Sean Bean: Legends Season Two is a One Man Show


So Sean Bean has returned as Martin Odum, John Cameron, Dimitry Petrovich, et al. Legends, on TNT in season two is a one man show.  Gone is Ali Larter and the rest of the FBI team and all that remains is Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) who is, according to press releases a “recurring” presence.

The show premieres officially on November 2, with The Legend of Dimitry Petrovich. The season opener sports a voice over by Bean where he brings viewers up to speed on what is going on in his fractured world.  The action this time around takes place outside the borders of the US and begin in London, for “present day” Odum.

The episode starts in Prague, 2001. Where Odum is portraying Petrovich, a particularly nasty bit of work who has blown into town and already inserted himself into the local mob family.

In present day London Martin has a one night stand  and meets the young lady’s former lover, a bent copper,  who tries arrest Odum as he leaves the woman’s flat.

He resists arrest and does so in front of a CCTV camera and as a result enters the law enforcement system as a bolo. Now “Odum” has to avoid the police while trying to remember who he is out of all the legends he has lived.

The season two premiere does a considerable amount of jumping back and forth, not just in time but locations change as well. Prague, London and an boarding school called The Sedley School where a young Odum reveals he  may have a photographic memory.

It is investing to note that Bean’s adult Martin sports a rather calmed down Yorkshire accent even though, according to the flashback, his younger self did not. Since most boarding schools in England require quite  a bit of money to attend, it can be taken for granted that the youngster came from money.

Ergo, the accent would have been that of English toff versus Yorkshire “bit of rough.” That said,  with Odum’s background and the amount of Legends that the character has gone through, it is not surprising that his adult accent has changed.

Taking away the expository scene set in the boarding school, which shows not only a remarkable memory, but a rebellious streak, “David  Bowie the First,” leaves the jumps between Prague and London.  FBI agent Ballard features in scenes that take place in both America (Washington DC) and Prague and the man has definite issues with Matin Odum, aka Dimitry Petrovich who must have been responsible for removing a limb from the agent in Prague.

In terms of moving the story forward, it makes a huge amount of sense for Odum to head to Europe and England.  Placing season two in a more global setting and moving away from the US also gives the series a better chance at longevity.

Legends continues to entertain, the scene set at the posh boarding school (which could conceivably not be a boarding school, but as it appears to be a boys only establishment the odds are it is) where the headmaster/history instructor asks “who am I” is an excellent nod to the adult Odum’s predicament.

Bean’s character still has no idea who is he or what his origins are. Just as last season, he is a tortured and lost individual.  The scene where Odum meets with Graves, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, and for the merest moment thinks he is the old man’s son, is revealing and touching. These are the scenes that reveal a vulnerability that is a clear juxtaposition to the man’s violent expertise and ability to totally  immerse himself into another person’s life.

Harking back to the school scene once more, it is this astonishing feat of memory that obviously allows Odum to easily and automatically assume new legends as required.  With total and absolute recall, the lie must become real, so much so that the real man was lost long ago.

Herein lies the allure of the series and despite the loss of all those familiar faces from season one,  Sean Bean’s character in Legends is complex enough, and the actor talented enough, that the show should continue to do well.

Season two begins properly on November 2 but can be seen early via TNT’s online site.  Tune in and see this Sheffield born actor go through his paces as Martin Odum yet again.


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