Dominion Season 2 Finale: Lucifer’s Gunslinger Victorious

Dominion - Season 2

The season two finale of Dominion Sine Deo Nihil picks right up where Day of Wrath ended, Alex Lannon dropping his weapon and going to face the eight-ball horde bare handed. By the time the last episode ends, it looks like Lucifer and his gunslinger are standing victorious with  a last minute game changer that sees Alex once again bare handed but betrayed. It also sees Gabriel and Michael learning the truth of Mallory.

Before the end credits roll, Claire is dead (ironically, her body is laying on the very steps where she wound up bleeding after the plague of darkness), General Riesen/Duma proves that being shot out of a tower block window is not lethal, David Whele is brought before Duma (presumably to be shot), Gabriel has the darkness burned right out of him, Michael realizes that Noma has turned, Arika escapes Vega in a helicopter with the little girl she saved and is off to Helena, and Lucifer announces to the world that “It is time.”

Outside of Vega and Mallory, Julian/Lyrae has risen from its hiding place in New Delphi and the Dyad has an interwoven monologue worthy of Bill Shakespeare where the creature denounces the Father and his class system while bleeding profusely from his Gabriel inflicted wound.

This final episode of season two crammed a lot into its allotted time period. There  are , however, some moments that feel a bit forced, or even hokey. The mass “healing” of the tunnel eight-balls for instance. Alex, arms spread wide, mouths some incantation and a healing gold light explodes through the tunnel knocking the invading horde to the ground.

Dominion - Season 2

Fair enough, this  little bit of the Father’s power coming through The Chosen One is preordained and has been done before, just not on this scale. The next event, however, feels rushed and forced; Alex picks a former eight-ball, a fellow in a knit cap, and tells him to lead the now healed human’s to safety. With nary blink of an eye, the chap was an eight-ball literally a second before this command, the newly rescued human responds that he will take command of this new army.

After these reinforcements are sent out, Alex, Noma and Claire attempt to leave the city. They see Duma/General arriving in Vega, via motorcade, and heading to Riesen Tower. Alex goes to kill the Dyad leaving Claire and Nomes behind. Claire quickly moves to beat Lannon to her father.

The scene between Alan Dale’s Dyad and Roxanne McKee’s Claire in another one that feels a bit forced. Granted, the scene does still bring a lump to the throat but…After Duma so effortlessly took over Riesen back in New Delphi, would the general really have been able to fight to the surface? Really? Kudos to the two actors, however, for making this a tear inducing interaction for the viewer.

After a short standoff between Alex and Duma, Claire grabs Alex’s discarded pistol and hesitates slightly before shooting her “father.” Duma does not pause and shoots Claire, he takes aim at Lannon, but Noma breaks into the room and fires an entire clip into the Dyad knocking the creature out of the window.

Dominion - Season 2

While Vega is being overrun with Gabriel’s eight-ball army, thanks to David Whele’s opening the city gates, Michael is dragged to Mallory by Gabriel.  After some interaction, along with some flashbacks to the beginning of Alex’s path as The Chosen One 25 years previously, the two archangels meet with Lucifer’s gunslinger.

The darkness that Julian infected Gabriel with is killing him. After it is revealed that Michael did not destroy the “Son of Morning’s” remains as instructed, he demands that Lucifer heal Gabriel.  Big brother, he tells the prophet, owes him a debt.

During the flashbacks, it is pointed out that Noma is not quite the little soldier she seems. At least once before she played turncoat, betraying Gabriel to save Alex. She takes an oath afterward  to protect The Chosen One. However, just as she turned against Gabriel,  she apparently turns against Michael.

When Noma lost her wings,  she ripped the limbs from her body to save Alex, the angel could not live with the loss. Since Lucifer shares Father’s gift for creation and healing, she apparently agrees to sacrifice Alex for new wings. Tellingly, the new feathered appendages are not black like Michael’s and Gabriel’s but a majestic white.

Dominion - Season 2

By the end, where a submerged Lucifer pronounces that “it is time,” David may have to pay the piper as Duma readies his pistol to shoot Whele. Claire is dead;  another tear inducing scene, and Alex is stunned to see Noma’s new wings.

The fact that Nomes was going to get some new feather’s was pretty much a foregone conclusion. However, it does seem that there may just be a chance that these beautiful new wings may be a gift from Father. After all Noma did sacrifice her “angel badge of office” voluntarily to save Alex. Lucifer’s gunslinger, aka The Prophet, is looking victorious with his “boss” ready to rise, but the game could be far from over.

Anthony Head, Carl Beukes,  Roxanne McKee, Alan Dale, Kim Engelbecht, Christopher Egan and Shivani Ghai all knock it out of the park in terms of performance in this last episode of Dominion this season.

 There is no news about a season three as yet.  SyFy tend to leave these things till the last minute.  Show creator Vaun Wilmott is optimistic that there will be a renewal.  With any luck  Wilmott is right and this  small screen version of Legion will come back for another shot at finishing the tale of three cities.

Dominon - Season 2



Dominion: Day of Wrath – The End is Nigh? (Review)

Dominion - Season 2

In Dominion this week  Vega’s denizens are still reeling from the plague of darkness released by Gabriel, the eight-balls approach and the archangel grabs Michael as he watches the city crumble. Michael quickly discovers that Gabriel has the darkness in him and that Julian is responsible. After initially telling his brother that he will not fight,  Michael soon has to change his mind as Gabriel sets about killing him.

This penultimate episode of season two sees pathos and  home truths all happening at once. Arika leaves Claire to return for Helena, David almost dies at Lady Riesen’s hand and he sacrifices his son William for Vega once again.

This time permanently.

Day of Wrath shows more to the Gabriel vs Michael backstory, that the seal was broken by Gabriel in 2016 on Christmas Day, where he, Noma and Michael sit in a Jasper, Texas bar.   The archangel repeats his mantra that “Father will come back when the humans are all gone” and  over Michael’s objections breaks the Seventh Seal to start the Apocalypse.

Dominion - Season 2
Claire and David reach an “understanding.”

A number of characters in this episode,  “clear the air” with one another. Nomes and Claire come to an agreement and after a scene fraught with angst, regret, denial and tragedy, David and William come to terms with one another…

Whele shoots his son just a tad too late to stop him from leaving the city wide-open for the invading eight-balls.  He cradles a dying William and says, tearfully, “I always loved you.”

William opens his eyes and focusses on his father’s face:

“No…You didn’t.”

The ongoing “sibling rivalry” between Gabriel and Michael is shown to have been existent for quite some time, at least as long ago as 2016.  Although the two have never really seen eye to eye on anything as shown in the “flashback” of  the Lyrae/Julian backstory.

As the eight-balls threaten to engulf the city and the main players of Vega interact, the two archangels do battle and a losing Michael tries to convince his brother that Lucifer still lives, despite what they, and a few other archangels did to him.

“If he lives, says MIchael, ” there’s no telling what shape his vengeance will take.” He also tells Gabriel that their older brother wants Alex.

By the end of the show;  Claire is back with Alex, if only for  the time they face the eight-ball hordes who have entered the tunnel under Vega, Arika, who earlier tells Claire that she is leaving, does not.  Gabriel takes Michael to Mallory to see if Lucifer, aka Morning Star, is really there.

Dominion - Season 2
Claire and Alex share a moment before the eight-ball’s break through.

Apart from William (Luke Allen-Galecoming through, as predicted, as the wild card, the impressive thing that Day of Wrath gives the viewer is how the archangels and the humans are so alike.  Both sides argue, disagree, lie, fight and mistrust one another.  This does not apply to the “lower angels” as eight-balls, they appear to have no cognizant thought process and are easily ruled, first by Julian and then by Gabriel.

The episode also revealed how each person changed after the darkness visions abated. Arika became more humane, Claire more focussed and forgiving, David more accepting of what he had become. William, once again, was the odd-man out. His vision, which revealed he was not the Chosen One at all, did not cure his madness, it just redirected it.

William’s crying laughter as he beats the gate console to pieces is almost heartbreaking as is David’s tearful, “Oh forgive me please. I love you,” just before shooting his son several times in the torso.  (This was a real tissue’s required scene.)

Gabriel has dragged Michael off to Mallory, the gates of the city are open and the last scene is of Alex moving away from the small group of defenders to do…What?

A mass cleansing of the eight-balls? This may well be the ultimate test/proof that Lannon is the Chosen One although Michael will not be there to see it.

Mad props to Anthony Head this week with his powerful and entrapping performance as the “changed” David.  His scenes with both Roxanne McKee and Luke Allan Gale were electric. Kudos to Carl Beukes for his beautifully delivered pathos and to  Gale for his tragic figure at the end who wants to punish the world.

October 1 sees the season two finale of Dominion  airing on SyFy. Do not miss this apocalyptic finale

Dominion: Bewilderment of Heart – What Color is Your Amphora? (Review)

Dominon - Season 2

Last week on Dominion we saw “dark” Gabriel drop off the amphora of darkness at Vega, although “darkness” is a bit misleading as, Michael points out later in the episode, the spreading inky black stuff drives everyone it contacts mad.  Before the episode ends all the inhabitants of Vega have been affected by this weapon of God. There are many changes, Alex turns out to be able to do much more as the Chosen One than ever previously suspected, the two Whele’s are forced to face their “inner reality” and the other main players learn their own truth. Claire, apparently,  is dying from loss of blood after a wrenching little perfect families scenario.

*Sidenote* There was an annoying moment, or two,  of the amphora changing color or,  more accurately, its overall appearance. Obviously, this mostly jet-black vase, with a pretty important lid, that Gabriel unleashed upon Vega was considered too plain by this now very dark archangel. He obviously stopped on the way to the city he wants to destroy and got the thing gold plated…Like you do. Later in the episode, after Nome’s finds it, the object is back to its “plain Jane” appearance. Nice one chaps…Not.

This episode was brilliant in its almost epic  focus on what each character feared or wanted. Tom Wisdom’s Michael says of the visions released by the amphora (or the vase of many colors):

“Some are nightmares, but some are dreams. Beautiful but fatal; all end in death.”

Each character had their own personal reflections and realizations:

David Whele faces the truth that despite his protestations that his actions were all for “Vega”  he has essentially sold his soul. His focus on becoming the “Lord of Vega” has turned him into a monster., with the “soul of an eight-ball.”

William Whele faces the realization that he really is not the “Chosen One.” His vision has an eight-ball Claire revealing what actually happened in the desert.  She tells him that, yes the  eight-balls tortured William and did unspeakable things  to him. Perverse things that the Whele sibling liked and that the flash of light was not God at all, but the thief’s gun exploding and William was talking to himself, not God at all.

Dominion - Season 2
William Whele coming to terms with a different reality

William is also visited by Alex, who forces him to admit that he is not the Chosen One at all. There is also a “punk” version of Gabriel who visits his former “protege.” Carl Beukes as Gabriel gets what must be the funniest line of the entire episode. He bellows at William that he was never the “Chosen One.” He follows this up with:

“You’re a re-ject.”

When Gabriel’s delivers this revelation he drags the “re” part out to brilliant effect. Priceless.

Claire “lives” a perfect idyllic happy family scenario where she has given birth to Alex’s baby, a girl. In the middle of the sunshine and loving atmosphere, Lady Riesen sees blood on her arm and her vision of Alex sees nothing.  By the end of the dream, Claire is lying on the floor, with two dead troopers for company, apparently bleeding out from a wound on her forearm.

*Sidenote* It has to be noted that when Claire goes into pick up her baby;  the infant is the spitting image of Nic Bishop, aka Gates Foley.  This physical resemblance of the child to the recently deceased Gates was funny and it took a couple of moments for the laughter to subside from this inadvertent comic bit to “get back into the mood.” 

Arika (Shivani Ghai) lives a nightmare where Rose, the eight-ball that she killed in another episode, has come back to exact revenge. The vision itself is revealing in that Arika also fears turning into her mad mother.

Dominon - Season 2
David Whele facing himself.

Michael has a vision, where Noma has murdered Alex and he seeks to kill the wingless angel. Noma does not have a dream, the amphora “speaks” directly to her telling Nomes that she has her wings back.

Alex, who may or may not have had a vision (this is a little unclear as so much is going on) closes the amphora. Michael states early on in the episode that only an angel can close this weapon of God, but those markings on Alex’s body march down his arms and allow the Chosen One to close the now black amphora.

Gabriel remarks that the plague of darkness was over “rather quickly” but he is already moving on to plan “b” for the destruction of Vega.

The episode moves all the pieces together for a climax that may not leave Vega, or the city’s inhabitants above ground. Kudos to writers Katie GruelRebecca Kirsch and Jerry Shandy for digging deep and coming up with a brilliant look at the inner fears and worries of the main characters.

Director Gregg Simon, sitting in the hot seat for the first time on Dominion, handles the episode with an impressive adeptness and does not allow the show’s “darkness” to be so dark that one felt the need to reach for the brightness controls.

Standout Moments:

The amphora suddenly appearing with what looks to be a solid gold plated exterior after being black from “day one.”

Roxanne McKee as an eight-ball Claire Riesen. (Nuff said.)

Arika being oddly vulnerable. (And if  Ghai did not use a body double..Let us just say. it is obvious that someone spends a lot of time at the gym.)

Luke Allen-Gale in that final scene as William is proper creepy and disturbing as they say in the trenches.

Anthony Head as the eight-ball David. Head has got massive acting chops and he took off in this episode.

Carl Beukes as Punk Gabriel, “You’re a reeeeeeeeeject!” Never has a line been so blackly and comically rendered as insult. So good it had to be mentioned twice.

The realization that the entire episode, in Vega time, took seconds in the lives of the main protagonists. David’s “awakening” with the noose choking him as he knelt on the trapdoor of the gallows showed that all the visions occurred in a very, very short (as Gabriel notes) time.

Dominon - Season 2
Michael reflecting.

Dominion airs Thursday on SyFy. This show features some of the best writing on television in the world of fantasy and science fiction/religion. Do not miss this.


Dominion: The Seed of Evil (recap and review)

Dominion - Season 2

Last week in Dominion, Claire Riesen shot Zoe right between the eyes. Blaming her for killing her unborn child the Vega leader granted the rebel leader a quick death and this week Lady Riesen learns that she got it wrong. Zoe was unaware of the sniper that David Whele set up and now Lady Riesen feels regret and guilt. In The Seed of Evil, the series finally moves things back to Vega, Julian finally overplays his hand and the town of Mallory takes on added significance.

Arika’s backstory is revealed, at least her beginnings, and Gabriel escapes. Michael is weakened by visions and Noma loses out.  David and William are reunited while Gates Foley proves that he is not just a techie. The rebellion moves forward, because Lady Riesen makes a difficult decision  and Arika has a wild card that has not yet been played.

In New Delphi, Julian gives Gabriel a drop of “darkness” from the amphora, it is placed in the archangel’s eye. The plan is to destroy Gabriel’s  mind allowing Lyrae/Julian to enter the archangel’s body.  Back in Vega, Claire and Gates speak with Arika; who tells her captor that David was responsible for the death of Lady Riesen’s baby and she gives up Whele. After their conversation,  Arika’s backstory is revealed after she tell’s Claire that, like her, she is nothing like her father.

Cue first part of  Arika’s backstory: 20 years previously, Arika is with her father Bobit (Deepak Verma) and they are in their plane. The aircraft is used to provide aid to those who need it and Bobit, her father, turns out to be  a “The ends never justifies the means,” type leader. Without any other information, till later in the episode, already it is apparent that Arika, at least, really is nothing like her father. 

Dominion - Season 2
Arika – Shivani Ghai in The Seed of Evil, proving that this acorn has fallen far from her familial tree.

Whele senior urges the V1’s to fight and they do. He reveals that when he was a V6 he feared that the general populace would rise up. The poor outnumber the rich greatly and even though they do not have the armory weapons at their disposal, David convinces them that just through their sheer numbers Claire Riesen can be defeated.

David heads for shelter at a local bar and Foley’s symptoms get worse. After coughing up more blood, he starts to take a drink and has an epiphany. He remembers Arika paid special attention to the water he drank in her presence.  Gates  knows she has had him poisoned. Michael, Alex and Noma attempt to get into Vega and find that Julian has placed his eight-ball army all around the city.

As the trio walk toward the city’s walls, Alex reaches down to shake one of the eight-balls. The creature does not react and they move on. The shaken eight-ball, like her colleagues, is in stasis, but she does slowly react to Alex’s touch. Roaring, she leaps up and her movement starts the other eight-balls moving as well. Michael, Alex and Noma are under attack.

In the heat of battle, Michael passes out and has a vision of Mallory. Julian continues to work on Gabriel and trying to drive a wedge between him and his brother archangel Michael.

He succeeds.

Dominion - Season 2
A tear of darkness falls…and Julian smears it as he gloats.

Gates challenges Arika about the poisoning. The traitorous leader of Helena bargains with Foley, telling him that  she will give him the antidote if he betrays Claire and Vega. In the bar, David sees William. He pushes forward to see his son and William takes time out from speaking to the masses to have a drink with his father.

As the two men drink, William tells his father that “William is dead” and confesses that he is grateful to his father. “Where,” he asks David, “would Jesus be without Judas?” The offspring that Whele senior left in the Arizona desert to die has slipped into madness after his journey of survival.

Dominion - Season 2
David and William, reunited.

Convinced that he has broken Gabriel’s mind, Julian gloats. He tells the archangel that he has lost Michael and that soon Gabriel will know what darkness really is. After imagining how great it will to have wings again. Lyrae/Julian enters Gabriel’s body.

In the Vega war room, Claire and Gates learn that Arika did indeed sell out her “partner in crime” David Whele. Foley begins coughing again and after telling Claire that he is alright, they share a moment. Lady Riesen tells Gates that one thing will not change and she tenderly kisses him. The alarms go off because of Michael, Alex and Noma fighting the eight-ball army to get over the wall.

Looking at the cameras Claire sees Alex is alive.

The trio make a stand and fight the eight-balls. Back in the war room, Claire orders that troops leave the reactor and help out Alex. Gates realizes that Alex is “her soldier.” Foley leaves the war room and continues coughing up blood. He is reading from a  small book, entering Arika’s room he approaches a plant with red and white flowers. Double-checking his book, Gates grabs a flower and eats it. He then falls over, twitches violently and lays still.

Back at New Delphi, Gabriel spits out Lyrae’s presence forcing it back into Julian. He then controls the Dyad, like a “meat puppet” and he has Julian cut his chains off.  Now free, Gabriel proves, through a little “I’ve been here forever type speech” that arrogance (Julian) is no match for hubris (the now “dark” Gabriel.) The archangel forces Julian to run himself through with his own sword.

Dominion - Season 2
Julian being forced to fall on his own sword by Gabriel.

Back at Vega, Michael, Alex and Noma are rescued by Claire’s troops. The three enter the war room to rapturous applause. Gate pays Arika a visit and tells her that he has cured himself, countering the monkshood with foxglove and that he has talked Claire into moving up Arika’s execution. Arika tells Foley if he thinks she is going to hang, he is mistaken.

Cue another flashback to a much younger Arika losing her father. He dies on the aircraft Helena…Not a bad backstory at all;  it explains where Arika got her coldblooded attitude from and where the name Helena originated.

In Vega, the reactor is taken by Whele’s revolutionary troops. David wants William to go with him to the reactor and sends his temporary sidekick outside. The man bumps into Kat (Lex King) who shoots him when he asks if she is looking for someone. “I’m looking for David Whele,” she tells the man’s corpse, “and you’re in my way.” 

Julian has survived having a sword shoved through his torso and he escapes from New Delhi. Gabriel searches half-heartedly for Julian and decides he needs to kill his “treacherous” brother Michael instead. Grabbing Pete, Alex’s friend that Julian turned into an eight-ball, Gabriel sets off for Vega after learning that the Dyad’s eight-ball army is now his to command.

Claire and Alex reconnect. Riesen admits it was she who bombed the Aerie. She also tells him about losing their baby. Noma is feeling a little hard done by. She lost her wings and Alex, “What do I have,” Nomes asks Michael. “Honor,” Michael tells her. “More than any other angel…” Suddenly the archangel has another vision of Mallory.

Michael collapses.

The final scene in Dominion shows the town of Mallory and the black angel who spoke to Noma earlier. As he walks into the town, people can be heard saying that “It’s the prophet, the prophet has returned.”

Kudos to Carl Beukes who chewed up the scenery as Gabriel, “The Dark.” The archangel has always been  “type ‘A’ personality, but with the added darkness of “God’s wrath” Gabriel is now twice as terrifying. Mad props to Simon Merrells as Julian and Shivani Ghai as Arika and Luke Allen-Gale as the “mad as a box of rocks” William Whele.

Honorable mention goes to Lex King as Kat. Keep your eye on this one, tall, statuesque and overwhelming, this actress is more than impressive. With mere seconds on screen, her character stays in the mind long after her short appearances.

Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy. This is a great example of a small screen version of a so/so big screen film being made into gold with the right scripts and actors. Do not miss this show.

Dominion: Son of the Fallen (recap and review)

Gabriel and Alex - Dominion
Last week in Dominion Claire and Gates defeated the angel sent to kill her, Gabriel and Michael joined forces and David Whele worked to gain Zoe Holloway’s trust. In Son of the Fallen everything heats up in both Vega and New Delphi and Claire Riesen has more to worry about than just Gabriel.

This week, Michael and Gabriel learn that Julian is Lyrae, Alex remembers the first time he met Michael, David Whele finally gets the upper hand with Zoe and Claire Riesen. Holloway gets a price put on her head, Julian proves that he really cannot be trusted and Michael learns Gabriel cannot be trusted either. Whele takes charge of Zoe’s revolution and plunges Vega into civil war.

Both Archangels are now in New Delphi. Michael searches for Alex while Gabriel litters the area with freshly dead corpses dropped from above. The residents are in a panic running and screaming. Michael tries to convince Alex that Gabriel is not the threat that Julian is.

New Delphi sees Alex, “Nomes,” and General Riesen forcing Julian to play along with their plan to kill Gabriel and he plays for time. Julian wants the amphora back and when he presses his luck Noma threatens to take the lid off killing everyone. Alex points out to the Dyad that they are all willing to die in their quest to kill Gabriel. Julian finally decides to cooperate, he wants Gabriel dead as well, without the amphora’s return.

Alex and Noma go out to see if the area of New Delphi that Julian has earmarked as a trap exists and leave Riesen to look after him. The general does not look or sound well at all and Julian points out that the man may be dying. He offers Riesen the chance to become a Dyad and Edward turns him down telling Julian that he is a monster.

Claire, Arika (Shivani Ghai) and Gates are having a meal and the decision is made to put a dead or alive bounty on Zoe’s head and moments after Lady Riesen puts out the wanted notice, two of her own people attempt to shoot her down. David actually saves her life by shooting one of the assailants in the back as he takes aim at Holloway.

Jasper is badly injured in the attack and Zoe agrees to send David to negotiate some medical attention for him. Julian gets away from Edward, (*Sidenote* Line of the episode goes to Alan Dale’s character for the “I don’t know whether it was the angel or the human part but I think one of them just kicked my a**.) and Noma has guaranteed that the amphora is safe, unfortunately, as she points out to Riesen, Alex is not.

Arika agrees to meet with Whele, to keep Claire safe, and Lady Riesen lets Arika sit in for her. Julian stops Alex and talks him into trapping Michael, which will allow him to then kill Gabriel. David and Arika meet and after they get rid of Zoe’s soldier, he tells Arika what is in that crate; C4.

By the end of their very short negotiation, David reveals Zoe’s plans and Arika tells him that the C4 needs to be returned to them. His reward is to be reinstated to V3 or above and to be exonerated of all charges. Michael injures Gabriel, after the latter set the New Delphi alarm system to lock everyone in, so that he cannot harm Alex.

Alex traps Michael in order to lure Gabriel into the trap. There is a brief altercation, where Gabriel proves that even injured he is too powerful for Alex and Noma. Just as Gabriel moves to kill Alex, Julian shows up with his men who overpower Gabriel.

David kills his guard, while Jasper sleeps, and Claire is seen by doctor Daria after a scare in the tower control room. Gates now knows that Lady Riesen is pregnant and he apologizes for kissing her. He also reveals that he knows it cannot be William Whele’s offspring.

Claire talks to David who has the C4. As Whele sits in the truck full of explosive, Riesen tries to get him to bring the stuff back to her. David tells her that being a V1 taught him something. Claire believes he intends to blow her up and Jasper catches up to David who tells him that he does not have long left, why not “go out with a bang.” Zoe’s number two gets in the truck with David and the C4.

Julian tells Michael that he is Lyrae. Gabriel breaks free and is brought down by an Empyrean steel net. As he struggles against his bonds and falls to the ground, Michael escapes his net and gets away.

Arika reveals that she may be on the team, but she is not a fan of Lady Riesen, she is there to make room for the women of Helena. Alex finds the knife that Michael gave him as a child, the archangel used it to get out of the net, and he turns to Noma, “What have I done,” he asks.

David, with Jasper’s help, (Just how persuasive is Whele? Jasper has been dying to put a bullet into David ever since Zoe grabbed him.) plants the C4 not under Claire but in the tunnels. The resulting explosion tears the city in half, creating two Vega’s and separating the elite from their food supply. Lady Riesen has the last word when she states that Whele just started a civil war.

David Whele has always been the most conniving of baddies in the show, his plan now allows him to move back up the food chain. Claire Riesen may have thought her banishing David to the V1’s was her best move, but that appears to be incorrect. The best thing to happen to David was the banishment, it has allowed him to “gird his loins” and begin to take the power he so dearly wants back.

Alex has realized that Julian tricked him and that he has put Michael in danger. Despite his trapping of Michael, Alex will be forgiven. As Gabriel himself said, nothing that the Chosen One could do will ever turn Michael against him. Julian now has Gabriel but not Michael, who he really wanted to punish, and now all that remains is for him to use brother against brother. Or to at least lure Michael back using Gabriel as bait.

While that will most likely not happen, as Gabriel also pointed out, Michael always choses Alex over family…always, it does seem the most logical course of action for the Dyad. Claire’s pregnancy is now in the open, with Gates. The way he apparently feels about the leader of Vega might result in his apologizing for much more than a kiss later on.

General Riesen looks to be in trouble health-wise and Arika is well placed to create that room needed for refugees from Helena. David Whele looks set to take over Zoe Holloway’s revolution and begin laying the groundwork needed to wrest all of Vega away from Claire. Michael is licking his wounds and Alex might just realize that he needs to forgive Michael and move on.

Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy and feels almost like a Shakespearean type tale of upper and lower angels, a sort of Upstairs, Downstairs with a touch of King Lear and possibly Hamlet, or (fill in Shakespearian tragedy here). Plenty of twists, turns, and a plot that asks if “father” is ever going to come back home. Great television.

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