Fargo Episode Six Shocking Death in the Snow (Recap/review)

Fargo Episode Six Shocking Death in the Snow (Recap/review)

Sometimes things take such a dark turn that it takes a few days to recover, in episode six of Fargo, the shocking death of so many in the snow pretty much took everyone’s breath away. For the first time, since initially asking the question, it does seem as if Malvo is indeed the devil.

Fargo The Six Ungraspables: a Parable (Recap/Review)

Fargo The Six Ungraspables: a Parable (Recap/Review)

This week’s episode of Fargo, The Six Ungraspables features a little backstory and a parable. It opens with a reveal on just how Lester Nygaard got the shotgun used to kill the old police chief and wound him. Lester goes into Ulis Sporting Goods Store to buy some socks, which are marked as “best offer.” After a few moments of awkward haggling, the store’s owner suggests that Lester give him $55 and he’ll let him have the socks and a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. Since this is backstory, Nygaard’s wife is still alive and viewers are reminded of just how unpleasant she was.