the “hardware” in their necks and says “God, we are like Cyclops.” Spencer corrects her saying “Cyborgs” and Hanna replies, “I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced Cyclops.”

The two girls search the Internet for the Carissimi Group and Hanna discovers that the organization was part of Radley. Emily cuts the visit with Claire short and Sara is invited to stay with her old friend, she says she will think about it. Spencer tells Hanna that Carissimi means beloved in Latin and gets a call on her cell phone, she moves to improve reception and gets some more drug-laced goodies put in her purse from the waitress at the coffee house.

The call is from Ali and Spencer learns that Charles is meant to show up “today.” Ali asks Spencer to talk to Jason. Alison pleads with her father to call the police and to help Jason and a stressed out Mr.DiLaurentis tells her to give him “just one day” to sort himself out. Sara tells Emily that she will be staying with Claire. Her reasoning is that they can then date without Em’s mother being around all the time.

Spencer, Aria and Hanna go to see Jason and he is not home. The cop outside the house says apparently he does not want to be disturbed and Spencer spies the red balloon now inside the house. Mike goes to see Mona, he brings her the box of Aria’s discarded dolls. The two clear the air and after a tear or two, Mona asks Mike to stay.

The girls plan to follow Jason when he goes to meet Charles. Emily thinks that Hanna’s plan to use Caleb’s tracker to ambush A is a bad idea saying he has everything but superpowers. They decide to take out the tracking devices and Hanna brings out a tray with a scalpel and medical gauze. As the girls get the chips taken out, Spencer asks Toby to look the other way for just one night. Upstairs Aria is vocally getting her chip out and Toby asks Spencer about the gauze on her neck.

The girls all come down and after some preamble Toby takes the GPS and says he will track Jason alone. Hanna is bleeding, “Where?” she asks and Emily replies, “Where Dr. Amateur Hour cut your neck open.” Aria, Hanna and Em go upstairs leaving Spencer and Toby to finish things off, this includes a kiss and when she goes put to find the surgical tape, he find the drug-laced candy in Spencer’s purse and takes the bag.

Alison slips her father some sleeping pills and Toby keeps snacking on the gummy bears from Spencer’s purse. He notices the GPS has stopped at Wallaby Avenue and he talks his partner Lorenzo into going to the address with him. The girls decide to head out as well while Jason heads into the building where he is to meet Charles.

Mona answers Ali’s call for a ride and all the various groups head to the arcade where Charles is meeting Jason. Toby and Lorenzo arrive just at the two are about to meet, Charles is wearing a hoodie and when the two cops show up he becomes combative. Lorenzo is hurt and just as Toby draws his gun the gummy bears disorient him and throw him off.

In the meantime, Alison calls the police. The girls arrive and Spencer rushes to Toby who is clearly out of it. The police that Ali called also show up but Charles is long gone. Afterward Hanna’s mother tells her off for chasing Charles and reveals that the tuition money has been put in the bank. Aria gets a visit from Mike and she tells him that she is scared all the time.

Spencer goes to see Toby and he makes her leave. He is not pleased and still under the influence of the gummy bears. Emily is missing Sara and she smashes the tracking chip. Jason pours scotch in a glass and Ali tells him to stop. He reveals he was going to ask Charles to turn himself in. As the two talk a young boy’s voice calls for Jason and Alison to come play with him.

In the next room a projector is set up showing a home movie of a young Ali and Jason playing with Charles at a birthday party. A note left in the room says, “I wAnted to trust you.” The last scene is a wrapped present with a red card attached, with Happy Birthday -your friend and Ally on it. A pair of gloved hands unwrap the package and it is a picture from the movie, Ali, Jason and Charles all at the party.

Kudos to Ashley Benson in this episode, her Cyclops line was brilliantly comic and overall this actress does an excellent job portraying a strong character who is not the sharpest tool in the shed. The budding romance between Em and Sara has taken some time to get started but is not totally unexpected and Lesli is maintaining a very low profile.

Pretty Little Liars moves closer to an unveiling and a sense of foreboding prevails. A lot questions arise from this latest episode. Will Alison come to regret drugging her father? Has Spencer’s issue with insomnia caused irreparable damage to her relationship with Toby? What will Mona do with Aria’s dolls and why would Mike give them to her? The suspense is building nicely, tune in to ABC on Tuesdays to see how all this turns out.

Scorpion: Dominoes (Recap and Review)

Scorpion: Dominoes (Recap and Review)

While the jury is still out over at CBS on whether Scorpion will be brought back for at least one more season, Dominoes, the series’ Christmas episode pulls out all the stops and by the show’s end, there should not be a dry eye in the house. Viewers watching the installment over the Internet should probably cover their laptop or keyboard with waterproof material. There are a few chuckle worthy moments and as usual they center around Happy and Toby. Oddly, for a Christmas show, Ralph’s newly resurfaced father Drew does not make an appearance. Walter’s sister, Megan does figure in the holiday and family themed episode with enough presence that if the show is brought back for a second season, she will most likely come with.

Scorpion: Rogue Element (Recap and Review)

Scorpion: Rogue Element (Recap and Review)

Rogue Element, this week’s episode of Scorpion has a plot that finally puts someone that Gallo cares about in danger, apart from Walter. Generally in most of the episodes thus far it is either his surrogate son O’Brien or one of his team, who also seem to be surrogate children to Cabe, with the exception of Toby, who are endangered in the show. This episode has the federal agent’s former wife the object of unwanted attention which is prefaced by a congressman being blown to bits whilst aboard his boat.