Kim Kardashian Takes a Stake From Buffy

Kim Kardashian Takes a Stake From Buffy

Never let it be said that Sarah Michelle Gellar does not have good taste, her reaction to the Vogue cover featuring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West prompted the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star to lash out and Kim took a metaphorical stake from “Buffy.” Somewhat disappointingly the slayer does not use wooden stakes these days to dispatch the undead, she uses Twitter, and sadly Kimye did not explode into a puff of dust and ash.

Seth Rogen James Franco Highlight Kanye West Hypocrisy

Seth Rogen James Franco Highlight Kanye West Hypocrisy

Seth Rogen and James Franco highlight Kanye West and his obvious hypocrisy with their video parody of West’s abysmal track, and its accompanying music video, Bound 2. The two actors made their own “shot-for-shot” spoof which was titled Bound 3. The video has gone viral on YouTube with over 5.5 million views and serves to show just why This is the End was so funny, not to mention Pineapple Express.

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