Hellevator: Not Just a J-Horror Film Ask the Twisted Twins

Jen and Sylvia Soska promoting See No Evil 2
In 2004 a group of university students made a film for their final project. Titled Hellevator, aka Gusha no bindume (quite possibly inspired by the 1997 film Cube) the low budget film entertains fully and takes place almost entirely in an elevator. This J-Horror became a cult hit and now the Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska are a part of a new game show with the same name, Deadline states that the show will “feature” the twins. The article does not specify whether the twins will be hosting the show or not.

Jen and Sylvia Soska are filmmakers who brought the world Dead Hooker in a Trunk, American Mary, See No Evil 2 and Vendetta and also work as actors and writers. Their films are raw, edgy and full of the obligatory gore that all horror movies need to satisfy hardcore fans. American Mary, starring Katharine Isabelle became an immediate cult classic and the two directors put their personal stamp on every project they make. Their segment of The ABCs of Death 2,T is for Torture Porn was banned in Germany, but for those who do not live in the Fatherland, the short film screams Twisted Twins from the very first frame.

Sylvia and Jen are favorites at horror cons and their fans adore them. So far in 2015, the two women are branching out into other forms of media with their unique style of horror. GSN have greenlit a new game show set around the horror genre and it will be produced by the folks who brought the world Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister and The Purge.

According to press releases, three contestants will enter an elevator. The car will stop at a number of floors and one player will leave the lift to face a “scary” challenge, which must be won in a set time period be left behind. If the player wins, a certain amount of money is earned for the small team of three.

Jason Blum, executive producer on the upcoming project, says he has wanted to do something like this for years and promises that it will “scare the living hell” out of folks. Todd Lubin, another executive producer for the show says that it will be a unique experience for contestants who will suddenly find themselves in a horror story.

While it has not been revealed just what the twins will be doing on the show, if they work behind the scenes it will indeed be scary and different. Fans of the twins will be excited to learn of their involvement in the new horror themed game show and this is yet another chance for the talented duo to show just how scary they can be.

The fact that the show is named after a low budget student film set in an elevator which became a cult J-Horror classic is a touch that is just too good to be true. Of course the name, Hellevator, could be a serendipitous coincidence but with Jen and Sylvia Soska being involved it may be that the show’s title is a nod to that unique and brilliant little “student film.”

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