Chelsea: Krysten Ritter Spills the Beans on Jessica Jones Season Two

Chelsea Handler

On Friday’s Chelsea, Krysten Ritter made one of those gaffes where she almost gave out too much information.  On the episode, that Chelsea dubbed “Bada** B*tch Day,” Ritter came out to talk about the Marvel character she played in the first season of Jessica Jones.

Before the verbal slip, Jones and Chelsea talked about traveling together with a Netflix promotional tour.  She also mentioned how much she liked working on the Marvel show.

Chelsea and Krysten talked about how Netflix is not releasing any information about a new season of Jessica Jones.

The subject of knitting then came up; Ritter’s new pastime on set and she almost says what she is working on right now.

At this point, she stopped and said, to herself, “I’m so fired.”

However, the clues are that her very appearance on Chelsea is a big hint in itself. Artists come on the show to plug their latest bit of work, or upcoming releases. So fans of the series can almost breathe a sigh of relief as it looks like Jessica Jones is indeed coming back.

Chelsea started the episode talking about the creepy clown epidemic.  (Coincidentally the show ends with a creepy clown lurking behind a potted plant on the Netflix stage.) The highlight of this opener was a picture of Donald Trump with a red nose. Chelsea called the presidential candidate an “A** Clown.”

Next up were documentary filmmakers Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst. They produced the Amanda Knox documentary that is streaming on Netflix currently.

Chelsea had seen the documentary and clearly  felt strongly about what she saw as injustices in the Italian legal system. She also expressed a lot of disdain for the lead prosecutor in the case, Giuliano Mignini.

Both McGinn and Blackhurst spoke about the prosecutor and about the case. They also explained that things were not quite as they seemed as both Mignini and Knox  as each were seeing things differently.

Part of the aim of the documentary was to show the loss of privacy in prison and how this affected not only Knox but the many trials she underwent  as well.  Knox agreed to participate in the film, after initially saying no, and according to the filmmakers the Italian participants did the same.

Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, was the last guest. She and Chelsea spoke of her time on Dancing With the Stars and the cabaret act that Willis has started promoting.

There was also some conversation about being the kid of famous parents and Willis revealed that she had been told that Chelsea was a “b*tch.”

The actress also talked about her stance against photoshopping pictures and explained how detrimental the practice of altering images really is to young women.

Chelsea also did a pre-recorded segment where she learned to objectively view art. It was a class  established to teach law enforcement and medical personnel how to objectively read a situation. As usual, Chelsea ended up confusing the lecturer.

There was also another segment with female powerhouse lawyer Laura Wasser.

The female guests on the show appeared in jeans and a red blouse; Krysten and a diaphanous green dress; Rumer. Both women  came across as strong and positive role models who completely sold Chelsea’s self titled  segment of “Bad A** B*tch Day.”

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.


Chelsea: Lea Michele Naked on Broadway

Chelsea Handler on Netflix

Chelsea managed to keep the political portion of the show down to a minimum as Ms. Handler paid tribute to the “soon-to-be-departing” president and his family.  She also pointed out Michelle Obama’s impressive guns.

The highlight of this episode was definitely Lea Michele, although Plaschke and Miller, both Reggie and T.J. were a close second. The former Glee star and regular on FOX’s Scream Queens was a brilliant first guest.

She was on the show  principally to plug her second season appearance on Scream Queens.  Lea talked about getting naked in front of Chelsea.  They also talked about her nude cover for the UK edition of Women’s Health.

Chelsea congratulated her on the cover, where she shows a bit of side-boob and her bare bum, and Lea talked about how easy the shoot was.  Although she did admit that appearing naked on the cover was not thought through very well.

She was relaxed on the photo shoot and explained that she had been naked on Broadway. The actress spoke of zeroing in on audience members who looked uncomfortable with her nudity.

Michele also revealed that for the session she did not put a pasty over her “pikachu.” Chelsea explained that she would never feel comfortable enough to bare her pikachu. Talking about going to the beach, she explained about sand and Lea agreed.

After talking about partying and that Lea seems to be a “goody-two-shoes” they moved on to talk about Scream Queens.  Chelsea revealed that co-star Taylor Lautner will be on the show later on and about John Stamos not aging.

Lea told stories about working with men who have to take their shirts off and how they frantically diet before hand.   Michele then moved on to the insecurity of men, “especially if they have weird d*cks.”

The interview finished with mutual admiration from both women and Lea praised Chelsea’s “t*ts. Michele jokingly said she had the chest of a 12 year old boy.

Next up was Seymour, Chelsea’s father. He asked when she was going to have  a baby.

Sports was represented by Reggie Miller and sports journalist for the LA Times Bill Plaschke. The two men were a brilliant double act.  Despite Lea Michele being a hard act to follow, both men gave good interview.

The subject of Colin Kaepernick came up and Reggie, an Air Force “brat” and he professed that he is 100 percent Team Kaepernick.  After  Chelsea throws a magazine at Bill, they moved on to most valuable player in  women’s basketball and Reggie’s sister Cheryl Miller beating him regularly at one-on-one.

Finally, T.J. Miller arrived in a dog suit, which seemed to  have two tails, and Chelsea introduced the actor as a polymath.  Miller seemed to be somewhat distracted before they played a game where Chelsea asked him trivia questions.

Miller’s portion was entertaining and he trotted out facts that impressed the audience and Chelsea.

This was an impressive episode. Every single guest delivered in terms of being amusing, with the possible exception of Bill.  (Chelsea did describe the man as being the most unfunny person in the world.)

Lea Michele set the tone of the show and all the other guests stepped up their game.  Laura Wasser appeared to explain what “off the record” means in the “Know Your Rights” segment.

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.


Chelsea: Chris Geere and Renée Zellweger (Recap/Review)

Chelsea Handler

Wednesday’s show started with Chelsea learning about the new iOS 10 update and some of the new apps. “Tech Talk With Jiffy” was an amusing start to the show as he took Chelsea through some of the new features.

Messaging and a change in voicemail were among the new items covered by Jiffy.  At the end of the display, Chelsea took Jiffy’s iPhone and dropped into a glass of water. He did not react too well as his phone is not the newest one on offer, in other words it was not a “7” and therefore not waterproof.

Apart from Jiffy, who does not really count as he works on the show, there were only two guests on Wednesday’s episode. English actor Chris Geere and Oscar winning star  Renée Zellweger.

Geere talked about  working on You’re the Worst and doing those sex scenes. He also told about being outfitted for the very first sex scene he did on the series. Chris explained that he was given a choice as to what size “sock” he needed.

They spoke about driving in Los Angeles and how people view actors in both England and the United States.  Chelsea asked about Manchester being a rough area, which it is, and Geere protested that there were nice parts of the city as well.

He did admit that it rained a lot there and that it used to be called “Rain-chester” and “Gun-Chester.”  Chris was amusing and gave good interview. Chelsea ended the interview by saying that the Cambridge born actor’s series is airing on FXX right now

Next up was the star of Bridget Jones’s Baby, Renée Zellweger. Rather interestingly, Zellweger was not interviewed in the Netflix studio but instead visited with Chelsea at her home.  Just why this was done is unclear.

It was, despite the non-studio appearance, a good interview. People who might not be fans of Zellweger would definitely feel an affinity with the star.  She came across as humble, funny, inquisitive and nice.

Zellweger talked about arriving in LA when she was 24. She also admitted that she was not trained as an actor. Chelsea pointed out that Renée seemed uncomfortable with the fame associated with being a star.  Zellweger agreed that she found fame “weird.”

The two talked about auditioning for Tom Cruise when she was 27. Renée was actually called back there times before she got the part. She told Chelsea about Cameron Crowe calling her at Sundance to tell she had the part if she wanted it.

She also talked about the premiere of Jerry Maguire and disappointing her mother by not spending much time with her at the event.  Zellweger revealed that she can change the oil in a car, thanks to her father.

Bridget Jones as a character was discussed and how  connected Renée is to the English woman in the films.

Zellweger was an excellent out of studio guest and she looked stunning.

The episode finished with a double hosting for the “word” of the day – “Double Standard.”  Alex Trebek joined Handler to co-present the word and proved to be quite adept at comedy.

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.


Miley Cyrus Tells Jimmy Fallon “Hands Off My Hair”

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 3

Miley Cyrus, who was actually wearing clothing that was not overly revealing, performed on the 16 September episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. In the middle of her musical performance, Cyrus stopped to tell the host to keep his hands off her hair.

Cyrus stopped mid performance and joined social media to mention Fallon’s guest earlier in the week; Donald Trump.  The show’s host has been getting slammed over the Internet about his “non” questioning of the presidential candidate.

Jimmy was also drug over the coals for mussing Trump’s hair.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 3

The presidential hopeful was on the 15 September episode and he allowed Fallon to muss his hair. In keeping with the more light-hearted air of The Tonight Show, Jimmy kept away from contentious questions and joked about with Trump.

Miley may have been on to promote her upcoming  appearance on The Voice newest season as a regular. She also was there to plug being in the Woody Allen series Crisis in Six Scenes on Amazon Prime.

Over and above Cyrus’ career, is her political distaste for all things Donald Trump.   She has joined a number of celebs who have stated they will leave the country if Trump is elected. Of course Miley also shed a tear just thinking about Donald being her president.

Before the song Cyrus and Fallon did not discuss politics at all. It was all about yoga, The Voice and suicide prevention.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 3

Miley waited until she was singing her rendition of the Bob Dylan song “Baby, I’m in the Mood for You,” to broach the subject. In the middle of the performance, Miley stopped singing.

She then professed her pleasure at performing with The Roots and being in New York on The Tonight Show.  Miley then mentioned Trump and told Fallon not to even “think” of touching her hair.

The controversial actress, singer and songwriter was safe from Fallon’s hair mussing hands so Jimmy was safe.

As a sidenote, Cyrus gave good interview and managed to keep the swearing to a minimum. She even managed dress appropriately for the show. And in terms of performance, Cyrus nailed it.

Chelsea: Immigration Day, Craig Ferguson, Mike Colter and Diane Guerrero

Chelsea Handler Netflix

Today’s episode of Chelsea was all about immigration, except for the segment about Luke Cage and its star Mike Coulter, and Charlize Theron gave the show’s staff and Ms. Handler a test.  We learned that the Statue of Liberty and Justin Bieber are both immigrants and smelly b*tches.

Other lessons included not saying two thousand and eight, and learning just how difficult the test for American citizenship is. Chelsea started with an ode to immigrants and her first guest was Scottish performer Craig Ferguson.

The Celebrity Name Game host talked with Chelsea about being an American citizen and Scotland. Donald Trump was mentioned and essentially the two got on really well.

After a lesson on whether a gentleman looks at a lady’s vagina, they talked about Craig’s kids. They also talked about Tinky Winky and Po from the the Teletubbies.

Throughout the episode a grim Charlize Theron questioned the staff and Chelsea about the constitution. It was shown in parts and it was not pretty. Suffice to say the average citizen would not be able to answer those questions. Theron was suitably intimidating.

Mike Coulter was up next and he plugged his new Netflix series about Marvel superhero Luke Cage.  (Reveal of the evening was Coulter admitting that his wife works for Netflix. She also came with the actor to his interview on the show.)

The actor talked about how fun it is to be a superhero. He and Chelsea also talked about Cage wearing a hoodie. Coulter admitted that after the Trayvon Martin shooting it was a conscious decision to have Cage adopt this look.

Coulter also talked about growing up in South Carolina. Chelsea asked about Colin Kaepernick and the furor over his sitting down for the National Anthem.

Lastly, they talked about using the ‘N’ word in the new Netflix series and how Mike himself feels about using it.  Coulter gave good interview and was entertaining. He also revealed that he is a Chris Rock fan. He also told Chelsea he would love to do another season of Jessica Jones.

The last guest up was Diane Guerrero from Orange Is the New Black. She was there to plug her new book; In the Country We Love: My Family Divided. The book tells of her family being deported to Columbia; she was the only American Citizen in the family, so she remained on her own.

The actress talked of coming home to find her family gone and staying here and going to school without her parents.  She revealed that her story is an American one. The point being that, as Ferguson pointed out earlier, except for Native American’s everyone in this country came from immigrants.

Guerrero supports her family back in Columbia and sketched her plans for the future.

Chelsea finished with Craig joining her for a “What Have We Learned Tonight” segment. The two talkshow hosts engaged in banter and talked looking at boobs and vagina’s.  Craig explained that Chelsea smells good and she replied that it was money.

Great segment with a splendid turn by Theron in the citizenship question segment.

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.

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