The Legacy of the Gods: Zeus’ Warriors by Michael West (Review)

Book cover for Zeus' Warriors

The third installment of “The Legacy of the Gods: Zeus’ Warriors” is, appropriately enough, out just before Halloween. A world of shape-changing Lovecraftian, and worse, creatures that are all battling for control of the world are perfect for that time of year.

Author Michael West has diligently continued the story of main human protagonists Earl Preston and Carol Miyagi.  Also included are some familiar faces from Poseidon’s Children, favorites who are suddenly thrust back into the limelight.

Homicidal human monster Dante “Horror Show” Vianello is back, along with his enigmatic cellmate Preacher. Vivian Song, Dante’s nemesis has also returned and she is as terrifying as before. Song’s favorite Brit; Benny, who is Vivian’s lover is also back, much to Earl’s chagrin.

Book Two saw Carol Miyagi get critically injured by Yeti’s.  Alan and Kari, both of whom love Carol, struggle to get her treated in the mysterious ark found in the mountains.

Song and her henchmen, or hench-were-creatures, are steadily taking everything they need to rule the world.

West has continued building this world of “mutating” creatures that are locked in a battle as old as time. The first novel, “Poseidon’s Children” began the story with Larry and Peggy, and their neighbors in a small seaside town.

“Hades’ Children” introduced Vivian Song, a dragon lady in more ways than one, and Carol Miyagi a human heroine with almost superhuman ninja skills.

The author has given his readers a cast of characters that, despite some having a rather disturbingly  inhuman duality, are fascinating, touching, scary and, in at least one case, funny.

Earl Preston, whose life has changed a good bit since readers first met him in another Michael West novel; “Spook House,” has teamed up with a gorgeous, and fierce, female werewolf and an enormous crocodile creature. The trio are ready to take on Song and Benny, along with any of their evil minion.

Larry, from “Poseidon’s Children,”  seems holds the key to Vivian’s success, or failure, and his life, as well as Peggy’s depends on his actions.

This was a brilliant third installment to this “page turner” series.   It is literally impossible not to attempt reading all of the book in one sitting.  (A word to the wise: Even the most accomplished speed-readers will find this hard to do as there is so much going on in this world.)

All of West’s characters connect with the reader. Empathy is not an issue with any of the players, even a human monster like Horror Show prompts a positive response.  We can even understand Vivian Song’s actions, heaven forbid, and her lover Benny’s.

“The Legacy of the Gods: Zeus’ Warriors” was well worth the wait.  It is still set against an international backdrop and carries the story forward with an admirable momentum.

Do not miss this third installment in the series.   There are still many questions left to be answered. But…The journey to reach a final conclusion is such an addictive treat that we do not mind the remaining queries.

“The Legacy of the Gods: Zeus’ Warriors” will leave readers clamoring for more.  Michael West’s latest novel is published by Seventh Star Press and can be purchased from via Kindle. Make sure you read this third visit to West’s wonderfully weird world.


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