The Bridge: Season Two Penultimate Episode

The Bridge: Season Two Penultimate Episode

In the penultimate episode of The Bridge season two, things are coming to a head. Eleanor follows Monty to where he took his boots to be cleaned and lets him know that she does not trust the lawyer. Nacht disturbs Monty so much he threatens her with a gun. Before she leaves the killer tells him that Fausto is a demon and that he will be hard to remove. She also reminds the in-between man that she expects Sebastian to honor their agreement, the implication being that she will be back to settle accounts if he does not.

The Bridge Episode Three: Sex and Death Continue (Recap/Review)

The Bridge Episode Three: Sex and Death Continue (Recap/Review)

In episode three of The Bridge sex and death continue to be the main theme of the show. Sex has actually been responsible for the death of one character. The teenager Kyle, whose interest in Eleanor Naught ended very badly for the boy, paid the ultimate price for his “obsession.”

The Bridge Ghost of a Flea Ruiz Cranks Things Up (Recap/Review)

The Bridge Ghost of a Flea Ruiz Cranks Things Up (Recap/Review)

The Bridge: Ghost of a Flea begins with a mostly naked woman who is washing blood off her tattooed body who is aided by the teen boy who found her in last week’s episode; later in the show Ruiz cranks things up and Cross admits to having sex with the brother of her sister’s killer. Lt. Wade and the DEA strike up an alliance and Frye, along with Adriana, discover just how deadly the cartel money really is.

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