Benedict Cumberbatch Engaged on Page 57

Benedict Cumberbatch Engaged on Page 57

Fans of the Star Trek: Into Darkness actor Benedict Cumberbatch could have missed the news that he is engaged to his director/actress girlfriend Ms. Sophie Hunter if some sharp eyed folks had not seen the announcement which was buried on page 57 of the United Kingdom news publication The Times. At one point, Twitter was alight with fans of the 38 year-old formerly eligible bachelor expressing their upset at the news that the English (born and raised in London) actor has taken himself off the market, so to speak.

David Beckham His Surreal Life Just Got Real Again

David Beckham His Surreal Life Just Got Real Again

Somewhat ironically, on the weekend where David Beckham spoke to the British publication The Times Magazine about how surreal his life was, things just got real again for the famous soccer player. He had an accident right outside the front of his house in Los Angeles, California.

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