Ellen DeGeneres Oscars Selfie: When Spontaneous Is Not

Ellen DeGeneres Oscars Selfie: When Spontaneous Is Not

During the 86th Annual Academy Awards ceremony when Ellen DeGeneres took her Oscars selfie Twitter went wild and then broke while the popular talk show host got her tweeted pic retweeted so much it broke records as well as the app; ironically this spontaneous act was not spontaneous at all. Certainly, the producers of the show are saying that the selfie was Ellen’s idea and not something that had been preplanned. Unfortunately, the facts suggest otherwise.

Miley Cyrus Nipples on Parade

Miley Cyrus Nipples on Parade

Miley Cyrus and her latest music video Adore You was uploaded on VEVO on Dec. 26 and it could have been titled nipples on parade. It could also have been titled self-love or how to make a do-it-yourself masturbation video for the internet. The 21 year-old former Hannah Montana continues to shock with her explicit sexuality and she has proven time and again that she isn’t ashamed of it. We have the video below and it should be noted that parental guidance is advised before watching