Jennifer Lawrence to Join the Reboot Train: Oceans 11

Jennifer Lawrence on Graham Norton
On the  day where Jennifer Lawrence regaling the  Graham Norton audience with tales of being blanked by Harrison Ford and shot with a B.B. gun while peeing aired on Youtube, the news of an ‘Oceans 11’ reboot a’la ‘Ghostbusters’ was announced.  Initial reports indicate that Lawrence will be working with Sondra Bullock in this reboot of a remake.

IGN reported that Gary Ross (Hunger Games) will be heading up the project based on a script written by Olivia Milch(Dude). Apparently, Bullock is portraying the Danny Ocean role, although according to Indiewire the “real” Danny, George Clooney will be making cameo as Ocean in the film.

There have been “dream” cast lists and much speculation on what route this film reboot will take, other’s have complained that this last bastion of all “male” fantasy action and comedy should be left alone.

Quite possibly the same group who complained that the original Rat Pack film, made on location in Las Vegas while Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and Peter Lawford were performing in the town. The movie was a lark, a way to capitalize on the swinging hipsters, in their mid-40s, who were pulling the crowds in at the casinos.

The film was rat pack gold despite having a thin plot and more holes than a backstreet in in small-town USA. It also featured the then hotter than hot Angie Dickinson as Frankie’s ex.

Years later a new “rat pack” was made with Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Julia Roberts as Clooney’s former squeeze.  Gone was the slick patter of yesteryear but it was replaced with wry humor and the essence that was Clooney, Pitt and a pretty comic turn by Matt Damon.

There is no comparison between the 1960 “made for a quick buck” film and the newer 2001 film that spawned a brief run of sequels that ended in 2007.  Different decades and players yielded a different movie both in storyline and feel.  (For one thing the new version did not feature the smooth crooning version of Dean’s “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head.”)

Now the newest iteration of the film (listed  only as “Untitled Ocean’s Eleven Project” on IMDb) has Sondra Bullock penciled in on the Pro portion of the website and now has Jennifer Lawrence “attached” to the project.

Lawrence, who makes her last run as Mystique in X-Men: Apocalypse 27 May this year is also listed as being in an “Untitled Darren Aronofsky Project” in 2017. Neither Jennifer nor her camp have commented on this rumor while she continues on the publicity train for her last X-Men.

She does, however, talk about being embarrassed at the Star Wars guys not recognizing her, although Ford did immediately know James McAvoy.  She also tells about the X-Men guys pelting her naked hide with B.B.s while trying to pee. Lawrence explained to the audience and Graham that it was distracting as the whole process of urinating in her Mystique outfit was quite scientific.

If Lawrence is cast in the new ‘Oceans 11′ reboot, of a remake, Harrison may well recognize America’s sweetheart the next time she dances up to his and J.J. Abrams’ table.

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