Evil Dead TV: Bruce Campbell Back as Ash Sam Raimi to Direct

Evil Dead TV: Bruce Campbell Back as Ash Sam Raimi to Direct

It has been confirmed, Evil Dead TV is happening on Starz and Bruce Campbell is back as Ash and Sam Raimi is to direct at least the pilot. The news is thrilling fans of the original franchise starring Bruce as Ash Williams who defeats The Evil Dead with a chainsaw and his “boomstick.” The fact that the Starz network has commissioned this new series, titled Ash vs. Evil Dead has caused the whole thing to trend on Facebook, although it has not made it over to Twitter just yet. There are no hashtags of any description celebrating the news…yet.

Outlander: Stockings on Stockings Off (Review and Trailer)

Outlander: Stockings on Stockings Off (Review and Trailer)

Watching the premiere of Outlander, which was so kindly offered for free by STARZ (taking a note from SHOWCASE) the first thing that is apparent, apart from an overly long amount of time spent “getting to the action,” is that the series starts off with a continuity problem, stockings on, stockings off and back on again. No less than three times, while the series protagonist is running through the Scottish woodland, the heroine shows at different times in the same scene mud spattered naked legs with no stockings, or tights (pantyhose if this being watched stateside) only to be clearly covered up with hosiery seconds later. This happens enough to be noticeable.