Stitchers: Finally (recap and review)

Kirsten in the machine Stitchers
In last week’s episode Stitcher in the Rye, Stitchers revealed that the program was a lie, at least as to its real purpose. Marta died in a hail of police bullets and this week, Finally sees the previous stitcher being buried. Kirsten is still full of questions about what happened.

Stitchers has just shot up in terms of plot cleverness, storyline arc and adding a good amount of tension to the proceedings. Like the title says, the viewer is finally shown just how intricate the world of Kirsten Clark is and how many thread all lead back to her. Answers are given to questions, both asked and unasked, and the results are surprising and exciting. Ms. Clark appears to have been almost manufactured for her work in the stitcher’s program and those flashbacks keep peeling back more layers to the woman’s past.

At the graveside ceremony, Kirsten has another flashback, this time of her mother’s death. She and Ed are standing in front of the grave with flowers. Little Kirsten hands the flowers back to Ed and walks off. Later in the show, this memory will become clearer and its meaning will move her journey forward.

The stitcher is laying in bed listening to the cassette that Ed taped. Camille comes in Kirsten’s room and gets in her roommates bed. Kirsten asks what she’s doing and Camille asks how she is doing dealing with Marta’s death. After deciding to stay in Kirsten’s bed, the stitcher keeps listening to Ed and she discovers a rhythmic beeping on the cassette, it seems Ed left her more than one message on the tape.

At work, the most recent stitch is Dani Fox, a neurological expert who died in a car crash. Kirsten learns that Fox was concerned about her work and Dr. Zuber, her business partner. She also finds out that Dani’s sister, Nicole, did not get on all that well. Kirsten learns that there appeared to be some problem with the neurological machine which was the focus of her work and Zuber’s grant money. She also discovers that Dani did not crash her car. Before the stitch Cameron calls Kirsten “Penny Priddy” which is obviously a nod to Buckeroo Banzai.

Camille plugs into Dani’s car’s “black box” and verifies what Kirsten learned in the stitch, the woman was murdered. Clark decides that she needs to learn more about Dani and Dr. Zuber. Doing online research on the brain trauma machine that Zuber and Dani built, she decides that more personal research is needed. Cameron is visited by the girl from <emI See You, Janice, and gets a couple of slaps as she’s learned he was not the benefactor who bought her groceries.

Camille and Linus turn up and she is impressed that Cameron can “take a hit.” Kirsten and Cameron visit Nicole and talk about Dani, they learn that the dead woman was all about her work. They stop by the institute where the offices are located and bump into both George and Dr. Zuber. Kirsten says that Fox told her that their brain trauma research could help her.

The doctor invites the two up to the office for a quick question and answer session, which George attends. Kirsten talks about the car crash that killed her mother and her condition she uses a story partially based upon reality to “get in.” Back at the stitcher lab, Maggie is not pleased that Kirsten has put herself in “harm’s way.” Camille gets the line of the episode with her statement that “In the history of bad ideas this ranks just above the $2 bill and “Jeggings.”

Maggie insists that Kirsten wear a wire, much to the stitcher’s annoyance, and Linus, Camille and Cameron listen in on her first appointment. During the session she reveals that after the car accident she cannot remember anything before the age of eight. She inadvertently hurts Cameron’s feelings when Zuber asks her about him and Kirsten replies that “he’s nobody.”

During her session in the trans-cranial machine Kirsten has flashbacks to previous stitches and about her childhood, including one vision where she is a child wearing some sort of harness, headgear and is floating in water…almost like she was in a “stitch-tank” prototype. She tells Zuber that her father and mother drank and were abusive to her as a child.

The team in the van are upset by this news and they rush to comfort Kirsten when she comes back after the session. She assures them the stories were untrue and Camille angrily says, “I take back the tears I almost cried for you.” Linus then quips, “Almost?” After the appointment, Kirsten confronts Maggie about Marta and the two women get into an argument with Clark accusing her boss of covering up the real purpose of the program. After she leaves the room Maggie calls Les Turner.

Kirsten breaks into the office building to look for Dani’s laptop, while Cameron, Linus and Camille listen in. A cop makes the trio move their van and as they circle the building, Kirsten is grabbed by George and Zuber. The two men put her in the machine and pump up the waves it produces. Zuber did indeed murder Dani as she wanted to come clean about the lack of progress they were making. The doctor, it turns out, is trying to help his wife.

Turner pays Clark a visit, she comes home to find the department head in her house. The two talk about Marta and he relays that no one knows what the stitchers program is really for and he also confirms what Kirsten already knew; Ed Clark did not kill himself. Turner leaves, but before he does, tells Kirsten that they are trying to keep her safe.

Kirsten asks one final question, how did Ed die? “Saving you,” Turner replies before going out the door.

After Turner goes, Kirsten heads to Camille’s bedroom where her roommate is in bed doing a crossword puzzle. In a mirroring of Camille’s entry to Kirsten’s room earlier, Clark accepts the unspoken invitation to get into bed. Camille looks at her crossword, “Four letter word for inviolable,” she asks. “Safe,” replies Kirsten.

Later Linus calls early in the morning to talk to Kirsten. Camille answers her phone, Linus can’t reach Kirsten, and she tells him that she’s still in bed. He asks about Kirsten and she hands the phone to her roommate. Linus is blown away that they are in bed “together” and Kirsten hangs up as he continues to ask if the two women are really in the same bed. He reveals that the beeping was a coded map reference.

Finally is full of revelatory moments. The characters continue to gel, Cameron and Kirsten are getting that bit closer to becoming an item; “Thank you,” says Clark, “For what,” asks Cameron, “For not being a nobody,” answers Kirsten. Oded Fehr makes a brilliant baddie. In the scene at Kirsten’s house he is smarmy, creepy, unsettling, and threatening. Not like his usual characters at all and very impressive.

This episode has joined two previous ones which leave the viewer with a lump in the throat; it is the little touches that Clark adds to each stitch. This one was delivering the Bakery lease to Nicole Fox, who thought that her dead sister did not care about her life. This is top notch television, a show where a perfect combination of writers and cast grab the viewer and lead them on a brilliant entertainment experience; making one laugh, cry and eagerly anticipate the next episode.

Stitchers equals epic win. Tune in on Tuesdays at ABC Family and see why.

Stitchers: Stitcher in the Rye (recap and review)

Still from Stitcher in the Rye
Last week’s episode of Stitchers, I See You left the subject of Marta’s waking up from her coma in an earlier segment of the show and Stitcher in the Rye centers on the previous stitcher while divulging the darker and more sinister element of the stitcher program. This sudden change in direction of the show was brilliant and anyone watching would have felt a tinge of excitement at this shift in focus.

At the start of the episode Kirsten has returned from her run and collected the mail. Camille picks up a package addressed to her roommate and opens it, revealing that someone sent Kirsten the J.D. Salinger book Catcher in the Rye. Camille asks Kirsten who sent her the book and she responds by asking who told her she could “open my stuff.” “Force of habit,” says Camille, “at least now I don’t have to reseal it and pretend it never happened.”

The two also have a discussion about Camille’s borrowing clothes from Kirsten and not asking. Since Clark has Temporal Dysplasia, Camille argues, she can ask after borrowing the items and it will not matter. Kirsten agrees, much to her roommate’s, and co-worker’s, delight. Later in the episode the matter of borrowed clothing crops up again.

The latest stitch is a mobile health food entrepreneur and conspiracy blogger who used to work for the CIA who has just had a heart attack. The man, Justin, was a major annoyance to, as Maggie puts it, an “Alphabet soup of government agencies,” and his death means that files he was suspected to have in his possession will be difficult to find. Kirsten must go in and learn where the former CIA agent kept his secret files, the latest of which had just been received by the deceased and was to have been publicized.

Kirsten enters Justin’s head and she has a odd moment where a memory from another stitch intrudes and she finds the deceased man’s hiding place. Going out to his mobile food van, she opens the secret compartment which has files and older computers (pre internet machines that are “totally un-hackable,” says Clark) and Kirsten grabs one file. *Another excellent pop culture moment here where Cameron uses a line from Hot Fuzz, “By the Power of Greyskull,” which in turn is a reference to the 1980s Masters of the Universe.*

Once the file is removed the hiding place begins to spark and smoke; Detective Fisher, Cameron and Kirsten all run from the van and the vehicle explodes in a shower of sparks, flame and smoke. The folder that Kirsten grabbed has an “old fashioned” floppy disc in it that none of the machines at the lab can access. Clark learns about Cameron’s that Maggie refers to Cameron as Dr. Goodkin, when “she’s annoyed.” “She must call you that a lot,” quips Kirsten.

Clark and Cameron talk about the weird thing that she saw in Justin’s stitch. While discussing the issue Cameron tells her that the memory could be one of hers. Kirsten reveals that she cannot remember anything from before Ed, her surrogate father. Talking about the picture she found with the word remember written on the back, she has an epiphany and thanking Cameron, she leaves.

She has remembered a moment where she was using one of Ed’s “old” computers and part of the memory revealed that there were more. She finds one and inserts the floppy disc; printing off the information on it. The print out, which she shows to Cameron first, is of the stitcher’s program algorithm.

Playing detective, Kirsten goes through her list of suspects, beginning with Cameron and after clearing him, moves on to Linus. It is after she hacks his personal computer that Kirsten and Cameron learn that Linus and Camille have “hooked up.” The clue was that Linus is wearing Kirsten’s sweatshirt. The couple are cleared also, which leaves Maggie as the only suspect. All four of the stitcher’s group head to the lab to confront her. As they come across Maggie in the parking garage, the leader of the organization is shot.

After Maggie is treated for her gunshot wound, she clears herself and also gets rather tacky about the members of her little team. Camille points out, “You’re nasty when you get shot, you know that?” Baptiste’s alibi is that she was having breakfast with head of the agency, Les Turner (Oded Fehr). The four team members are tasked to find who leaked the information and who shot Maggie.

Camille is in the middle of trying to ease things off with Linus when Kirsten reveals that the leak did not come from within the lab. Cameron asks Clark to slow down the images from Justin’s stitch and she remembers a butterfly tattoo. Goodkin says he knows exactly who leaked the algorithm, it was Marta. The team learn that right after the former stitcher woke up she checked herself out of the hospital.

Cameron reveals that Marta’s specialty with the NSA was cryptography and Kirsten realizes who sent her the Catcher in the Rye, checking the book she finds the template for a code and matches it to the spam messages she has been getting on her phone. She deciphers the last one which says, “You are in Danger. Trust no one.” She responds, “Can you protect me?”

“Yes,” is Marta’s reply and the two meet. Marta comes across as being paranoid and almost mentally disturbed. Her accident in the stitch seems to have left some lasting damage. She tells Kirsten that the stitcher program is not about helping people. “You really think it’s about solving murders?” she asks. Marta tells Kirsten that the agency is setting the program up bad things and that stitchers are evil. She admits to giving the file to Justin and shooting Maggie.

Marta is bitter and upset. She wants to save Kirsten and as they start to leave Clark’s house, Cameron, Detective Fisher and the police show up. As Goodkin tries to talk Marta down, she pulls a gun. After getting upset and asking Kristen if Cameron asked her to trust him, the police order her to come out of the house. Marta then gets a call on her cell phone.

“How did you get this number,” she asks and then listens to the caller. “I understand” she says, Marta then thanks Cameron for the flowers, and goes outside with the gun in her hand. Rodriguez is shot down by the police. Afterward, Maggie tries to convince Cameron that what happened to Marta was not his fault. He wants to put her body in the lab and do a stitch. Kirsten questions Maggie about what Rodriguez really knew about the program and Baptiste refuses to put Marta’s body in the machine.

It turns out that Maggie lied about her alibi and that Turner had Justin killed rather than have details about the stitcher program released to the public. Baptiste says that Kirsten Clark is too clever, she then asks, “What do I tell her?” Turner says to tell her anything she wants, “as long as it’s not the truth.” It turns out that Maggie is CIA as well and that the program is not what she has been advertising it to be.

In Stitchers the actors are all meshing very well, Alison Scagliotti and Ritesh Rajan get big time brownie points for having an excellent chemistry and a great give-and-take performance. Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris are dancing ever closer to a “will they, won’t they” subplot and their chemistry is also brilliant. The inclusion of Fehr as show baddie is a great touch. This veteran actor will hopefully be making many more appearances on the show.

This shift into the darker side of Stitchers is an brilliant move. It was a stretch for viewers to believe that all that money was being spent to solve the murders of, pretty much, average people. The expense behind this government program is obviously huge and the fact that Camille had been hired to spy on Clark shows that the group are not afraid to play dirty.

This is one of the best shows on television at the moment. Great writing, excellent acting and a plot that keeps getting thicker with twists and turns that keep the interest levels high. If you are not watching Stitchers on ABC right now?


Stitchers: I See You Recap and Review

Still photo from Stitcher I See You
Last week in Stitchers by the end of the episode Marta opened her eyes and in this week’s episode I See You, Marta is still a thread running through the show. This segment does not address the sudden awakening of the prior stitcher but the show opens with Cameron reliving the stitch where she ended up in a coma.

After waking up from his disturbing dream/nightmare Cameron calls Kirsten full of good cheer and asking about how her medical exam went. While on the phone, he notices that his neighbor, who lives in his old flat, has kept another of Cameron’s magazine. Annoyed, he goes down to his old apartment, where the neighbor Robert has never changed the name on the door, finds it open and goes in. He discovers his missing magazine and his neighbor’s dead body.

Detective Fisher and the police show up, along with Kirsten, to investigate the crime scene. Fisher tells Cameron that it looks like “an execution,” with two shots to the back. Cameron immediately thinks of the mob and as Quincy question him, it turns out that who ever killed Robert may have thought he was Cameron.

Kirsten volunteers to stitch into Robert’s brain and see what got him killed. Camille and Linus meet for the first time since “hooking up” in last week’s episode and he is confused at her attitude. Since he assumed that they were now an item he tried repeatedly to contact her. She says, “Needy lover never looks good on anyone.” After some verbal jousting, Linus attempts to set up another date and Alison blows him off.

The stitch goes ahead, despite an almost overbearing attitude of caution from Cameron, shades of Marta again, and the show takes on a sort of Rear Window aspect when she discovers a telescope aimed at his neighbors windows that is glowing. It looks like Robert was a peeping Tom and it might have been the cause of his death.

As the investigation continues, the stitcher team set up in Cameron’s apartment which is just over Robert’s. Linus hooks up the telescope to a monitor and Kirsten mans the lens trying to find clues about who murdered the former tenant. Cameron reveals the footage of what went wrong with Marta’s stitch. The team learn that Robert was not a voyeur but a good samaritan who saw his neighbors problems and helped them out; buying a struggling artist’s first painting and buying groceries for another.

Someone enters the stitchers lab and Maggie notices that two of the security cameras go offline. She goes to investigate and finds two team members coming out of the elevator with dinner for a late night. As Maggie questions the technicians, a figure crossed over to the lift and gets on. It appears that someone is interested in the secret program and later is seen watching the team at Cameron’s apartment.

Kirsten goes into Robert’s mind once more. This time the deceased man’s brain is about to pass the safe time period where she can access data. With the clock ticking, Kirsten grabs the telescope and forces historical memories to replay and she sees the killer.

She and Cameron go to gather clues while waiting for Fisher to arrive and they spot the murderer in a van, that is being used to traffic young women, and when she sees him Kirsten repeats his earlier sign language message of “I see you.” He attempts to run her down and Kirsten stands immobile with a challenging sneer on her face until Cameron lunges in and moves her away from the speeding van.

Like the previous episode, the title is again used effectively throughout the show. Kirsten “sees” the real Cameron, at the end of the episode, as well as why he feels responsible for Marta’s fate. Linus and Alison “see” each other and Linus is still confused about the state of them as an item. Of course the main “I see you,” moment is two-fold. Kirsten seeing the killer and the shadowy figure seeing her and the rest of the stitcher team.

Ishta still rocks as Kirsten, allowing her character to “grow” with each episode. Each subsequent stitch where she learns more emotions gives her more dimension, and Kyle Harris’ Cameron continues to arc logically. The interaction between Scagliotti and Rajan works well as they have great chemistry.

The humor in this episode is still spot on and the gag about Kirsten being addicted to voyeurism, “I can stop anytime I want,” she answers flippantly, is followed with Fisher denying that all cops love donuts and then getting excited about a chocolate glazed one. Although earlier the rush to arrest the neighbor who “murdered” his girlfriend, spraying “blood” all over the wall, was also quite amusing and pushed the plot along nicely.

Great writing and immersive plots, along with the actor’s performances, continue to make the compulsive viewing. Stitchers airs Tuesdays as part of the ABC Family schedule.

Stitchers: Episode Two (Recap/Review)

ABC LogoAs Stitchers moves further into the first season with episode two, things are starting to come together. Although there is still a feeling that the series is rushing, by the end of this segment, Kirsten agrees very quickly to become a more permanent part of the program after being “lied” to.

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iZombie Episode 12 (Recap/Review)

promotional poster for iZombie
Before going into just what happened in episode 12 of iZombie, we must take a moment to thank horror author Michael West who mentioned this brilliant series via a Facebook post. Thanks Michael, this comic book based show on CW is full of topical jokes, pop culture references and on top of all that, zombies. Win, win, super win.

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