The Whispers: The Archer (recap and review)

Claire questioning Drill's kids...
By the end of last week’s episode of The Whispers: What Lies Beneath, the big blue rock has been dug up at Mali and Wes was taking it away, now in The Archer, Lawrence touches the blue glowing part of the huge object and it shocks him, knocking to the floor. when Wes stands back up, his eyes are full of excitement, something has changed in the DOD agent.

Later, he refuses to share information with Claire and she decides to get information about Drill from another avenue; the children. She does not share her idea with her former lover. Frommer proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a petty and dangerous man. He learns of Claire’s plans and tells Wes, forcing him to interfere with her experiment. Frommer approaches Captain Bennigan and when he feels disrupted by the pilot warns him that the last person who showed him so “little respect” spent the rest of his days in “Gitmo.” The DOD head has slid into the lead as a character that viewers will love to hate with little effort.

Claire asks the parent of “Drill’s kids” to let them convene at the FBI building, where Agent Bennigan’s boss insisted the event take place, and all agree except for Wes’ wife Lena, who refuses to let Minx attend. Later in the show, Lena hears Minx talking to Drill and hears her daughter tell the entity that Claire does not like him so she does not like her. Lena is disturbed by this news.

As the kids turn up for their talk with Claire, she arrives to find that someone has put cameras, heat seeking equipment an recording devices in the room. Her boss asks who approved this and it is revealed to be Wes, who took action after Frommer’s talk. The children are uneasy, as are their parents and it takes all of Claire’s persuasive power to convince them to continue.

During their meeting, Wes, Claire and the other adults learn that Drill is not alone, that he misses his family and he is looking for food. When the alien entity learns what they are doing he visits the children and Bennigan, when he enters the room, via the electricity, his image is captured on the infrared displays.

The room where the kids and Claire encounter Drill, locks and is plunged into darkness. The image envelopes a little girl first and then Henry. Bennigan’s partner Jessup Rollins and some soldiers break into the room and after the lights come back on, the girl says to Claire that Drill has a message for her. “Drill says you will not win,” the child says in that eerily grown up and creepy delivery normally reserved for Lawrence’s daughter.

Lena ask Minx if Drill will play with her and after an experiment, Lena tells her daughter that she is a good sport even if she is an adult, and after a short guessing game, Drill says Mrs. Lawrence can play with him and Minx. The little girl is overjoyed and Lena is clearly terrified.

During tests on the blue boulder, where it is learned that the core consists of materials that cannot be identified, it begins to emit a frequency. At the exact same time, Sean Bennigan starts banging on the glass observation panel in his door. Wes goes to meet with Sean and brings Claire. The DOD agent takes the Bennigan’s to the rock.

On the way, Sean and Wes talk; discussing Minx and her connection with Drill which prompts the pilot to say that they share something. Once they reach the blue rock and Sean touches it, he falls to the floor after being enveloped with the blue glow from the object. He raises to his knees and reaching out to his wife says, “Claire.” He also looks at Wes and says he remembers…everything. Now the pilot knows just how much the two men have “shared.”

This episode of The Whispers has cranked the tension and the suspense up very well. The children, for the first time in the series, showed a collective, and individual, fear of their invisible friend. Drill become more threatening overall because of this. On the opposite side of this alien entity, it also gave Sean back his memory. It is obvious, however, that this was not done to help Bennigan, but to aid the rift between Wes and Sean. Something that will no doubt help Drill to divide and conquer in order to get back to his family.

The children in The Whispers are stepping up their game, as actors, and matching the adults in terms of performances. Lily Rabe, Derek Webster, Milo Ventimiglia, Barry Sloane, and Kristen Connelly are all convincing in their respective roles as are Kylie Rogers, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf and Abby Ryder Fortson. David Andrews as Frommer is still knocking it out of the park in terms of being the new “big bad” from within.

The Whispers is “must see” TV and airs Mondays on ABC. Don’t miss this science fiction and thriller masterpiece.

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