Killjoys: I Love Lucy – Whoa (Review)

Killjoys - Season 2

Last week  Killjoys saw Pawter take over from her mother after a killing fog thinned out the family tree. In “I Love Lucy” the Killjoys search for green goo that does not come from a “mossy.”  This episode was a mixed bag of tricks. A good bit of comedy and a fairly impressive “villain” and a moment with D’Avin and Sabine that will make you go “Whoa!”

The episode begins with D’Av and Johnny experimenting with the green stuff that comes out of Mossy. D’Avin shows Dutch how he can control a bowl of the goo with his mind.  Mid way through his exhibition, the green liquid comes in contact with his fingers and his mind links with the bug’s.

D’Av is deeply affected by the experience, “I’ll never step on a bug again.”

Pree knows where the Killjoys can find some of the green goo and he sets Dutch up while D’Avin and Sabine flirt at the bar. Johnny returns to the ship and talks to Pawter. Toward the end of their conversation they do some flirting of their own.

As Pree gives Dutch the tracking code, she notices D’Av and Sabine in deep “flirt” at the bar. The bar owner tells his friend it is perfectly acceptable to “dwant” D’Avin. (Where you are not sure you want someone but do not want anyone else to have them either.) Dutch gets the use of dwant wrong.

The Killjoys arrive at Romwell’s ship and it is inside an asteroid. Johnny is beside himself.  Romwell is a bit smarmy and uses  his molecular printer to create a sample of the green goo.

The  man has a massive collection of things and three android  type women who are minders (bodyguards). As the collector only trades for items he searches the Killjoy ship for something that interests him. He finds Mossy.

Romwell attempts to cheat the Killjoys and Dutch goes to serve a warrant on him.  The androids intercede and Romwell takes the trio off the ship. Before leaving Johnny grabs a bit of tech that he will use later on.

The three are brought back to Romwell’s ship and held hostage. D’Avin attacks one of the androids and it goes to kill him. Dutch tells the collector to call it off.

(The line of the episode goes to Hannah John-Kamen’s character with her, ” Let him go or else  I’ll punch your testicles up into your eyeholes.”)

Romwell demands Dutch’s sitar and the story behind it in exchange for her freedom. She agrees. Two of the androids attempt to process Johnny and D’Av. (One of the droids gets the second best line of the episode with, ” get naked.”)

Dutch tells her captor the backstory of the sitar and her childhood. Romwell reciprocates with a tale of his youth. D’Avin and Johnny fight off the androids while the tech syncs with one of the robots. Lucy, or a Lucy app, takes over one of the androids. She is inordinately pleased to learn that she has “opposable thumbs.”

Before the the three leave the processing room, D’Av grabs a peach for Sabine.

As Dutch’s story concludes, she has Romwell play the sitar.  He does so and becomes paralyzed by the poison on its strings. Dutch kills him using a string as a garrote.

The Killjoys  try to escape and in the process, Romwell “comes back to life” and the androids refuse to be shut down.  Lucy has a moment with Johnny, they share a kiss and the android version of Lucy sends sparks out of her index finger. (Her version of fireworks…)

There is a humorous bit where Dutch tries to find the green goo as the Jaqobis brothers follow an inexhaustible Lucy android through a maze of tunnels to the ship. The bodyguard androids come back online as Romwell and Dutch fight for control.

She thinks the collector is a Level 6 and he reveals that he is immortal due to nanites.

Killjoys - Season 2
Dutch, D’Av and Johnny

In short order the Lucy Android is killed by Romwell’s androids. D’Avin blows up Romwell’s asteroid ship (but the collector goes with the Killjoys) and Pawter shows up on the ship to see Johnny. Dutch visits Alvis and D’Av brings Sabine the peach.

After eating a slice of the fruit she  and D’Avin have sex.  Suddenly, mid coitus, Sabine starts to cry, she says it is down to happiness, but the tears turn green. She begins to convulse and more of the green goo comes flooding out of her eyes.

She falls to her back and the stuff surrounds her head on the floor. D’Av is beside himself.

“I Love Lucy” was, for the most part, quite light-hearted. (If one overlooks the coldblooded murder of Romwell.) Some of the lines were very funny – Dutch calls the android “murderous pixies.”  The sudden shocking death of Sabine was a show stopper.

D’Avin seemed to have found the perfect mate only to have her die in a flood of green goo.

Killjoys airs Fridays on SyFy and Space TV.


Guest starring Tori Anderson as Sabine and Keon Alexander as Sam Romwell 

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